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[center][size="5"][color="#00FF00"]Live as if you're already dead[/color][/size][/center]

[center]Legacy's first elections concluded a few days ago. The results are:

Minister of Internal Affairs: Pigalope/Jangalope
Minister of Foreign Affairs: King Kaiser
Minister of Commerce: Sammykhalifa[/center]

[center]Cool story huh?

A certain member with a big black dot as a avatar was whining and complaining all day until I opened the forum up so everyone can see our trades and tech area. So if you need a trade circle, you can see it, and if you wanna SELL TECH you can see that too. We would be very happy if Umbrella would give us their sellers, you really dont need em anymore Johnny :P Our forums can be found here: [url="http://s4.zetaboards.com/Legacy/index/"]RIGHT HERE[/url]

On a final note, if you warring peoples dont remember, we had a war earlier in the year and you are going over the one war per year quota we've established, so...knock it off, kthxbai

yes yes I will give cake:


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Congratulations on the.... wait... elections? I don't understand.

Anyway, the people you named are among my favorites in CN, so I guess you did a good job rigging those "elections" you claim to have had.

Still not sure why anyone would choose to experiment in democracy... but congratulations all the same.

o/ Legacy!

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