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End of NG-SOS War Pool


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I have a couple aid slots that are empty, therefore I decided this would be a fun thing to do with one of those aid slots. So, I'm starting a pool for when the Tetris-Legion SOS-NG war will end. This includes all involved participants peacing out. The way this works is that you pick a date that no one else has picked, and if the war ends on that day I will give you 3 mill, or 50 tech.

To see what days are available click the spoiler. As people sign up for a date, I will add their name to the dates below.

[spoiler]October- 18
October- 19
October- 20 Rotavele
October- 21
October- 22
October- 23 Mergerberger II
October- 24 Dochartaigh
October- 25 Vulpes Inculta
October- 26 natas31
October- 27 Locke
October- 28 omfghi2u2
October- 29 Schad
October- 30 Timur
October- 31 Unknown Smurf
November- 1 frosniper13
November- 2 Gibsonator21
November- 3 Drai
November- 4 strelock
November- 5 James Maximus
November- 6 Wu Tang Clan
November- 7 Sniper Joe
November- 8 Enrage
November- 9 Westernfront
November- 10 Melancholy Culkin
November- 11 Give Me Water
November- 12 HeroofTime55
November- 13 Beau Vine
November- 14 Faroah
November- 15 Endurance
November- 16 ComradeR
November- 17
November- 18 Canik
November- 19
November- 20 Machanidas
November- 21 bcortell
November- 22
November- 23
November- 24
November- 25
November- 26
November- 27
November- 28
November- 29
November- 30
November- 31

December 24 The Pansy

January 15 jammar
January 16 Zoomzoomzoom

March 10 Stewie

december 22, 2012[/spoiler] Edited by supercoolyellow
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