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Nuclear Darkness Accords

King Wally

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[quote][b][size="6"][center]Nuclear Darkness Accords[/center][/size][/b]


[center][img]http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/7572/godtz4.png [/img][/center]

[b]Article I. Introduction[/b]
The Global Order of Darkness and The Nuclear Proliferation League, hereby known as the parties, come together under this document with the goals of proliferating the usage of Nuclear Arms in Dark conditions.

[b]Article II. Sovereignty and Non-Agression[/b]
The Parties agree that each alliance is an individual and they shall not infringe upon the sovereign rights of that of the other. Neither party shall act in an agressive manor towards the other, in the event it does happen, 100% of the damages shall be paid in reparations.

[b]Article III. Intelligence[/b]
The Parties agree that any intelligence that is relevant to either Party must be shared to it's full extent between the parties.

[b]Article IV. Military Assistance[/b]
The Parties may call on each other for Military Assistance in both agressive and defensive campaigns; providing military assistance is encouraged but not required by this document.

[b]Article V. Cancellation[/b]
If either party wishes to cancel this agreement, they must provide 72 hours notice, during that time, this document is still considered in effect.

[b]Signed for the Global Order of Darkness on October 18th, 2011:[/b]
Xiphosis, Dark Lord
Mixoux, Lord of Diplomacy

[b]Signed for the Nuclear Proliferation League on October 18th, 2011:[/b]
KemMo, Prime Minister
Morjon, Deputy Prime Minister
King Wally, High Chancellor

Smurthwaite, Warhead of Foreign Affairs
Gofast2006, Warhead of Defenses
Vulpes Inculta, Warhead of Economics
MildlyInsance, Warhead of Education
Wickes, Warhead of Communications[/quote]

Free Nuka-Beer's are flowing over at #NPL! See you there! B-)

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