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[CNRP] Names and Nations


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[center][size="6"][b][CNRP] Current Names and Current Nations[/b][/size]

So yeah, I thought it would be good to amass a list of CNRP players, I know the last list has kind of died out, and I've seen too many people in IRC ask "What's your nation again?"

Just post your country, and your name, and I'll update the list (in alphabetical order!) as much as humanly possible. :awesome:

[b]Current CNRP Countries and Owners[/b]

[b]Amazonia[/b] - SarahTintagyl
[b]Aremor[/b] - Ardenne/Vince Sixx
[b]Arctica[/b] - Vedran
[b]Athenian Federation[/b] - Centurius
[b]Californian Republic[/b] - Tanis777
[b]Canada[/b] - JEDCJT/Californian
[b]Central American Union[/b] - Markus Wilding
[b]Dixie Confederacy[/b] - LBT88
[b]Empire of Pravus Ingruo[/b] - Pravus Ingruo
[b]The Forgotten Ones[/b] - Subtleknifewielder
[b]Grand Papua[/b] - Kankou
[b]Great Horde of Tianxia[/b] - Triyun
[b]Greater New England[/b] - TheShammySocialist
[b]Ireland[/b] - Voodoo
[b]Kingdom of Prussia[/b] - Rauchen
[b]Kuklos Confederacy[/b] - Sigurd Odinnson
[b]The Lunar Republic[/b] - Lynneth
[b]Midwest Republic[/b] - HHAYD
[b]New Panama[/b] - King Timmy
[b]New Spain[/b] - Owned-You
[b]Northern Imperium[/b] - Mara Lithaen
[b]Nouvelle-Vicidalia[/b] - Evangeline Anovilis
[b]People's Republic of Africa[/b] - Axolitlia
[b]Principality of Aeon[/b] - Executive Minister
[b]Republic of Texas[/b] - PresidentDavid
[b]Royal Kingdom of Manticore[/b] - Kevin Kingswell
[b]Scandinavian Federation[/b] - Aggressivenutmeg
[b]Selenarctos[/b] - iKrolm
[b]The Socialist People's Republic of Australia[/b] - Graniteknight
[b]United States of Oceanesia[/b] - Knowz
[b]Yoitsu[/b] - Horo the Wise Wolf [/center]

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