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The Danzig Reich

Padraig Rua

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[font="Georgia"][b]The Danzig Reich[/b][/font][/center]

From the Pomeranian lands of old Prussia rises a new Reich. A Reich steeped in Germanic culture. A Reich of strength, wisdom, and discipline. A Reich of traditional and modern life. A Reich of fertile lands, clean rivers, fresh air, and beautiful landscapes. A Reich which will last many a century. A Reich loyal to the Fatherland. And that Reich is [b][i]The Danzig Reich[/i][/b]!

[i]Kaiser Franz von Pommern[/i], Leader of the Reich, has declared this new country into existence. The Government shall be elected soon, and the creation of a Constitution will be discussed among the Leaders of the Reich. Until then, the Kaiser is accepting Diplomats from other nations around the world.

[i][b]Es lebe die Danzig Reich![/b][/i]

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[quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1318813016' post='2826566']
"We recognize the independence of Danzig and advice them, if possible, to stay out of the ongoing devastating war, although we realize that given Dalmatian ambitions the choice may nto be theirs."

[i]"We appreciate the concern of the Fatherland in these times of war and terror. However, we offer to our Fatherland the use of our medical facilities by their citizens and if need be by their soldiers injured in this Great War."[/i]

[i][b]-Kaiser Franz von Pammern[/b][/i]

[i]"I appreciate the acceptance of our Reich by other nations throughout the world. Thank you."[/i]

[i][b]-Kaiser Franz von Pammern[/b][/i]

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