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Three Tribes Confederation

Captain Enema

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Chief Rain Maker of the Three Tribes takes the podium. He looks over the assembled elders and clears his throat and takes a long moment prior to speaking. It's a powerful moment for him as it represents all the work, all the suffering, and all the effort his tribe has put into making this day a reality.

Chief Rain Maker's story begins quite a long time ago. Well, perhaps not that long ago, as he's only thirty four years of age. Still, thirty four years of work, schooling, travel, getting married to a beautiful woman, burying that same beautiful woman, and finally realizing the political and national aspirations of his people. Those aspirations being the consolidation of the Three local tribes power into one national polity for the purposes of greater recognition.

No more casinos for the Three Tribes, no more being marginalized as drunken Indians who mooch off the dole. The young men and women of the Three Tribes will go to the world as proud young men and women, proud Native Americans, and they'll do so with their heads held high and heads filled with the wisdom of their mothers and fathers.

Chief Rain Maker smiles to his family, his tribal elders, and the assembled reporters. He smiles and says, "Yayate.."

Much to the confusion of the reporters the entire Assembly of Elders of the Three Tribes Confederations explodes into cheers of joy and jubilation. Press packets are passed around announcing the Declaration of existence of the Three Tribes Confederation.

It shows the Assembly of Elders, the government structure of the Three Tribes Confederation, and it very clearly pays its thanks to the Noveria for their generous protection of the lands of the Three Tribes during the trying times that bedeviled the Three Tribes area with the repeated rise and fall of various governments.

As the majority of the Anglo-population have moved away the remaining Anglo-peoples are found clinging to their homes in the cities. The Three Tribes Confederation quietly sends representatives to these remaining groups inviting them to send members to the Assembly and encouraging them to organize themselves to provide their cities with civil services. While the Three Tribes Confederation is predominantly Native America in nature, the remaining Anglo-population is treated respectfully and given the same equal rights to government services as everyone else. They are also issued with TTC Identification cards and passports upon request as full citizens with all the rights pertaining to such of the Three Tribes Confederation.

The long history of racism, bigotry, and oppression of the Native Americans will not be played out in reverse. Such would be an affront to all things dear to Chief Rain Maker and his assembled Elders.


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"The Provisional Military Government officially recognizes the Three Tribes Confederation, and will begin the process of withdrawing its troops from the aforementioned regions unless specified otherwise. We wish this new nation well in the increasingly chaotic world."

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[i]"The Federation of Arctic Regions welcomes the Three Tribes Confederation. It is another nation constructed by tribes that has formed as of recent. We look forward to opening relations with this new nation."

- President Varin[/i]

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At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Foreign Minister Tarazed announced the Empire's recognition of the Three Tribes Confederation. A reporter from the Alshain Observer asked for the Foreign Minister's thoughts on the creation of the first widely recognized Native American state.

"The birth of the Confederation is a truly monumental moment in the history of North America. It is the Emperor's wish that this new nation will serve as a voice and protector for all of North America's indigenous peoples."

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