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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 1[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Today's Headlines: [u]Sacramento Selected as Capitol[/u][/size][/font]
[b]Downtown Sacramento[/b]

[b]DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA -[/b] After another round of talks on the California Constitution, debate begin on the Drogheda City Hall assembly floor on selection of a state capital yesterday. Legislators from across the republic proposed many sites for the home of the nation's capital ranging from Drogheda, Las Vegas, and Phoenix amongst the few proposed. After a brief recess, voting was motioned during the evening yesterday, with Sacramento selected as the winner by a margin of 10 votes. Although the former state capital of the State of California, many of the operations of California were transferred to Drogheda or Los Angeles during the Tahoe era. The outcome surprised very few since a site in California was an obvious choice for the capital.

"We're happy that this crucial issue is dealt with," stated Interim President Coleain. "I sincerely thank Droghedaian city officials for allowing us to use their city hall for assembly during this period of independence and getting our nation on a sound footing. I'll be glad to be setting up my office in the old state capital building as soon as possible. Maybe we'll get more things down now with getting out of the space of the business of Drogheda government."

[size="5"][font="Palatino Linotype"][u]Bay Bridge Accident Snarls Traffic[/u][/font][/size]
[b]Caltrans workers inspecting structural bridge damage[/b]

[b]DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA -[/b] The region's busiest bridge was shutdown once again shortly after 6 PM last night after two steel rods and a steel saddle broke apart crashing onto the upper deck of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. The evening commute to Oakland was snarled for hours as California Highway Patrol closed the bridge for Caltrans engineers to inspect the damage on the bridge.

Several cars were damaged in the upper westbound lanes as steel pieces fell onto the bridge deck, east of Yerba Buena Island, shortly before 5 PM. About six people were injuried, one in serious condition. CHP spokewoman, Ivy Bulle stated, "It's simply a miracle no one died in this. This is our busiest road."

"At this point, it's really dark outside with gusty winds," said Caltrans spokesman, Carl Patterson. "We have our engineers looking at it right now, the section in question was an issue before as there were repairs done there. As a precaution, we have to close the bridge indefinitely."

[b]Westbound I-80 traffic at a standstill[/b]

As news broke out on indefinite closure, CHP started to turn cars around by using the alternate deck for returning back. A commuter, Mike Evens commented, "I hope they get that new span done faster, it's like this bridge is closed every other weekend either due to repairs, the new bridge construction, or an accident. I'll have to move to Drogheda to avoid getting fired, can't live with this bridge!"

Evens told us that several months ago, a Wal-Mart truck overturned on the bridge.

Dragheda BART operations Oakland director stated, "We'll be adding more trains to throughout the day to handle the commuter traffic for Oakland residents. Also expect increased ferry runs and carpooling options at each of the bay while the bridge is under repair."

The eastern span of the Bay Bridge has been subject to numerous repairs and retrofits since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and a $6.2 billion bridge replacement is expected to be completed within the next several years.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 2[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Today's Headlines: [u]Northern Expansion![/u][/size][/font]

[b]Californian National Guard Convoy just outside of Phoenix[/b]

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - California's neighbors to the north, the nation of Novus Niciae, fell into disarray over the last month or so as communication ceased in the nation. Noveria announced reoccupation of the area as their troops poured into the region. Californian Secretary of State, Kevin O'Malley, communicated interest in restoring order to the southern regions of former Novus Niciae. "We're glad to partner with our Noverian neighbors to restore vital services and order to a region that needs it," stated Secretary O'Malley.

"We've made significant progress restoring order to many towns through former Novus Niciae. Our construction crews are finalizing some infrastructure repairs to pipelines, utility facilities and bridges. We're glad to announce that we've refounded basic health and safety services in Salt Lake City, Reno and Redding. We'll be reopening shuttered military facilities to secure the region from any external threats and press our sovereignty over the Great Basin Region." stated spokeswomen Kelly Illith.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"][u]Securing Borders[/u][/size][/font]
[b]I-40 Border Crossing Station along the Californian/Gulf Federation border under construction[/b]

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA - As the newly founded government of California expands and unveils new legislation, work has begun around it's borders to secure it's borders from external dangers, law enforcement, and regulate commerce. The Assembly has announced that all major routes into California will have border crossing stations built. The work has been contracted to the Sarcilla Brothers based in Sacramento for the northern stations and southern entries along California with New Spain. H&M Construction has been awarded to build all stations in Arizona and finally, Great Basin Incorporated, for the station construction in Utah. Altogether, the stations have been estimated to cost $300 million dollars.

"We have budgeted for stations only, we don't have at this time any consideration to build anything else like fences to secure our borders more. We have provided funding for border patrol through the national guard at this point," said Assembly Majority Leader Erin Balleri. "This level of security is enough for California, we like to think our neighbors are well-to-do and don't have significant problems right now."

Management personnel from H&M Construction allowed Californian media to get an early glimpse of one of the many stations under construction in California, such as the Interstate 40 crossing into the Gulf Federation. Foreman Joe Pallmallio stated, "This will be a typical border station with building accommodating commercial and car traffic. We'll be building 20 booths to handle the traffic into California, 10 for trucks and 10 for cars. There will be a secondary inspection holding area."

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"][u]Armed Forces of California[/u][/size][/font]

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Just outside of Las Vegas at Nellis Military Base, several thousand new army recruits undergo training for the newly formed Californian Army. While basic national guard units have been formed for interim purposes, Nellis is the focal point for work on training a professional force for protecting California. The base buzzes with activity as California begins to deliver vehicles and weapons to the various bases being constructed throughout California.

"We're glad to training for this... the perks are nice, college gets paid for... and girls love the uniforms!" exclaimed recruit David Falcone.

Manufacturers such as Cummins, Lockheed Martin, and Colt have teamed up to get the armed forces of California a jump start for it's defense through building Humvees, F-4 Phantoms, and M4s carbines for immediate service. "We would like to be able to defend ourselves from any threat that comes." stated Defense Secretary George Mallard.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 3[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Breaking News: [u]Gulf Federation Civil War[/u][/size][/font]

[b]Oklahoma City under heavy attack by rebel forces Sunday night; Photo Courtesy of NAAP[/b]

OKLAHOMA CITY, GULF FEDERATION - Over the last couple weeks, a series of discontent within the Gulf Federation has set off a civil war that has finally come to the doorsteps of the capital city of the Gulf Federation. Loyalist forces have been outgunned and outmaneuvered in several key battles throughout the Gulf Federation, laying key losses against the current government in the Federation.

We have heard reports of President Johnson did leave the capitol before it got surrounded by rebel forces and has made it to a safe location at the time that is undisclosed. Meanwhile, rebel forces have been indoctrinating Gulf citizens to communism and socialism have been confirmed by local reporting contacts in the embattled Gulf Federation. We've just received this first hand account from our dear Southwestern Herald field correspondent, Adam Gerviski. Thankfully he made it out of there before Oklahoma City was encircled by rebel forces, our hearts is out to the innocent victims of this conflict.

[b]Adam Gerviski - Southwestern Herald Press embedded in Oklahoma City[/b]
[b][i]- Audio Recording -[/i][/b]

I am here in Oklahoma City and you can just feel the multiple air strikes from rebel forces on various Loyalist positions. I just had to leave the hostel at the request of the security personnel here... it's about 5:30 AM here.
*Artillery barrage in the background*[/i]

Oh God, everything around the capital complex is being shelled. The ground is shaking so much, it's hard for anyone to get far. God, I hope that civilians have left this city and didn't stay, we're in a kill box it seems. I am getting out of here, it's just too dangerous for us. I will keep you updated as our press team leaves the capital... everything we're passing is in rubble.

[i]- One Hour later - [/i]

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the collapse of the Gulf Federation. Most of the main roads are blown out, littered with wrecked vehicles, the airport has taken multiple bombardments. We're having an extremely difficult time getting out to the west in Loyalist controlled territory, but I've been told that Rebel forces have begun to make moves to encircle the city. I cannot see a lot of Loyalist forces out in the plain open as we travel out of the capital.
- Interstate 40 near El Reno- 10 AM -[/i]

We've just arrived at this Loyalist assembly point near a school here in a suburb called El Reno around 10 AM. The place is a wreck, and drove right pass the chaos there. Rebel ground attack aircraft are out in force and the AA tracers and missiles by Loyalist forces are smoking up the skies above, but there is a growing carnage of vehicles on the interstate. I have witnessed severe looting at some of the strip malls around us... Holy !@#$! Rebel attack helicopters out of nowhere just leveled the school. If I don't make it out of here... I want to say, I love my wife and two kids, you don't know how much I love. This job defines me, no matter the dangers, daddy always tries to make it home. Honey, I know you're worried when I took this assignment, and I know I right now, I regret it too. I love you so much honey... I wish I could say I was coming home, but I don't know if I'm getting out of here, besides this recording device, I'm trying to keep track of my possible last moments.

[i]- Highway 281, Towards Seiling- 1PM - [/i]

Attack aircraft seem to be everywhere, we've kept passing wreckage on this godforsaken highway. From the maps, we're near Seiling, there is an airport there that may be intact. If not, we have a last ditch effort to speed down Highway 60 to the Texas border to Higgins. I can't see Interstate 40 to the south of me directly, but I can see where it is with the line of smoke going all the way back to Oklahoma City. Just pulling into the town of Seiling, it has suffered from some bombing when there were a Loyalist position here, but it seems fairly abandoned. Like the airports we've passed, the place is obliterated.

The respond within California was heavily sprinkled with "Red" fear as Secretary of State Kevin O'Malley disclosed the official California position,

"We are dismayed at the course of action taken by the separatist parties within the Gulf Federation in promoting their position through the use of military force. The Office of the Secretary of State comments that the meddling of Europe with American affairs is problematic position for us; however, we're not in a position to say it's acceptable elsewhere, but for California, we won't stand for it. Due to the instability in New Mexico, we have issued a travel ban to New Mexico and Louisiana, with a travel warning to the rest of the Gulf Federation. Our land border stations between Arizona and New Mexico are closed until further notice, except for the Interstate 40 station, but will be manned by the Californian Army. All vehicles at this station will be searched to the highest degree possible. We will update our position on the conflict on an as needed basis."

"The separatist government forming the Gulf Federation will not be recognized by California, and the legislature and the people of California do stand besides me in this insurrection and threat to American sovereignty. We shall not be submitting to this foreign forces from Europe, as far as we know, we could be next." stated Secretary O' Malley.

President Farren, fresh back from his trip in Hawaii to forge a new treaty with the United Federation of the East issued a statement, "I have convened an emergency meeting for the legislature and security council to be briefed on possible military actions to restore order the Gulf Federation and push back foreign aggression in North America. For now, the Californian military is at DEFCON 1 and have allowed Northern Imperium forces at Joint Base Nellis. All civilian traffic is heavily restricted on Interstate 40 near Kingston, although Interstate 10 is unrestricted. Finally, I have declared a state of martial law is in effect for Arizona."

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Headlines Continued: [u]UFE-California Relations Off to a Good Start[/u][/size][/font]

HONOULU, HAWAII, UFE - This week has been capped by a flurry of diplomatic activity for Calfornia with reaching out to more of her neighbors such as the Northern Imperium, and more specifically, the United Federation of the East. It has long be known that relations between the two nations are historic with the old UFE-Tahoe treaties and under the new republic, many have not forgotten the UFE's support for California in the pass. President Farren visited a high level UFE envoy in Honolulu for the past week to draft a new treaty between the two nations.

"It only makes sense to renew the dialogue between us, we've been historic allies in the past, while Tahoe died long ago, it still breaths within the soul of California. This treaty is another step to advance our nation amongst the Pacific Rim nations. We share many views and takes steps to ensure the security of our nation and the Americas." beamed President Farren.

[quote]The following Articles shall now be in force between the UFE and California
I. Non-Aggression
II. Intelligence Sharing and Cooperation
III. Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression
(Does anybody really need an explanation for what these mean)

IV. Military Assistance

The United Federation of the East shall dispatch military advisers to help train and organize California. In addition California shall be placed on Tier III technology exports, with the possibility to advance to Tier II within two years. This will enable California to begin acquiring highly advanced technology normally reserved for some of the UFEs most trusted allies.


Wei Hai, Grand Vizier of the United Federation of the East


Colin Farren, President of the California Republic
Kevin O'Malley, Secretary of State of the California Republic[/quote]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Local: [u]General Dynamics Unveils New Tank under Mass Production[/u][/size][/font]

[b]GD Factory Producing the Newest Tank (Model: M40 - Mac Diarmaid Main Battle Tank)[/b]

RENO, NEVADA - The Secretary of Defense Cathal MacDonald has announced the progress of a military contract of California's replacement MBT that has been officially named the Mac Diarmaid MBT named after the founder of the Tahoe Republic. It is set to replace the current armament of M60 Pattons MBT in Californian service.

"These are trying times, especially now with our security under increasing threat from external forces, the Mac Diarmaid MBT is to usher in a new era of ground war capabilities for the Californian Army with improved range finding, crew protection, armor, and field repair abilities." stated Defense Secretary MacDonald, "It will work will with our integrated mobile platformed in the new Stryker carrier to replace the Bradley APCs."

They stated that several test models were already developed and being tested at Nellis Proving Grounds. The contract was to be for 500 tanks for an estimated $2 billion.


Model: M40V1 - Mac Diarmaid MBT

Crew: 4 (commander, driver, gunner, loader) May also carry some infantrymen.

[u]Armament -[/u]
Main: 120 mm (4.7 in) MG251 smoothbore tank gun with LAHAT ATGM capability.
Secondary #1: 3 × 7.62 mm (0.300 in) MG
Secondary #2: 1 × 60 mm (2.4 in) internal mortar
Secondary #3: 12 smoke grenades
Payload Capacity: 46 rounds, 5 ready in a mechanical drum.

Armor: Composite armor, modular design. Classified.
Engine: General Dynamics GD883 (MTU883) 1,500 hp (1,119 kW) V12 water-cooled diesel.
Power to weight ratio: ~18.5 hp/ton
Transmission: Chrysler Defense hydromechanical automatic, 4 gears.
Fuel Capacity: 1400 litres

Weight: 65 tonnes
Length: rear to muzzle: 9.04 m (29 ft 8 in); without gun: 7.60 m (24 ft 11 in)
Width: 3.70 m (12 ft 2 in) (without skirts)
Height: 2.66 m (8.7 ft) (turret roof)

Operational Range: 500 km (310 mi)
Speed: 60 km/h (37 mph)

Other Notes:
- External two-way telephone for secure communications between the tank crew and dismounted infantry
- Upgraded ammunition storage containers to minimize ammunition cook-off
- Addition of laser designators
- Incorporation of the Corlan modular armor system, designed for rapid replacement and repair in the battlefield and for quick upgrading as new designs and sophisticated materials become available
- Upgraded fire-control system components provides the tank with the ability to engage moving targets while on the move.
- NBC protection systems
- Added improvements in ballistic protection[/quote]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Local: [u]Communist Riots engulf Phoenix[/u][/size][/font]

[b]Police clashing with Communist Party supporters in Phoenix overnight.[/b]

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - Parts of Phoenix for the last 48 hours turned into a mini-war zone as protests by socialists and communist supporters, turned ugly, as they gathered in Downtown Phoenix to protest California's action towards the developments unfolding in the Gulf Federation. People were chanting, "Down with California and the republic!" "$%&@ Tahoe Legacy!" "Hey! President Farren, care about us instead of the Gulf Federation!" When President Farren declared a state of martial law for Arizona until the cessation of hostilities in the Gulf Federation, protesters unglued.

"We knew it might have turned for the worse with martial law, I don't think it was wise on President Farren's part, but this is beyond civilized recourse." said Phoenix Police spokesman Charles O'Day.

There have been reports that National Guard units stationed at nearby Luke Air Base were called to support the police to break up the protests this evening.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 4[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]California Embargoes New France [/u][/size][/font]

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - Earlier today, Secretary of State Kevin O'Malley issued a press statement today of a full embargo against New France. Trade between the two nations have fallen considerably since the Gulf Federation Civil War and Secretary O'Malley grimly stated, "We do not have remorse for our actions to set up a full trade and transportation embargo on New France. California must do it's part to stop this foreign influence on North America, and we consider this our best steps at the moment to combat this. As of today, all land crossings are shutdown to all traffic into and out of New France. Californian air space is restricted to all New French planes and their allies. Any aerial vehicles belonging to New France and their allies will be shot down after one warning, this does include civilian planes and vehicles. By no means is this the only way we are hedging against foreign hegemony in our hemisphere."

Soon afterwards, Secretary O'Malley was seen going to the Sacramento airport to go to Texas for a diplomatic mission on behalf of California.

The embargo was recently passed through the Grand Assembly by a wide margin and President Farren signed it immediately. Meanwhile, on the Arizona-New Mexico border, New France was putting up defensive barriers against any possible invasions. It has been reported that Calfornia has started their own defensive measures if New France became aggressive.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]President unveils Department of Technology[/u][/size][/font]

[b]1st Annual New Year Technology Conference held at Google's Headquarters in Mountain View, California[/b]

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA - Amongst the re-bustling Silicon Valley where long time companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle, and Hewlett-Packard were headquartered, President Farren stopped by today to address new legislation, tax breaks, and a new governmental department towards technology. This weekend, most of the prestigious companies were holding their 1st annual 'New Year Technology Conference', the president was one of the key speakers during the conference.

"Greetings geeks, nerds, ladies and gentlemen. It is an honor to be a speaker here today as part of the New Year Technology Conference. [i]*claps* [/i] You are wondering why I am here today, but the question is what can California do to promote our technology industry here? This region was once an area of innovation and under my administration I wish... no I desire that we take back that become known for our technological prowess.

I cannot understate this industry's importance to the Californian economy, and to foster innovation, technology start-ups and small businesses will be granted tax breaks for two years of 15% from the normal rate. Government legislation towards the internet and foreign investment to all technology companies will continue to be loose to foster innovation; however, the Supreme Court of the Californian Republic will hear on all patient, copyright, and licensing infringement cases. The California Patents Office (CPO) will take proactive steps to provide necessary information to the public on all patients, copyrights and licensing listed. This will help new companies starting here to not get caught up in legal battles.

I am also unveiling a new department to handle this and the CPO will be a subdivision of the new Department of Technology. One of the first tasks for the DoTech will be the construction of a national database, for public viewing. So far it is in infancy stages, but we hope to complete the task of such a database in several months. Thank you for your time, unity in liberty!"
OOC: Nation Database is real: [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Californian_Republic_-_CNRP"]Calfornia CNRP wiki[/url] /OOC[/b]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Local: [u]Joint Base Nellis Hosting Military Exercises[/u][/size][/font]

[b]CAF F-15 taking off at Joint Base Nellis[/b]

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Activity at Joint Base Nellis will be picking up over the next two weeks as the Calfornian military will be conducting their first military exercise at Nellis and the training grounds for the base to the north. The Californian Air Force will be training separately from ground forces codenamed Red Flag. The divisions stationed at Nellis will be the only ones training, afterwards they will be rotated out to other bases. Colonial David Mallory stated, "We hope that Red Flag will be a regular event for CAF, hopefully our ambitions will include training with other allied air forces. We're still on high alert with tensions still high towards New France, but will press forward with Red Flag."

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Local: [u]Grand Assembly Actions[/u][/size][/font]
This weeks actions in the Calfornia Legislative body, the Grand Assembly:

[u]Upper House:[/u] The Assembly of States
Brief Description: They are representatives of the states themselves serving the interests of the individual states and de facto status serving their state's constituents. Each state has three Assemblymen/woman that are elected by the state's legislative body instead of direct election by the people. Each Assemblyman/woman serves a six term with a three term limit (18 years).
Current Number: 12

[u]Lower House:[/u] House of Commons
Brief Description: These are representatives elected by the people of each state in the Californian Republic. The number of Members will be relation to population. The current ratio is 1 to 70,000. Each Member serves a 2 year term with a ten term limit (20 years).
Current Number: 177

[u]New France Embargo Act:[/u] [b]Passed[/b]
Assembly of States: Aye - 9, Nay - 2, Abstain - 1
House of Commons: Aye - 135, Nay - 35, Abstain - 5, Absent - 2

[u]Californian 2051 Budget Bill:[/u] [b]Passed[/b]
Assembly of States: Aye - 11, Nay - 1
House of Commons: Aye - 160, Nay - 15, Abstain - 0, Absent - 2

[u]Extension of Emergency Martial Law in Arizona:[/u] [b]Not Passed[/b]
Assembly of States: Aye - 2, Nay - 10
House of Commons: Aye - 25, Nay - 144, Abstain - 8, Absent - 2

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 5[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u] Legislature Votes to Reduce Northern Imperium Military Presence[/u][/size][/font]

[b]One of many Forward Operating Bases along the Arizona-New Mexico border[/b]

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - Under pressure from several powerful lobbyist groups in California, the Grand Assembly voted today to have to override the President's authorization of having Northern Imperium troops in California. The bill sponsored from Assemblymen and Commonmembers from mainly Utah and Arizona seeked increasing negativity the image of California's dependence of a foreign power to protect itself from aggressors in the form of New France. The Assembly of States passed it with a fair majority of 10 to 2 for passing the bill; meanwhile, the House of Commons vote was more closely contested with a 95 for the bill with 82 against.

A spokeswomen for President Farren stated, "We're really not surprised at this right now. President Farren, the cabinet and Californian Military Council have agreed to review the Northern Imperium current force numbers in California. At the moment, the Department of State is reviewing our relations with the Northern Imperium. The president has said he is not totally against the bill."

Many pundits have said that signaled that he probably won't veto the bill.

One of the Assemblymen from Arizona, Mallory Dalver answered our request to an interview and said, "We are not against the Northern Imperium. I think it has come time that California can defend itself from aggressive powers. Besides, we actually have no standing treaty with them, and having nine divisions here is... well, overwhelming. The bill provides that the Imperium can leave only one division if they choose to do so, but they must be stationed at a base of our choosing. For now, that base would be in Arizona near Tucson. We were once venerable, but that's no longer the case."

In preparation of a near withdrawal of Northern Imperium troops, California will bolster it's presence along it's eastern border from six to ten divisions. A 75 mile security zone has been prepared along the border while civilian activities will be severely curtailed, as continued defensive construction takes place along the border.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 6[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u] California and Canada Forge New Treaty, Relationship Grows[/u][/size][/font]

[b]The elegant California national capitol building in Sacramento[/b]

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - Today was another big announcement from the Office of the President of California as Colin Farren announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen, over the past weeks, these have been trying times for California and North America. In the time of our founding, we have relied on Canada for our protection in infancy. No longer are we a child amongst the nations, and it is with much pleasure that California and Canada have taken the next steps in forging our relationship between two great nations. The Great White Moose Dominion (OOC: :v:) treaty will usher in a broadening North American blanket of mutual defense, non-aggression, intelligence sharing and economic growth between us. We will be united in liberty against all aggressors may be from foreign sources or domestic ones."

[spoiler][01:25] <Salvador_Alberquerque> Hello all
[01:26] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> Greetings Undersecretary Byrne, I am Harold Vilhjalmsson, Deputy Minister ofForeign Affairs for Canada. May I introduce Sovereign-General Salvador d'Alberquerque, Head of State of Canada and New Portugal.
[01:26] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> Greetings, I am George Byrne. Undersecretary of State of California.
[01:26] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> An honor to meet you Mr. d'Alberquerque.
[01:27] <Salvador_Alberquerque> Likewise.
[01:27] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> I'm glad you were able to meet us here in New Ottawa, considering the recent events that have been unfolding in North America. I take it your flight here was enjoyable?
[01:29] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> The flight was most excellent. The construction here in New Ottawa looks tobe progressing forward well, it will become a beautiful city. I must apolgize that Secretary O'Malley isn't here since heis in Texas at the moment. President Farren and Secretary O'Malley sends their regards.
[01:32] <Salvador_Alberquerque> It is good to hear that the flight was excellent, sir. Send President Farren and Secretary O'Malley our regards as well.
[01:32] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> Indeed, we of course appreciate the warm wishes of your government. Before we get down to business gentlemen, could I offer you some drinks?
[01:33] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> Yes, I would take you up on that offer.
[01:33] * Salvador_Alberquerque beckons an aide over
[01:34] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> I'll have a scotch.
[01:34] * Salvador_Alberquerque has the aide give Mr. Byrne a scotch
[01:34] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> Thank you
[01:34] * Undersecretary_George_Byrne sips on the scotch
[01:36] * Harold_Vilhjalmsson sips some whiskey and allows the men to digest their drinks before continuing...
[01:37] <Salvador_Alberquerque> So, down to business. As you may be aware of, the French occupation of the formerGulf Federation had begun to waver in the face of a rebellion that has broken out there. The French has sentreinforcements there to crush the rebellion, and the Republic of Texas has taken the step to declaring protection overthe newly proclaimed Louisiana Federation.
[01:40] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> In light of these recent events and your presence as a well-established state inNorth America, we have found it prudent to re-evaluate the relationship between Canada and California and begin anew chapter in Canadian-Californian relations.
[01:41] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> We have been observing the situation in the Gulf Federation and Californiahas taken steps of it's own accord towards it. California would be inclined to support the independence of theLouisiana Federation. Hence why Secretary O'Malley is in Texas to handle that end. We recently passed a full tradeembargo and have nearly two dozen divisions facing off between Arizona and New Mexico. We thank Canada for allow California it's independence and indeed, we do need to re-evaluate our relations between us.
[01:43] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> ooc/ Is this statement finished or cut off?
[01:44] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> finished /ooc
[01:44] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> what did you see? /ooc
[01:44] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> We thank Canada for all <-- all I saw ooc/
[01:44] <Salvador_Alberquerque> the same as me ooc/
[01:44] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> We have been observing the situation in the Gulf Federation andCaliforniahas taken steps of it's own accord towards it. California would be inclined to support the independence of theLouisiana Federation. Hence why Secretary O'Malley is in Texas to handle that end.
[01:45] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> We recently passed a full tradeembargo and have nearly two dozen divisionsfacing off between Arizona and New Mexico. We thank Canada for allow California it's independence and indeed, we do need to re-evaluate our relations between us.
[01:45] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> better? /ooc
[01:45] <Salvador_Alberquerque> yes /ooc
[01:46] <Salvador_Alberquerque> We are considering imposing a full trade embargo upon the French colony in the former Gulf Federation, and given Texas's involvement in this matter, Canada will take a stronger position on it
[01:48] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> I take it that we would agree that our nations would take the same stanceagainst this European meddling on the North American continent as a grave threat of security?
[01:51] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> Indeed, we too believe that a North American continent of independent andsovereign North American nations is the best course for a more prosperous and peaceful North America. Of course dueto the possible volatilty of the situation we have been hesitant to provoke the violence, however we stand firmlybehind our allies, Texas, on the matter.
[01:52] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> It is heartening to see both California and Canada on the same side in this situation.
[01:52] <Salvador_Alberquerque> Indeed. We would present an united front that would show the Europeans that thedays of colonizing North America are over
[01:54] <Salvador_Alberquerque> Since the collapse of Tahoe and Viniland, and the subjugation of Pravus Ingruo toforeign forces, North America had been exposed to foreign expansionism in one way or another. Because of that, it had faced countless conflicts
[01:55] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> No truer word have been said about the state of affairs in North America.
[01:56] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> Agreed. The fact that Canada and California stand united on an issue as importantas the New French crisis is but one area that shows the shared ideals and goals of our nation. In the coming days wewill be declaring and enforcing our support of Texas and the free Gulf Federation nation and we hope to be working alongside your men and government to achieve such an end.
[01:57] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> We are taking steps to stand behind the effort Texas is making in freeingthe Gulf Federation from foreign influence. It is painfully obvious we are new to the landscape, our military is fairlyweak to our neighbors. The
[01:58] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> our neighbors. The ooc/
[02:00] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> We haven't taken a stronger position against the Gulf Federation except in ahuge show of force along the Arizona-New Mexico border. Currently there are eight Vicidalian divisions in New Mexicowhile we have put up six divisions, although the Northern Imperium has bolstered the border with nine divisions.
[02:00] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> ooc/ making another post, sorry for the cut off.
[02:00] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> it was ending like that /ooc
[02:02] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> I would be wary of support from the Imperium. There are ... rumors abound that theyhave actively suought support for war against fellow North American nations.
[02:02] <Salvador_Alberquerque> Divided, we are weak. United, we are strong. Together, California and Canada,along with Texas, will be capable of providing forces and resources that would be enough to prevent the French fromreasserting themselves in North America. The Region of New Portugal within Canada is capable of mobilizing a total of 730,000 troops, along with sizable amount of aircraft and ships.
[02:03] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> This, combined with California's presence as a well-established and stabilizing forceon the continent, make it seems logical that some sort of non-aggression, if not defensive pact, should be in place between our nations.
[02:03] <Salvador_Alberquerque> And my counterpart is correct about the Imperium. We are currently keeping a careful eye on them.
[02:05] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> We are growing aware of the Imperium's background, we are growing wary ofthem being in California. The situation almost made Arizona revolt. The Grand Assembly is taking legislative action to forcefully make the Imperium withdraw down to a brigade size contengent at Nellis.
[02:06] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> Secretary of Defense McDonald should come visit to brief you on his observations of working with the Imperium thus far.
[02:07] <Salvador_Alberquerque> If the Imperium tries to pull anything in California, you can be assured that you willhave Canada's support and assistance against the Imperium
[02:07] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> We are most grateful of your support in this delicate situation.
[02:08] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> I think we are in agreement Mr. Burns, that sharing of intelligence and information between our nations is important for the wellbeing of our states as well as continent
[02:08] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> Mr. Byrne* freaking poop ooc/
[02:10] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> As to your statement Mr. Vilhjalmsson and Alberquerque, divided... thiscontinent is weak. California is very aware of it's heritage, and hopes to give North American that long lost stability. I think we're beyond non-aggression, California has no intentions to attack Canada. It is in defense, the sharing of information and economic growth we shall forge our bonds.
[02:11] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> That is wish to press forward with this relationship, in which I believe it's been well hinted.
[02:15] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> Excellent, Canada too is in favor of a treaty covering mutual defense, intelligence sharing, and economic cooperation with California.
[02:16] <Salvador_Alberquerque> Indeed. On these basis, we will be able to solidify our relations over time andperhaps conclude a full-fledged defensive treaty in the near-future.
[02:18] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> Of course. California would be most pleased with growing our relations with Canada. Over time, we will definitely continue to develop our relations.
[02:19] <Salvador_Alberquerque> This will be the goal, and we will constantly strive to do such
[02:20] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> This is good news indeed. I will have our Foreign Affairs draft a treaty and send it toCalifornia for your approval. Additionally, I will put your government in contact with our Minister of Defense, KlausIsolfursson, so that plans may be made for a joint Californian-Canadian front in the New French conflict.
[02:23] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> I would be happy to present a copy of the treaty to the President Farrenbefore I leave. The sediment in California leans favorably for this treaty and would see an overwhelming approvalthrough our legislature. I will let our Secretary of Defense Cathal MacDonald know about Minister Isolfursson tocontact him.
[02:25] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> As I've said before, we shall give you what we know of the NorthernImperium and this forces in California. Equipment, weapons, vehciles, and tactics we have observed while they'vebeen guests here.
[02:25] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> *their
[02:25] <Salvador_Alberquerque> That would be greatly appreciated. We thank you.
[02:25] <Salvador_Alberquerque> That would be greatly appreciated. We thank you.
[02:26] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> OOC: We can draft a MDP treaty and PM it to you over the forums
[02:27] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> OOC: yep, I'll sign it and post it if you want?
[02:28] <Salvador_Alberquerque> OOC: If thats ok with Ty.
[02:28] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> OOC: sounds good
[02:29] <Salvador_Alberquerque> OOC: Awesome.
[02:29] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> OOC: okay, I got get some sleep here
[02:30] <@Harold_Vilhjalmsson> It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Byrne. Please feel free to stay as long as youwould like, your accomodations will of course be provided for. This meeting has set the foundation for a moreprosperous future and I look forward to working with California now and in the future.
[02:31] * Salvador_Alberquerque shakes hands with Mr. Byrne
[02:31] <Undersecretary_George_Byrne> And likewise Mr. Vilhjalmsson.
[02:31] * Undersecretary_George_Byrne returns the shake
[02:31] <Salvador_Alberquerque> OOC: ...and CUT!

[quote][center][b]The Great White Moose Dominion Treaty[/b]
[u]California-Canada MDoAP[/u][/center]
We, the Confederation of Arctic Nations and Dependent Areas, henceforth known as Canada, and the Republic of California, henceforth known as California, strive to aspire for improved relations. In this, we seek to further economic growth, ensure mutual cooperation and assistance, and to provide our nations the opportunity to achieve the highest national and economic potential as possible.

Article I:
Each signatory shall agree to reduce or eliminate tariffs on goods and products from the each other, with the tariff rate set as agreed upon by both nations.

Article II:
Each signatory shall share information pertaining to trade mediums, as well the relative infrastructure needed to sustain and faciliate trade between both nations. Each signatory shall also share intelligence on matters pertaining to the national security interests of other signatories.

Article III:
Each signatory shall recognize the sovereignty of the each other, and as such shall pledge themselves to a peaceful co-existance and non-aggression. Both signatories shall not commit hostile actions against the each other in any way, including but not limited to waging war or conducting espionage.

Article IV:
An attack on one signatory shall be considered an attack on the other, and shall merit appropriate response. Any signatory has the option of providing support and assistance to the other in any war of offensive nature.

Article V:
Should, for any reason, either signatory deem it necessary to cancel this treaty, the signatory shall give a one hundred and sixty-eight (168) hour notice to the other signatory. This agreement shall remain in effect during that time period.

Signed this day of the 2[sup]nd[/sup] of January 2052,

[b]For Canada,[/b]

Kristjan Vilhjálmsson
Sovereign-General of the Realm

Salvador d'Alberquerque
Sovereign-General of the Realm

[b]For the Californian Republic,[/b]

Colin Farren
President of the Californian Republic

Kevin O'Malley
Secretary of State

Cathal MacDonald
Secretary of Defense

President Colin Farren signed his name on the document while Kevin O'Malley's signature was digitally signed since he was in Texas. Next, Cathal MacDonald signed her name as the last signatory, due to the defense and optional aggression clause in the treaty needed her approval. From there, the treaty will go to the Grand Assembly for final passage.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 7[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u] New France Toppled; Military Drawndown and Embargo Lifted[/u][/size][/font]

[b]Long Delays at the Interstate 40 Crossing into Louisiana Federation, similar reports reported at other crossings[/b]

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - As the news of the French attack on New Orleans was repelled by the new Louisiana Federation and Texan forces that forced French surrender, President Farren declared that this day was a glorious victory against foreign aggression in the Western Hemisphere. The lifting of the embargo unleashed a huge wave of renewed commerce between the two nations that have been pinned up since the French takeover.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this day will be one for the history books for our children and great-grandchildren to say that on this day America stood up for itself. It has re-found it's own identity that will not be molested by powers from distance shores. America needs to stand united amongst the different nations here. We have our own goals, ambitions, dreams, but when the ugly face of unwarranted aggression appears, we do come together.

We gladly recognize the Louisiana Federation and with this recognition comes with the lifting of our embargo on the nation. In light of the French withdrew, California no longer has the need to have a large military presence in Arizona and thus drawing down forces back to permanent bases in California."

The major highways throughout Arizona were busy with large amounts of commercial traffic as Californian businesses seek to expand into the Louisiana Federation in the wake of the civil war. It was reported that the wait time at the Interstate 40 crossing was four hours long at one point.

Meanwhile, several divisions along the Arizona-New Mexico border have begun withdraws back to bases near Tucson and Phoenix.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Defense News: [u] Californian Air Force Seeks to Replace Venerable F-15 and F-16 Aircraft[/u][/size][/font]

[b]CAF F-16D Multi-Role Fighters parked at Joint Base Hill near Salt Lake City[/b]

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - The Secretary of the Californian Air Force, Patrick Niall, has announced to open a competition for possibly new fighter aircraft to replace aging F-15s and F-16s in the Californian inventory. Secretary Niall said that the important aspect of the new air frames be part of possible keeping two different planes as part the air superiority role of the F-15s with the multi-role fighter versatility of the F-16s.

"This competition is open to any domestic or international companies willing to bid on the project which would be for about 100 planes. The Californian Air Force is willing to listen to any reasonable offers, construction time frames, cost and maintenance issues." stated Niall.

Rumors so far have stated that Chongqing Boeing has submitted a bid to the CAF, but the designs submitted are unknown to us at this time.

(OOC: All offers may be made here: [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108048"]Contacting Us[/url])

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 8[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]American Nations gather in New York City for Forum[/u][/size][/font]

[b]The American Forum Logo issued in California[/b]

NEW YORK CITY, PRAVUS INGRUO - New York City was under heighten security today as leaders from almost every country in the Western Hemisphere descended on New York City this week by a meeting of American nations thought up by President Wilmington of the Continental Republic of America. Leaders in the Continental Republic accepted an offer by the leaders of Pravus Ingruo to host the American Forum in New York City. California has sent Secretary of State Kevin O'Malley to represent California during this meeting.

"This meeting is a momentous occasion for the Americas. It has been a long time in recorded history that the nations of the Americas gathered to discuss their future together under one roof. We believe that we achieve great things at this meeting and we hope to better develop relations with our fellow American nations both in North and South America. The forum may become an annual thing, we hope to keep in greater contact with each other. It may not develop into a security pact, which is fine in our case, but we'll like to see some better cooperation between American nations" Secretary O'Malley quipped.

The meeting is being held at the old UN building along the East River. While the Southwestern Herald isn't allowed inside the compound due to security reasons, but most of California's allies have come in attendance. Experts at home expect to see some headway in repairing Northern Imperium relations and develop many diplomatic talks with various new American nations with private talks after the forum and the establishment of Californian embassies in those nations.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 9[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Breaking News: [u]Australian-Arctica Conflict Drives Up Corn Prices; Popcorn Crisis in California[/u][/size][/font]

[b]Probably one of the last buckets of popcorn in California - Courtesy of a SW Herald Reader[/b]
DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA -[/b] The price of corn by the bushel skyrocketed in the past week as global demand for corn skyrocketed. Suppliers were trying to catch up, but farmers have been slow to respond even here. "We simply cannot keep up with demand that has suddenly overwhelmed our ability to deliver." said a farmer in the Sacramento Valley.

Meanwhile, the movie industry is experiencing a downturn in attendance at viewing for new releases at theaters and Blu-ray sales have also dropped. Economic expert Sally O'Hare explained, "I think many people underestimated the power of popcorn in terms of being part of the movie watching experience. If we look at the numbers since corn prices skyrocketed and popcorn prices rising along with it, the Californian entertainment industry has experienced a 15% decline in traffic to theaters and 40% decrease in-store sales for Blu-ray, DVD, or digital download. I may mention I never watch a movie with some popcorn."

Several cities throughout California held small protests over the lack of popcorn as supplies dwindled in grocery store aisles. The Herald reports that people who did have popcorn were scalping them to the highest bidder. Although it was noted that some scalpers were beaten to get the last remaining popcorn for free while police just observed at some grocery centers around Sacramento. Sacramento Police Chief Gregory d'Aster stated, "People have to realize that scalping is at your own risk; however, police won't allow people to kill you, there is simply not enough of us out their to protect you all."

Scenes of dire protest was replayed throughout California as many people were having withdraws from popcorn. One lady loudly sobbed, "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT POPCORN!!! I HAVE CHILDREN THAT LOVE IT AND JUST THE WHOLE FAMILY LOVES TO HAVE IT WHILE WATCHING MOVIES!!! I GOTTA HAVE SOME!"

It was later found out that she purchased last Jiffy-Pops at a convenience store in Oakland that were sold for $15.00 a piece.

Many theaters throughout California have temporarily shut down due to the significant downturn to prevent bankruptcy. Local governments in California are trying to seek ways to keep the populace happy with other forms of entertainment, which include proposals to lengthening the football and baseball season, not knowing when the balance of price will return for corn.

Today's trading in California at the Drogheda Exchange in corn futures started at $19.37 per bushel to rise over the week to close at $20.45, reaching a 52 week high. The 52 week low was around $6.43 per bushel. Tommy Manguson, CEO of the Agnus Investing Group acknowledged, "We realize there is a huge demand for corn right now, but we're trying to figure out if the conflict between Australia and Arctica is the main cause of the problem, or simply market manipulation."

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 10[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]Bay Bridge Project Completes New Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge After Years of Delays[/u][/size][/font]

[b]The World's Longest Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge nears completion[/b]

DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA – Caltrans and primary contractors, KFM, construction joint venture between Kiewit/FCI/Manson, and American Bridge/Fluor, an engineering joint venture have recently completely the SAS portion of the Bay Bridge Project. The 2,047 foot span is the longest Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge of its kind. The new suspension span -- unlike the Golden Gate Bridge and the west span of the Bay Bridge -- is self-anchored, meaning it is not fixed to landfalls. Instead, the middle of the main cable is threaded underneath the west end of the span with the two ends draped across the top of the tower before descending to the east end of the span, where they are anchored in the concrete decks.

"It’s an impressive structure for Californians, we’re known for signature structures. The Eastern span of the Bay Bridge can be added to the iconic list of bridges here. We all felt it was a challenging design. It is, but it can be done," said Nathan Murray, Caltrans Chief Project Engineer for this project. "The novelty factor kicked in, especially with the engineers. That's what makes it interesting to engineers. It’s never been done at such a scale before."

The new Self-Anchored Suspension span is meant to echo the existing towers of the West Span, as well as the towers on the Golden Gate Bridge. All vertical elements of the span, including the tower, piers and lights, have been designed to emphasize the clean modern lines of the structure. To add to its distinctiveness, the asymmetrical suspension span will have a longer forward span (east of the tower), which will provide a more gradual transition from the gently sloping Skyway, and will give the new East Span a unique silhouette. The single steel tower is the same height as the highest tower on the bridge’s West Span. The new bridge will feature a curve from the north to the Yerba Buena tunnels that is less acute, and hence represents less structural stress, than the bridge's current angle.

Rising 525 feet above mean sea level and embedded in rock, the single-tower span is designed to withstand ground motions caused by a massive earthquake. The four separate legs will be connected by linker beams, which function in the same way as a fuse in an electrical circuit. The linker beams will absorb most of the impact from an earthquake, preventing damage to the tower legs. In addition, if one of the legs is damaged, the other legs will keep the bridge standing. The tower boasts some impressive engineering chops. It is actually four towers, bound together by beams designed to move and deform -- but not break -- in a quake.

"If you had a single tower, the stress load would be mainly translated to the base, which can't be repaired," Murray explained. "Here, the load is largely carried by the beams, which we can easily repair or replace. Just about everything about this bridge is made to move in a calculated fashion. We are ensuring the safety of Droghedan motorists, we’re there is enough steel in the SAS tower for 10 Eiffel Towers. Another example of improved innovations is that ironworkers don’t use rivets anymore. Rivets wiggle. During a quake, you want the entire bridge to move in a calculated way. Rivets interfere with that. Now we use high-strength bolts. They clamp, they don't slip."

[b]A crane with a pile hammer hammers 300 foot steel beams into the Bay's mud to anchor the bridge[/b]

The road deck would introduce the first large scale use of polyester concrete on a single project. Caltrans stated that polyester concrete, while more expensive than regular concrete was safe for driving, sped up construction with a low curing time of 2 hours versus 24 hours for regular concrete, and long longevity of the material. The weather of the Bay Area and interaction with large amounts of moisture would prolong the construction of the new bridge, delay opening of the new bridge on time, and would have increased costs in other areas such as labor time. For a bridge of this size, preventative maintenance is a key figure, as American Bridge engineer Tommy Plain stated, “Polysester concrete is a protective barrier against moisture and deicers for lower maintenance costs and longer service life and with nearly 300,000 cars driving on this new structure. The isopolyester helps reduce concrete spalling and steel rebar corrosion, and that reduces the maintenance costs and extends the service life of the bridge structure. It’s a win-win against the two most important deteriorations of such a structure, salt water corrosion and cars. Plus, we do actually use less concrete to achieve the same performance of live load of other concretes.”

Polyester concrete is produced and placed much like conventional concrete. It contains aggregate and sand blends. In lieu of cement and water, a catalyzed polyester resin is used to bind the mineral aggregates. The cure time of the polyester mix is adjusted by the type and amount of catalyst used. In many cases, the mix can be fully cured and ready to drive on in less than an hour. Polyester is not a cure all. It is highly susceptible to failure if moisture is present prior to curing. All work with polyester concrete was done off-site in climate-controlled warehouses to build the Oakland Skyway precast concrete sections.

The SAS portion of the project has been not without problems and critics. While the Oakland Skyway has been complete for some time, the SAS portion was subject to controversial local politics as it was being designed. Caltrans engineers convinced the local government that continuous retrofitting of the seismically vulnerable double-deck Cantilever Bridge built in 1936, damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake was not an option, but that a new bridge had to replace it.

Murray explained Caltran’s rational, "If we knew then what we know now, we certainly would've built the bridge in a different fashion. And maybe we wouldn't have built it at all. The difference between what civil engineers know now compared to 1936 is that our science is much more researched and as a result, better construction techniques and stronger materials have appeared. Our main concern with the eastern cantilever structure was two-fold. The structure is too rigid for a seismically active area like the Greater Drogheda region and second, the foundations of the structure are made of deteriorating wood placed 70-80 feet into the Bay mud, far short of hitting bedrock. There is really nothing good say about the eastern span, it was engineered poorly, but they didn’t what we know today."

Decades of arguments between local officials disagreed on the original proposal for a utilitarian viaduct to be built roughly for $1 billion CAL; however, that same day came another design for one with cables fanning down from a tower to the deck. But such a flourish would add at least $200 million to the project, and the state made clear who would pay… Drogheda residents. The bickering on approaches and land-use continued into the 21st century as costs for the project skyrocketed for further strength against possible terrorist attacks and booming construction projects around the world driving up steel and concrete costs.

A University of California professor of structural engineering, Alfred Ivar, issued concerns of the integrity of a self-anchored suspension bridge in an active fault zone. Iver states, "Anchored suspension bridges with an even number of towers are the safest design in the world. The towers brace each other and dampen motion during seismic events." But single-tower suspension bridges are inherently unstable."

Iver continued, ""The instability (of single-tower bridges) is increased when you make them self-supporting. The main cable is connected to the deck, not the ground. It's like anchoring a ship to itself, not to the sea bottom. The whole roadway is under such tremendous compression that any extra stress, like a quake or explosive charge, could make it collapse completely."

Caltran's Nathan Miller countered, "His argument has been noted for years and it's baseless. Based on multiple computer simulations and models available by our department and our contractors have proven that the self-anchoring suspension bridge is totally safe from earthquakes and terrorist attacks. We've built it, it has the minds of hundreds of civil engineers throughout the country behind this, it's totally fine."

Commuters will have access to the bridge next year as they complete tackle to complete the western approach to the SAS from Yerba Buena Island. Once the bridge opens, the old bridge is set for piece-meal demolition soon afterwards to extend for another year and a half.

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OOC: Any problems with this post, just throw a PM.
[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 11[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Continuous Coverage: [u]Tensions Flare between Greater Germany and Canada over Canadian-controlled Rugen[/u][/size][/font]

[b]RUGEN, CANADAIAN GERMANY –[/b] The rapidly developing story of two continents’ on the brink of war after Greater Germany issued an ultimatum to the Canadian government over Canadian-controlled European colony of Rugen demanding for the full withdraw of Canadian personnel and citizens within 48 hours.

Reichskanzler Micheal Visari delivered a fiery speech of Germanic unity and scathing image of an imperialistic Canada controlling Rugen to a receptive audience at the Reichstag in Berlin yesterday, [i]“When I took the position of Reichskanzler, I promised that I would be the defender of German culture worldwide. I fought and saved Germanic culture from the Mongol Hordes, and I worked successfully to reintegrate lost Germanic land back into the Reich. However, my job is not yet complete. I look up to the North and see our lost comrades in Rugen. Seventy-seven thousand of our lost brothers were thrown away by the last regime. They were forced to fend for themselves under a foreign regime and culture; however, that ends today. Northern volksdeutsche! Your cries of suffering have been heard.

As leader of the Greater Germanic Nation and leader of all Germanic People, I ask the Canadian government to transfer Rugen back to the Reich. Canada has no rightful claim to Rugen or the volksdeutsche which occupy the land. Therefore, I am issuing the following ultimatum. Canada has forty eight hours to return Rugen back to German control. Failure to respond in forty eight hours will be seen as an unwillingness to return Rugen to German control, after which we will communicate to them in another language that I'm sure they will know.

Rugen is German, and German it shall stay!”[/i]

Meanwhile, here in Rugen, it’s been an interesting position by residents there, although most of those that spoke to the Southwestern Herald declared quiet support of Reichskanzler Visari’s speech; some didn’t, and most of those that did, they didn’t hide the fact it seems a bit long for Visari to recognize their plight or having a war tear through the small peninsula.

One of the locals, Niklas Schmidt, commented to us, [i]“Rugen has always been German, Visari is right. The last regime was a travesty to all Germans everywhere, but it has taken the Reich this long to finally see our possible desire to return back under the fold of the Reich… It’s unacceptable for finally showing interest in us. Canada has administrated this area for many years, but I think we're ready to return back. I hope Canada does the right thing and gives to a peaceful solution to the matter. Having Germany fight the Canadians would be pretty horrible for us.”[/i]

The Canadian administration here has issued no statement, although the military forces here seem more alert than usual. The world’s eyes have turned to New Ottawa to hear from an official position from the Canadian government. As the silence grows, various governments either allies of the Reich or Canada have stepped forward with various positions on the matter. High profile message between Texas, New Spain, and Croatia in defending their allies as a huge diplomatic line in the sand has been drawn.

Many Californian media pundits have questioned the New Spain and Texas message exchange for most of the day now. King Enrique Bourbon I of New Spain issued an initial statement to suggest Canada hand Rugen over to Germany to stop bloodshed, while delivering a scathing attack on American nations, on whom some, during the American Forum spoke against American colonialism. Texas did issued an earlier statement by Texan officials as questioning Germany’s actions,[i] “First, why exactly is Rugen being asked back for now? Second, has Canada done wrong to Rugen or those of Rugen at all; or Germany? And third, do the Germans actually want war since they did not give even a remotly reasonable time frame to remove all Canadian enforcements and installations from Rugen? It seems removing everything Canadian in Rugen is physically impossible with the given time frame of forty-eight hours."[/i]

Texas ceded reasons of an impossible time frame of withdrawal and the age old problem of colonialism facing the world. It isn’t without cause to see the strain of North American-European relations on the matters of colonialism over the decades. While New Spain is with support of colonialism within reason was to rebut attacks from Texan officials on their statements as terming colonialism as part of globalization. While they desired a peaceful solution to the matter of Rugen, their views differed on how it could be achieved.

As the possibility of war looms on the near horizon, the Californian government has issued to have a more peaceful solution resolve the Rugen crisis. Undersecretary of State George Byrne commented, [i]“Obviously, the Germans are vigorously opposed to seeing Rugen under further Canadian control; however, I think the time frame for withdraw is too fast to allow a completely smooth transition to full German control. At the end of the day, California is an ally of Canada, if they get attacked; we’re obliged to defend them against any and all aggressive actions. However, this does not mean we’re not against diplomacy, California expects to see more levelheadedness from the Germans while we wait for the Canadians to respond adequately.”[/i]

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 12[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]International: [u]Nation of Rebel Army collapses; Horde and Union Forces move to provide control[/u][/size][/font]

[b]JERUSALEM, REBEL ARMY -[/b] In the streets today in Jerusalem, it was made official that the once powerful nation of the Rebel Army collapsed. No news had been received by Lavo Shalam in sometime, although much has been speculated on how the government of this expansive Middle Eastern nation failed in these final days. Various theories the collapse varied on the toll of war against the defunct Kingdom of Cochin, or perhaps a larger internal conflict that may never be known. The advanced nature of the nation prevented an initial bout of anarchy usually seen in our nations.

Long-standing allies of the Rebel Army, namely the Lunar Republic and Tianxia moved their armed forces into all Rebel Army territory in the early morning hours in their respective time zones. The Lunar Republic took control of Rebel Ecuador and the Space Elevator. The Lunar Republic government issued a statement regarding their operations, [i]"We have noted that Rebel Army's government may have fallen into anarchy; It is thus that the Lunar Republic sees the need to help the people of RA's Ecuador province and prevents deteoriation of its economy to the same standards that reigned in most of the South American continent after the HAE's civil war and subsequent fall. Should our attempts to make contact with Rebel Army's government and Lavo Shalam fail, we will offer full integration of the province into the Republic after a public election."[/i]

We have seen initial Tianxian airborne forces arrive in Jerusalem throughout the day to continue the usual security and order that was offered by the now defunct Rebel Army government. A brief statement was issued by the Horde stating their intent to maintain order in the Middle East, [i]"The Horde has moved into the Eastern Rebel Army due to lack of communication to establish protectorate over these territories. At this time we shall reassert Order. We shall stop our advance solely for the Athenian Federation in the West. Further it shall be our policy that the Space Elevator is to remain untouched by any nation."[/i]

A historian, Prof. Charles Egerton, at the University of California said, [i]"Rebel Army was a regular balance of power in the Middle East for decades. It was so powerful in terms of soft and hard power that nations who had Rebel Army as an ally were never attacked. However, this seemed to change in recent years as the Cochin conflict raised concerns of the Rebel Army's continued influence and power. It still wasn't to be underestimated, but I believe their allies were questioning the ability of Lavo Shalam. It is indeed a shame to see such a proud and history-rich nation end it's days in a whimper."[/i]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Continued Coverage: [u]Canada cedes control of Rugen to Greater Germany[/u][/size][/font]

[b]RUGEN, CANADIAN GERMANY –[/b] The long awaited response from the Canadian government was announced a few hours ago in a declaration of withdraw from Rugen and their intent to hand Rugen over to Greater Germany. It was a brief message of confirmation of withdrawal of Canadian military assets in Rugen was issued.

The scene in Rugen was of an orderly withdrawal to the docks of Rugen with thousands of residents embarking on any sea-worthy ships to larger ocean-going Canadian vessels offshore to take all those willing to leave before the Germans took over. Ships of all types from skiffs to big yachts were carrying Martencists and other residents of Rugen escape the impending German takeover. The Southwest Herald caught up with some of those leaving to North America. One of them, Katharina Sankt responded, [i]“Visari is an arrogant pig that has been aggressive in its approach to German unity. Canada has done nothing wrong in the aftermath of the last regime, and afterwards, we were forgotten. Canada has managed Rugen well as to giving large amounts of freedoms for us, we could call ourselves mini-Germany. [/i]

Comments by the top Canadian official over Rugen, Mayor-General Malatose Klaus, gave a scathing opinion on the Visari administration in Greater Germany stating, [i]“After speaking with New Ottawa, it is with great sadness that I make the following announcement to the world. Seeking to prevent bloodshed on our homeland, after talking with Canada we have agreed that the land will be turned over to the Visari regime. Whatever our people consider ourselves, we are almost all in the agreement that the Visari-regime is a gross abomination of a German state that we would be proud to support. We have no illusion of Visari’s disregard for human life and his speech highlights our fears. We do not and have never wanted to be under his rule and any such attempt to say so is nothing but deceit in order to impose near fascism on yet more land in Europe.

Compare this with Canada; throughout Canada’s period of administration, we have maintained almost complete sovereignty in addition to aid for the advancement of our people. We will not take part in the Europe-for-European debate, however we will declare that the Canadian rule of self-rule and freedom is infinitely better than what is to befall Rugen under this European regime.

Noting these factors, the people of Rugen, with overwhelming assent, have agreed to avoid the shackles of living under Visari and will be relocating to Prince Edward Island, Regina, and Kelowna, in Canada. The Prince Edward Island government has graciously allowed us to share their island so long as our homeland is occupied. We hope that one day we will be able to return to our ancestral homeland as a free and proud people, as we have lived until now.” [/i]

Californian officials were not too surprised by the news as the State Department issued a brief statement, [i]“Canada has informed us of their intent to withdraw all their assets in Rugen to the Germans. We would support them in any course of action, as part of our alliance with them. It is unfortunate that local support for the Visari administration is fairly lower than what was expected. This incident only serves a new low point in American-European relations, we expect better avenues to address problems between us then threats of war.”[/i]

It was later announced that Rugen residents would also be granted refugee status in California if any desired to come this way.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 13[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]Central American Union arises from former Louisiana Federation[/u][/size][/font]

[b]SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -[/b] Californian officials hailed events arising from the lands of former Louisiana Federation as people there reformed into the Central American Union. Sediment of European occupation has turned sharply negative as seen in a recent Californian Broadcasting and Californian Associated Press (CB/CAP poll) poll showing a 68% disapproval of the image of Europeans. However, when asked about Athens occupation of former Louisiana, views were less harsh with 40% disapprove. Poll variation was +/-3% of a sample of 1,500 Californians.

California's Secretary of State Kevin O'Malley was in much of a good mood when broached with the independence of the CAU, stating, "I'm glad Americans throughout the continent are becoming more self-aware of their desire to control their own destiny and future. California is a strong believer in self-determination for all Americans. The Athenian Federation has been very progressive in listening to local Americans in the region and it's important that damages between Europe and America be healed. California does extend it's recognition of the Central American Union and wish it a prosperous existence."

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Defense: [u]New Main Battle Tanks Fielded[/u][/size][/font]

[b]JOINT BASE NELLIS, NEVADA -[/b] The new M-40 Main Battle Tank has finished it's final trials at the Nellis Proving Ground and the Californian Department of Defense has issued the green light to deploy the M-40 to all Californian Army armored brigades. General Dynamics was the primary contractor to replace aging M-60 Pattons. It is expected that the new tank fitted with classified composite armor and ADS to be a formidable foe. The army expects the M-40 to replace the entire inventory of existing M-60s within a few months.

"It has great survivability with the armor and ADS; however, it doesn't stop there with innovations to having an offensive package over the older M-60 to have laser rangefinders and ability to fire on the move." stated General Daniel Floyd.

Meanwhile, a Californian Air Force contract to replace F-15s and F-16 fighters had been awarded to Chongqing Boeing, where retrofitting and construction of new F-15 Silent Eagles and F-18 Silent Hornets have been underway for nearly six months.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 14[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]Mysterious Disease Outbreak in Central Asia; Claims Thousands[/u][/size][/font]

[b]SAMARKAND, AMAZONIA -[/b] A very deadly virus nicknamed 'Soldier's Fever' has claimed thousands of lives and bed-ridden many more in the worst pandemic the world has not seen since the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak at the conclusion of World War I. Areas in the Caribbean, France and Central Asia were quarantined earlier in the week in wake of the growing crisis. Eventual symptoms included fever, discoloration, vomiting and in the advanced states, the body's immune system shuts down. The disease is feared to be highly contagious, possibly airborne transmittable.

All flights from Amazonia to California have been cancelled until the state of emergency is lifted in Amazonia. The California National Health Board (CNHB) spokeswoman, Galis Dill stated, "We're taking all the necessary precautions against Solider's Fever in regards to preventing and isolating the disease to the Californian public. We urge people to first stay calm and not panic. The Californian Department of State has issued a travel warning to all California's traveling abroad to Europe and Asia at this time. Thirdly, the CNHB, in cooporation, of Californian Homeland Security and California's Aviation Security Administration will be quarantining all international terminals at major Californian airports."

Meanwhile, an uptick in supply gathering and decrease of people at social events have noticeably increased this week and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]North America: [u]Canada Attacked! California mobilizes forces[/u][/size][/font]

[b]JOINT BASE REDDING, CALIFORNIA -[/b] Within the last 48 hours, Canada was attacked by the Northern Imperium, Tixania and allies. It was a grave news to Californian service personnel knowing they'll be put in harm's way due to the treaty with Canada. The several airborne divisions at Joint Base Redding were nearly prepared for flights north to somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Interstate 5 traffic from Sacramento was crowded with vehicles with troops mobilizing northward along the Californian-Canadian border. Heavy equipment followed on rail lines north. Across the entire border was tense with action.

"It's a tragedy North America is under the veil of war, but California will do what it can to it's allies," stated General Mark Walterby.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 15[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]Southern Canadian Provinces Ask to Join California in Aftermath of Collapse! [/u][/size][/font]

[b]UH-60 Blackhawks part of the 93rd Airborne Division near Tillamook, OR[/b]

[b]SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -[/b] Canada's final hours were amidst of uncertainity and turmoil in their governance as reports of the assassination of Salvador d'Alberquerque earlier in the week by Ultranationalists organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Eastern Canada secede from the union in the hours afterwards, sealing the fate of the western provinces at the mercy of invading armies from the north. It was noted that the traditional provinces of Canada seeked help from powers on the Eastern Seaboard with Pravus Ingruo and Greater New England.

Meanwhile more recent parts of Canada in it's most southern provinces in the West sought out the Californian Republic for aid and joining the nation after hours of discussion in various provincial capitals. Californian representatives met with local leaders in the cities of Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, Cheyenne and Billings to discuss statehood and arrangements of transfer of federal authority.

With the arrangements completed, several divisions of the Californian Army moved to secure these areas over the last 96 hours. Little opposition was met in most areas, with exceptions in northern Washington from extreme elements of the Ultranationalist organizations and accidental build-up of forces around Cannon Beach, Oregon towards Cyrantian forces. The official statement was that nobody knew that they were allied to the Horde, and many apologizes were made. It has become part of the one of the biggest humanitarian efforts by California yet while reports of a fleet to pick up Cyrantians left in Oregon.

Undersecretary George Byrne stated, "While we has asserted initial control of these former Canadian provinces, it will take some time in the weeks and months ahead to smooth things out at an administrative, logistical and legislative standpoint. The Grand Assembly will have to pour through the statehood applications and let the people vote for their representatives for the Assembly. Luckily, the provinces are well developed, but we'll need time to integrate them with our standards and laws."

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Economic: [u]Group of Investors Set to Unveil Newest Stock Exchange for California [/u][/size][/font]

[b]The Greater Californian Stock Exchange empty awaiting final completion[/b]

[b]DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA - [/b] For the last few months, a group of Californian investors have met and purchased a building in Drogheda for a new stock exchange for California. This stock exchange has been stated to be the first one that will be open to the public outside of California from the existing rules of investing California preventing foreign companies and individuals to directly buy stocks and bonds in California.

Local investor, Christopher Hansen commented, "The new index will be the first that will allow investors and companies that are not Californian to directly invest and follow Californian companies. The index will follow the top 200 Californian companies and this new building will host a new trading floor to allow preview of the new CAL200 index, Morgan Stanley 2000 and Alderwood Tech Capital 50 indexes."

The new exchange is set to finish on Wednesday to allow finishing touches and to allow a "sneak-peek" invitational before the official opening the following Monday.

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[b]To: The Esteemed Leader of the Californian Republic
From: Admiral Emil Kharzin, Representative of the Korian Medical Board[/b]
Dear Sir or Madam,

Whether or not your radar has detected our large Fleet moving up your national coast, please allow me the chance to introduce myself and my people. Having read your newspaper, California is aware of the Soldiers Fever and what occurred in Amazonia to cause this great migration of people. We, the Korian Migrant Fleet, are those who desired not to live under the rule of the Amazon Queen and the Imperator of Tianxia, but instead who took to the seas to develop our own destiny. Over the course of our journeys, we have come in contact with various cultures and have set up trading posts and mercantile enclaves across the world to help garner trade not only with our Fleet but with the host country of the Enclave and the greater world.

I realize that the Californian Republic is under going tremulous change due to the recent collapse of New Spain and North and South America's call for Anti-Colonialism. It is because of these developments that our Fleet moved away from the Caribbean as soon as possible, however in looking at Pacific trade, perhaps there is a chance we could create a mutual relationship throughout the Korian trade network in return for a parcel of land in which to establish a market place, warehouses, and a harbor.

That all aside, we would love for the chance to make formal relations with your people and with your acceptance of this letter a diplomatic expedition can be launched to a city in your nation where a representative of the Fleet could visit.

I hope this letter finds you well and your nation in good spirits.

Keelah se'lai

Emil Kharzin[/i]

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[b]To: Admiral Emil Kharzin, Representative of the Korian Medical Board
From: Office of the President of the Californian Republic[/b]

[i]Greetings Admiral Kharzin,

It has come to my attention of your large fleet approaching our nation. Our coastal patrol cutters detected the forward elements of your fleet within the last 24 hours. Indeed, the Southwestern Herald is very premier newspaper for the Western North America, many folks get their news from them. It has been informative of the news from Central Asia, this Fleet that has sailed from that disaster zone.

You couldn't be further from the truth about the turmoil occurring in North America of late with the fall of New Spain and Canada, but we like to think of ourselves as good stewards of where they left off. California is a nation with open relationships and dialogue. We'll be happy to entertain an audience of your representatives in Drogheda, our primary port facility on the West Coast. We can help develop an agreeable arrangement to both of us.


Colin Farren
President of the Californian Republic


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Following the acceptance to allow an audience and before the Fleet's take off towards the Cyrantian coast, Commander Yuliya Gergiva was sent to the port of Drogheda in the Californian Republic to negotiate for the construction of an Enclave. She and her small entourage of merchant advisers and marines would land at the port and alert the Harbor Master that they were ready for their audience with the Californian leadership. The goal was simple, any Enclave along the Californian coast and to come to an agreement of mutual recognition and trade rights so that the Enclave could be efficient and integrate itself into the wider Korian League which was slowly being established across the world.

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While the Presidential Mansion was in Sacramento, President Farren decided to meet the Korians in Drogheda. A Californian Coast Guard vessel shadowed the Korian ship entering Drogheda and was communicating to the Oakland Naval Station about their position. The helicopter carrying the president arrived early at a heliport near the waterfront. Assembled at the pier was a convoy of black SUVs that wisk Farren to the pier site. The President's security detail already with a secure site observed the marines and search them for weapons, but let them keep them for the duration of the visit.

"Welcome to California! Commander Gergiva, hope your journey was well?" began Farren. "We can talk in the car a bit about initial discussions of what you want on the way to our meeting site in downtown Drogheda."

Farren motioned the Commander and the entire entourage towards the awaiting SUVs. Due to the limited space, only the Gergiva and Farren would be allowed in a personal SUV. The convoy of vehicles would travel down The Embarcadero towards Broadway. The local police force closed off all intersections ahead of them on as the vehicles turned right onto Broadway, down a historic part of Drogheda, formerly San Francisco. After heading down several blocks, they would turn left onto Montgomery Street. It would be visualized to the left about three blocks was the imposing Transamerica Tower.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Commander Gergiva. I know your fleet has plied the waters on the Eastern Seaboard from what I've gathered from my diplomats in New England. My Secretary of State, Kevin O'Malley will meet with us later at the location to advise me. He's been in New England recently. While your admiral is wary of us Americans, we assure you, this perception of turmoil, is overblown. I like to think that the various nations on these two continents have finally woke up to what they could do.

The recent events have thrown that the older powers that were are mostly no longer here anymore, Pravus Ingruo and New Spain were very much superpowers, but there's a new crop rising in their place. Canada was short-lived, while the Lunar Republic is very much involved in South America as a force not only to there, but to the other frontier as well. It seems that North America is a place where no one has really emerged to look after what is going up here, but let me assure you Commander, that California is well positioned as a great force in Western North America," Farren explained the condition in North America, "Don't be mistaken, our industries are looking overseas and regionally to expand their markets, and I'm very sure consumers here are interested in what products you may offer."

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 16[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]California Heralds In New Defense/Economic Pact with New England [/u][/size][/font]

[b]BOSTON, NEW ENGLAND -[/b] Earlier today, the final touches of a new treaty between California and Greater New England today was announced to the press after days of negotiations. The Beacon Accords was the newest foreign affairs effort by the Farren administration in recent months in the wake of the collapse of Canada and now, New Spain. Secretary of State, Kevin O'Malley stated, "The Beacon Accords is unprecedented for California. In a way, it's ushering a new era of steps towards a united voice in the Americas for all American nations. This treaty compliments our own efforts to promote American unity in a way the world has not seen in many decades."

While New England is relatively new, the strength of the treaty draws heavily on it's language of military defense and cooperation. Political analyst, Bryan Till noted, "It's definitely a first amongst Californian treaties thus far, even more so than the NATO treaty was announced publicly recently. The amount of trust and level of cooperation is very high, to the point of inserting the offering of land for a foreign military installation and military integration in somewhat yet to be defined. Both sides expect a great level of benefits out of this relationship."

Meanwhile, Californian businesses were happy to see new markets were expanded to break into the Eastern Seaboard. Many Silicon Valley businesses were pleased to see the competition field to be more level between the nations after a short period of unable to break in anywhere along the East Coast. With the recent expansion of California, it's forming a catalyst of economic boom for the nation.

You can view the full treaty text here at the Southwestern Herald!

[b]The Beacon Accords[/b]
[i]Confederation of Greater New England-Californian Republic MD/EP[/i]

We, Greater New England, and the Republic of California, strive to aspire for improved relations. In this document, we seek to further economic growth, ensure mutual cooperation and assistance, and to provide our nations the opportunity to achieve the highest national and economic potential as possible.

Article I - Non-agression:
Each signatory shall recognize the sovereignty of the each other, and as such shall pledge themselves to a peaceful co-existance and non-aggression. Both signatories shall not commit hostile actions against the each other in any way, including but not limited to waging war or conducting espionage.

Article II - Tariff Reduction:
Each signatory shall agree to reduce or eliminate tariffs on goods and products from the each other, with the tariff rate set as agreed upon by both nations.

Article III - Trade Agreement:
a) Each signatory shall share information pertaining to trade mediums, as well the relative infrastructure needed to sustain and faciliate trade between both nations.
b) Both signatories agree to facilitate the needs of each nation's companies to ease the establishment of business and commerce between us.
c) Each signatory agrees to allow each other early access and preferential treatment in regards to national infrastructure bonds that are either privately and/or publicly funded.

Article IV - Intelligence and Travel:
Each signatory shall also share intelligence on matters pertaining to the national security interests of the signatories. The signatories agree to allow the expedited processing to entering each others' borders based on streamlining documentation, shortening processing time, and cooperation between our security agencies.

Article III - Mutual Defense:
An attack on one signatory shall be considered an attack on the other, and shall merit appropriate response of force.

Article IV - Defense Cooperation:
a) The signatories agree to mutual defense, it must be backed with cooperation and coordination of our armed forces. Each signatory recognizes the needs of improving the logistical and technological nature of our armed forces through improvement of equipment and weapon systems by defense companies, and do so in the admittance of allowing the exchange of defense contracts.
b) Each of the armed forces will establish a military liaison program to promote cooperation in the officer's ranks of our armed forces.
c) The signatories agree to allow the establishment of small military bases to each other to help facilitate relations. It is also agreed that each signatory navies have access to berth in any of our deep-water ports.

Article V - Cancellation Clause:
Should, for any reason, either signatory deem it necessary to cancel this treaty, the signatory shall give a one hundred and sixty-eight (168) hour notice to the other signatory. This agreement shall remain in effect during that time period.

[i]Signed this day of the 10th of March 2054,[/i]

For the Californian Republic

[i]Colin Farren
President of the Californian Republic

Kevin O'Malley
Secretary of State

Cathal MacDonald
Secretary of Defense[/i]

[b]For the Confederation of Greater New England[/b]

[i]Martin Gibbs
President of Greater New England
Ranking Member of the Honorable Parliament of New England

Edward Ouellette
Secretary of State
Greater New England Department of State
Leading Foreign Representative of the Honorable Parliament of New England[/i]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Economic: [u]Greater Californian Stock Exchange Opens! [/u][/size][/font]

[b]DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA - [/b] Traders were abuzz today at the new Greater Californian Stock Exchange today debuting the opening of Californian companies to be purchased from anyone from outside of California. Governmental restrictions on trading was recently lifted last month; however, the old exchange building was just meeting current capacity. The opening of new exchange was met with decent news by the California Bank on interest rates to meet with clips of inflation hitting the market. Californian Employer Data Process Corporation (CEDC) announced payroll numbers on the uptick for the 4th time this year.

The new CAL200 index rose by 335 points to 4,335 on it's first day on heavy volume of 6 million shares exchanged. Leading the charge were agriculture and utilities, rising 2% and 4% respectively.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Foreign Affairs: [u]Conference of the Americas Announced[/u][/size][/font]


[b]SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -[/b] Secretary of State, Kevin O'Malley announced today at the State Department press conference today that California will be hosting a new conference that is open to all American nations to attend. He emphasized that the event called, the Conference of the Americas would depart from the heavily criticized American Forum in New York City that ended in a quagmire. Secretary O'Malley stated, "The Americas is heavily different now than the world that was during the American Forum from at that time. California will be hosting this one an active member of American states pursuing the voice of unity in the Western Hemisphere. I'm not quite sure where the meeting will go, or the outcome; however, I wish to actively promote individual discussions amongst ourselves, with neighboring nations and other less contacted nations to talk and develop relationships between each other. There will be no lofty 'we're all together, unity economic/defense' treaties or the such. Here, we have a chance to shape the future of the Americas, together."

Formal invitations have been rumored to be sent out very soon to all American nations. Californian officials decided on the Transamerica Tower to be the host building of the meeting that is scheduled next week. Rumors of possible cooperation and the chance to talk to less involved nations to have their voice be heard here in Drogheda. While, rumors persist of chances of super treaties have emerged, it has been denied any proposition on them by all officials the Southwestern Herald interviewed.

OOC: There will be a separate thread for this, starting Sunday, most likely.

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Getting into the SUV with President Farren, Gergiva looked the Californian leader over before briefly gazing out the window at the passing scenery as they drove down the beltway. "I do apologize if Admiral Kharzin was a bit brash in his letter, as the equivalent of a foreign affairs minister, he is at times I believe overly aggressive for no reason. Though given the endless arguments that the Medical Board is subject too, someone of his vocal power is needed to get anything done. I'm positive, especially now hearing that an independent Mexico has already risen from the ashes the problems were subject to an ineffective monarchy rather than a turmoil filled state."

Letting Farren speak about the new states on the rise throughout North America, the Korian commander nodded in agreement. Over the course of the Fleet's travel around the coasts of North America and placing the current events against the past history of the continent, the Medical Board was aware of changing regimes and that these new powers were not only heavily against colonialism, but were also willing to use their military and diplomatic power to push foreign states of the continent. It was with this knowledge that the Korians understood they needed to tread carefully across the diplomatic channels. As they couldn't be completely where they actually fit in on the world stage.

"Well it's great to know that California is interested in what the Fleet can offer in terms of trade goods. Since our meeting with the Greenlanders, the Medical Board has begun to create a blueprint for a new trade league which would consist of the various Enclaves established in North America and those we plan to establish across the world and of course to include our gracious host countries. I'm afraid I don't have the dossiers on the list of products and goods that would be available in Korian Markets, but what the Board has sent me to propose is the creation of a Korian Enclave on the coast of California, preferably in a port city which we would purchase though remaining under your sovereignty. This would give us the opportunity to develop a trade market to sell our wares to your people, in addition to make exotic goods cheaper for the Californian Republic if we could negotiate a relaxation of tariffs on the Korian Enclave. Of course, we're more than prepared to negotiate this further."

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They would both stroll into the Transamerica Tower and go to one of the private meeting rooms. There were some freshly caught, local seafood with a salad bar consisting of local dishes. In the middle of the room was a couple couches and two smaller seats, Farren would sit in one of the seats. Farren would listen to Gergiva's opinion on the Admiral and nodded in agreement. "Sometimes, you have to have blunt make in foreign affairs to get anywhere." noted Farren. "As for Mexico, we're equally glad to see that it was merely internal politics rather than full-blown turmoil that was behind Mexico's change."

Farren would begin speaking of the conditions necessary to set up in here, stating, "California wouldn't be opposed for a small foreign presence dedicated to trading and commerce, we can offer you tracts of land to accomplish this area at Oakland and a piece at Seattle. We see this as a benefit to both of us to expand trade at a time where people need a... 'neutral' party to accomplish things at one's behalf. When I speak of this, this is the expansion of commerce globally to markets we haven't taken the time to get into.

Both port facilities are being expanded to accommodate more expected trade at this time, you are welcome to lease or purchase pier space for your needs, although the condition would be in the form of purchasing a small amount of bonds to finance construction. This would initially reduce costs at either end currently in building new port facilities. Your Enclave would be provided all the protections given to Californian citizens, and all of your residents would be eligible for Californian citizenship as well as retain their birth citizenship. Local police forces will be the primary security force for the Enclave, I expect no real opposition to this deal publicly.

California's economy is fairly robust with a booming technological and agricultural economy, although the manufacturing is mainly on airplanes and textiles. While their maybe some competition, it won't harm most of our economy. I will say that the legislature could be persuaded to lower tariffs by 60% of our flat rate on imports, but for starters, I can promise a 40% reduction based on what I know."

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 17[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]Port of Greater Drogheda Outlines Plan of Expansion [/u][/size][/font]

[b]Ships docked at the Port of Greater Drogheda, Oakland Facility[/b]

[b]DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA –[/b] The Port Commissioners for the Port of Greater Drogheda outlined plans for a 20 year expansion plan to various port facilities under their jurisdiction. It has been a short while since the Port of Drogheda, Oakland, and Richmond merged back in 2040 to eliminate the competition between each other in services and develop niche services at each facility. The eight member Commissioners laid out the plans for increasing commerce shipping to California with increased capacity to unload more ships, expanded storage facilities for all cargo types, and improved multi-modal cranes, and improved rail and road infrastructure from port facilities to the interior industrial and agricultural centers within California and to nearby neighboring nations. The ‘Vision 2070’ plan would thrust the Port of Greater Drogheda into a primer commerce center for the Western North American coast with unparalleled seaborne commerce and tourism facilities. The commissioners were fairly quiet on the future of Drogheda International Airport except, regional facilities will require expansion due to the lack of additional room to accommodate more traffic at Drogheda International.

“We expect Drogheda International to hit capacity within a few years; however, the Port of Greater Drogheda has no formal plans at the moment to seek out a new site for air traffic in the area. We also can’t rule out reclaiming parts of the Bay for a possible new runway. The Vision 2070 plan encompasses future plans of the airport, but the plan is currently geared towards commerce expansion of the Port’s facilities for commercial shipping of all goods,” stated Commissioner Charles Terbre, “The port suffers from lack of supporting infrastructure and capacity to handle increased freight traffic currently. We’ll be seeking to expand each our container facility in Oakland and our Richmond facilities which handles oil, bulk goods and automobiles. The port is working in cooperation with CalTrans and the business community to seek input on better rail service, scheduling, and truck traffic in the region to swiftly deliver Californian products for export.”

The majority of the Vision 2070 plan supported an incremental increase of the port’s commercial facilities through the years to grow capacity at each facility by 50% at the end of the project’s duration. Terbre mentioned, “California has grown rapidly and the commercial shipping facilities here have lagged behind the growth of the country. To remain a competitive shipping port for California, we need this expansion. This is a good time while our competing ports in Seattle and Los Angeles are slowly being brought back online again soon. The Port of Greater Drogheda remains to be a primer port for shipping to the Far East with this project.”

The first phase of the project is directed to expand the container facility at Oakland to handle an expected 30% increase in traffic. There would be an additional six new piers and accompanying cranes to handle more ships. It would include an improved customs and truck/rail loading area to reduce the time freight is spent in port. Meanwhile, Caltrans is expected to improve freight mobility with dedicated truck lanes at part of larger improvements towards Interstate 880. In addition, Western Pacific Railroad is expanding the railyards at the various facilities. Western Pacific announced a new maglev line to Denver to deliver time-sensitive goods east from Drogheda. Douglas Mormth, spokesman for Western Pacific stated, “Western Pacific is a partner in expanding California’s capacity of freight to grow the economy. The Drogheda-Denver maglev line is a new high-speed freight line. This probably won’t be the last, but that all depends on the feasibility of designing and construction of new lines. The conventional lines are current sufficient to meet future demand, although new siding track is most likely needed.”

The nearby Richmond facility, handling bulk goods, oil, and automobiles is set for expansion although later with expansion geared towards oil and bulk goods. Another three piers and two long piers for oil will be constructed. Caltrans and Western Pacific are also set to upgrade Interstate 580 and the railyard at Richmond for improved freight mobility in separate projects. The port is currently looking opening contracts for the Oakland phase of the project to begin early next year.

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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"][b]Southwestern Herald[/b][/size][/font][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"]Edition 18[/font][/center]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Top Story: [u]Pravus Ingruo Collapses[/u][/size][/font]

[b]NEW YORK -[/b] The nation of Pravus Ingruo, long synonymous with American power, finally succumbed to it's internal problems that it had suffered for several decades. It collapsed quietly earlier this week, amidst economic troubles that began well before the foundation of California. Most things under the Eastern North America never got their go ahead without Pravus Ingruo approval; however, that changed as the nation scaled back to focus on internal problems at home.

University of California historian, Evan Willik said, "Pravus Ingruo was a powerhouse of American ingenuity, power projection, and force of stability during it's lifetime. It's departure is hard to fill, but we think that the new found Atlantic Confederacy is well apt to take on the banner left behind in the wake of Pravus Ingruo."

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Local: [u]Conference of the Americas Begins[/u][/size][/font]

[b]DROGHEDA, CALIFORNIA -[/b] Today begins the Conference of the Americas at the Transamerica Tower for about a week-long summit on the issues facing various American nations. However, for most locals, it was a major inconvenience. Large swaths of downtown Drogheda and CACH-101 was blocked off for security reasons for the upcoming conference. One local stated, "Minor inconvenience?!?! It's a f$*%ing HUGE inconvenience! Taking hours to get anywhere in the downtown area! God#*$# elitist !@#$%^&*!" The bay bridge traffic was a major concern for Caltrans as the security measure took commute times to all new highs. Caltrans spokemans, Timothy Decker, stated, "Avoid driving, take mass transit whenever possible this week."

Meanwhile, in a nearby pub, a few people were making a few bets. One man, George Salimonn stated, "All these leaders can't ever make up their minds. Always bickering and defending their viewpoints, I doubt this meeting will become of anything. I have $20 on one group to be booted out first, this group representing, ummm... Procinctia is it? Yeah, that's them. First to go out." It has been noted by Californian officials that force would be used to keep order in the conference to the point of public humiliation of kicking representatives out and sending them back home to their respected countries.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Local: [u]Western Pacific Breaks Ground for Portland to Salt Lake Line[/u][/size][/font]

[b]PORTLAND -[/b] The final reviews of construction were finished today as a small group of executives and city officials in Portland, Oregon did a ceremonial dig on the new Portland to Salt Lake City line. Work was well underway for awhile along most of the line between Pendleton and Mountain Home, Idaho. WPRR officials believe the new line will decrease freight time and waits for products heading to and from Portland and to connect with the existing line running north to Blaine, Washington.

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