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International Brothership of Nations

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The International Brothership of Nations is a new alliance created by me, TerryTheCollosus. You can join if you follow the following rules:

Any ethnicity accepted.
Government type must not be Anarchy, Communist, Totalitarian, Dictatorship, or Transitional. These are Anti-Governments.
Government type may be Democracy, Republic, Federal, Capitalist, Monarchy, or Revolutionary. These are Governments.
Any ethnicity allowed.
Team color may be any color.
Must be in War Mode.
The Leader, Collosura Ruler TerryTheCollosus, is the Collosus, or boss.
Must not have any affiliation with anti-governments.
Flag may be any if it is not of an alliance.
Freedom of Speech must be allowed, with a strong police force to monitor things and arrest lawbreakers.
If any member of the Brothership is in a war, other members must, through volunteer or Order by the Collosus, send military aid of 50+ troops, or declare war on the enemy nation.
No nations are allowed with a history of inhuman treatment of their citizens are allowed.
Nations with affiliations with such nations of inhuman treatments will be kicked out.
Immigration is allowed, however the rule is that immigrants must become citizens to stay.
Besides all above rules, members are free to govern their nations as they wish.

And you can join if you follow the above laws! We've already got two members, Collosura and Wausontopia. Feel free to join!

We offer player protection. And then - you know what to do - type in the thing!

The International Brothership of Nations needs you! Please join!

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