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The Hooligans Want You


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[size="5"][center]We're an alliance of primarily college members as well as military who are looking to grow through the bonds of friendship.

[b][u]What you get as a member of The Hooligans[/u][/b]

We don't ask you to change Team Colors
Once you signed up your masked (no tests)
We have lots of small nations that can feed your tech craving .
$3 Million sign up
A voice in the alliance
If you don’t have time to participate just sit back and enjoy the protection

[center][b][u][size="5"]Why you should join.[/size][/u][/b][/center]

[center][size="5"]Our primary goal is to help our fellow members build powerful nations and have awesome time along the way. We understand that the success of our alliance depends on the success of each of its individual nations, and therefore we look towards each nation as equals no matter what their size. If you are interested in joining an alliance, with opportunity for quick growth, fast advancement, great aid opportunities, friendship and protection, come join us

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