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Socialist Republics of West Africa


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Amri Jalil, leader of the Socialist Party of Rwanda:

"People of Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundia, Zanzibar,

Long after the collapse of our nations back in the fateful economic crash of 2005, our people have been united, seperated, made allies, made enemies, time and time again. Our region is instable, and even some of our greatest leaders fall. It is time for a powerful, permanent country. A place where we worry not of civil war nor a constant stream of new tyrants rising and falling. Instead, instead, the people of West and central Africa may finally know what it is like to be under one, united government. A place of peace, a place for the people.

And that dream has come true. A place for the workers of Africa to conjoin and create one, glorious confederation of republics. Under a single regime, an administration which supports the people and the people's rights. The everyday man can have faith in his government to keep him well paid, fed and kept for. The faith that we can look at one another in the street without a feeling of dread or hate. The faith we can visit a public park at night with our children, and not worry of vicious criminals or violence.

The Socialist Republics of East Africa are here to fufill your dreams of a utopia."

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