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An Important Seaworthy Announcement


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When you hear "Non-Grata" you automatically think: "Quality. Class. Svelte. More Quality. More Class. " and so on. It's not surprising really.

In fact, our collective fellowship of mutual friends have always been driven by integrity of character. Of not being afraid to take criticism for doing the right thing. For standing up for the underdog and doing whatever is necessary for the betterment of planet bob. Whatever. It. Takes.

Time and time again, the SOS Brigade has demonstrated average intelligence, incorrigible behavior, basic insolence, has resorted to childish tactics, has failed to accept honest and sincere apologies, has forged documentation to avoid recompense, and has generally emitted an audible and grating sucking sound wherever it has tread.

The SOS Brigade has poached members from sovereign alliances and feigned ignorance.

The SOS Brigade has forged evidence of spying in the attempt to escalate hostilities and encourage more powerful allies to intervene.

The SOS Brigade sucks so hard, it's practically like having the power of an upright in the palm your hand!

Also, average intelligence.

So enough is enough, and now, as a community service to planet bob, Non Grata is going to shove mountains of uranium so far up the collective asses of the SOS Brigade, they will be spewing pookachus out their blow holes till they can't tell the difference between an Ultramon and a Gumby-san
Thank you for your continued professionalism.

p.s. - suck pavement

On Behalf of Non-Grata


Old man Derwood1

iFOK, SLCB, Hydra, Poison Clan

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