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Protecting Austria-Hungary


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For a long time there had been barely any news from Austria-Hungary, news reports had reached Rome about unrest, protests and other things. Regardless of the ongoing conflict action had to be taken and Athens did not have the right to do it alone. Forces were rapidly deployed to Austria-Hungary proper, the Azores, Madeira and Morocco to establish an emergency form of order. Morocco would be returned to Rebel Army as part of their open protectorate whereas the Azores and Madeira would be assimilated into the Atlantic Autonomous Region and become part of the Athenian Federation. Forces would also assume leadership in Slovenia which had significant Italian populations. Messages were sent to the Germans and Dalmatians, the former to take control in Austria and the latter to retake Hungary.

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Procinctia doesn’t see how our Athenian friends are able to spare forces to protect Austria-Hungary when already entangled in what is quickly escalating multi-theatre European conflict with additional treaty obligations indicating likely involvement in a simultaneous Asian-Oceanic war. How does the Athenian Federation plan to administer and incorporate this massive influx of territory on the eve of a probable world war?

Moreover simultaneous messages to the Germans and Dalmatians might be entirely useless because of their mutual state of war.

Procinctia pragmatically believes advancement of armies will ultimately decide Austria-Hungary’s fate.

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7.44 million conscripts and 1.22 million regular forces. We ensure Procinctia that the proper forces can be allocated to the defense of former Austria-Hungary, waiting for a war to decide the faith will only prolong the suffering of the Austro-Hungarian people.

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[i]"In spite of our differences with the Athenian Government I think that we can agree to protect Austria...or, what is left of it in any case. As far as Hungary is concerned, we rather expect the Dalmatians to use them as a stepping stone to attack us."[/i]

The Germanian Troops formerly tasked with safeguarding the Austrian Border, are now moving into Austria and tasked with defending the former-country altogether instead. Due to logistical limits, the Austrian Army cannot be made to outright join the Germanian Army, however, its weaponry, supplies and assets have been taken and much of their former army personel has moved back towards safety so that it might eventually join the war as reinforcements, not as the units that they used to constitute. The movements into Austria include Austria Proper and Tyrol.

The majority of the people, angered at what seemed to be a partition of Austria, see themselves as destitute of their former territories and blame the Dalmatians for their fate, therefore they are [i]expected[/i] to fight as fiercely as possible...

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