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The Last Republic Celebrates


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[center][font="Book Antiqua"][color="#800080"][b][size="7"]Happy Birthday to The Last Republic

[color="#4B0082"][size="5"]The Last Republic Has a New Look
[b]We Have Joined the Purple Sphere[/b]

[color="#DDA0DD"][size="6"]New Flag[/size][/color]

[color="#DDA0DD"][size="6"]War Flag[/size][/color]

[size="4"]On October 14, 2010 a group of friends joined together to create a new alliance. Now, The Last Republic forges ahead into its second year with a stronger conviction, renewed spirit and a new look.[/size]

[size="4"][b][color="#9932CC"]Active Founders:

[color="#4B0082"][size="6"][b]The Last Republic Government[/b][/size][/color]

[size="4"][color="#9932CC"][b]President of Council[/b]

[b]Secretary of Foreign Affairs[/b]

[b]Secretary of Internal Affairs[/b]
Deputy Brataslavia

[b]Secretary of Development[/b]
Edward Reed

[b]The Republican Guard[/b]
General Rustikus
Colonel Bernhard Klein

We are proud of our accomplishments

[size="4"]The Last Republic would like to thank The Legion for their support from our first day until the present they have been good friends.[/size][/center]

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you're all good people and great allies. i'm genuinely impressed not least by the your individual selves but by the community of like minded individuals. I hope to see many, many milestones in you future and an ever upward relationship with us and yourselves


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[quote name='Xineoph' timestamp='1318599328' post='2824851']
o/ TLR!


[quote name='DanDesade' timestamp='1318600306' post='2824861']


Seriously people, there can only be one TLR.

That being said congrats on 2 years, it's quite the achievement :)

o/ (==>)t(<==)LR!

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[quote name='The Normandy' timestamp='1318602288' post='2824882']
Ontopic: Congrats tLR, I wish you the best and may you fly that flag into battle and let everyone know that you(tLR) means business.


And preferably soon!

Congratulations for surviving this long tLR!

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Woohoo! o/ TLR!

[quote name='The Warrior' timestamp='1318605169' post='2824917']
Congratulations on your milestone I suppose. Glad to see that Stockhunter is still around.

Hey! :) Glad too see that you are also, I miss our spam sessions :(

Tell everyone I said hi!

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[quote name='Calderone' timestamp='1318607011' post='2824931']
Congrats to you on your one and only year surviving on Planet Bob. Shame on GOONS for not ending you when the chance arose.

More tough talk from an irrelevant member of an irrelevant alliance seriously other than the quick surrender in Bi-Polar what has OMFG done in the last two years. But do keep up your bullying as it makes me laugh to know you won't do a single thing you zilch

Keep up your tough talk from the sideline cal I'm sure your snarky comments are gaining favor with the 16 year old members of iron

Although not there any longer congrats to my former alliance mates on one year and hope you have more

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