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Cogs of Fury

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[size=6][b][font="Palatino Linotype"]The Cogs of Fury Accords[/font][/b][/size]

It is declared from the Iron Throne...
As the gears are put in motion...

[b]Article 1: Well Oiled Machines[/b]
Both House Baratheon and The Apparatus vow to honor each other's sovereignty and agree not to jeopardize or impose themselves upon one another. House Baratheon and The Apparatus recognize that festivals and tournaments (involving glorious amounts of wine) are rights to be enjoyed by all, and promise to act in accordance and to always seek peaceful solutions, even in the event of public drunkeness.

[b]Article 2: In Defense of The Machine[/b]
If House Baratheon decides to raise it's banner in defense of it's people,or should The Apparatus churn the gears of war for it's own security, the other shall raise their banners and march with all the swords, lances, crossbows, and auto-crossbows that can be brought to bear.

[b]Article 3: For when the Fury is Ours[/b]
If The Apparatus decides it is time to get the steam rolling with their war machines in an act of aggression, House Baratheon has the option to ride in on their destriers in assistance, but has no obligation to do so. The Reverse is also true is if House Baratheon decides they want to burn and pillage a few villages.

[b]Article 4: System Failure[/b]
Both House Baratheon and The Apparatus shall uphold this treaty without fail as long as both shall exist. In the unlikelihood that both parties venture separate ways, notice will be given by airship or raven and will become void across the lands after the passage of 72 hours.

For The Apparatus,
[i]Randalla, Patroness
~Amarynth, Consort
~King Ernie, Director
~Maximillian Thorton, Emissary
~Kerdor, General
~Elbryan, Chief Engineer
~Ezequiel, Propagandist
~Phaedron, Professor[/i]

For House Baratheon,
[i]~King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Roland Deschain
~Almighty Hero, Hand of the King
~MilaAmo, Master of Whispers
~Lord King High/Ajax, Master of Arms,
~Lord Augustine, Grand Maester
~Comrade General, Master of the House[/i]

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[quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1319007340' post='2828529']
Im disappointed in you, AT, you signed with (useless) neutrals

This from you? Mentioning useless, looks who's trying to make themselves relevant to the situation. How cute.

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[quote name='Lurunin' timestamp='1319031803' post='2828622']
congrats to you both o/

this is an MDoAP if i read it correctly right?

Thanks! And yes, yes it is.

Steamrolling on a throne. We look forward to working more with HB.

Edited by Maximillian
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[quote name='Randalla' timestamp='1319008400' post='2828537']
Guess we'll have to return some of that wine, someone forgot to tell me we were neutral. :smug:

my bad :unsure:

glad to see this posted :awesome:

o/ HB
o/ App


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