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Joint Announcement from TLR and DiCE - Renewal of our Vows


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[center][size=4][font=georgia][b]Joint Announcement from The Last Remnants and the Deck of International Card Experts[/b][/font][/size][/center]

[quote][center][size=3][b]The Last Remnants rolls the DICE Accords V 2.5[/b][/size][/center]


The Last Remnants (hereafter referred to as TLR) and the Deck of International Card Experts (hereafter referred to as DICE), wishing to reaffirm our undying commitment and loyalty to one another and in the interest of mutual security and prosperity, hereby agree, in good faith, to all the terms and obligations set out in this treaty of Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression.

[b]Article 1: Sovereignty[/b]

Both signatories shall remain sovereign entities at all times and will demonstrate this by agreeing to never knowingly interfere in the internal and external affairs of another. Both parties recognize that any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in an immediate cancellation of this document by the affected party.

[b]Article 2: Non Aggression[/b]

Both signatories shall enter into a state of non aggression with each other for the entire duration of this treaty and agree to never conspire or commit acts of espionage against one another. Both signatories agree to never give any form of aid or assistance to an alliance or individual that a signatory of this treaty is militarily engaged with. Both parties recognize that any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in an immediate cancellation of this document by the affected party.

[b]Article 3: Senate Co-Operation[/b]

DICE shall vote for a candidate of TLR's choosing for the maroon team senate. In the event that TLR moves to another sphere, DICE shall follow suit and also relocate to that sphere and continue to vote for the senate candidate of TLR's choosing.

[b]Article 4: Mutual Defense[/b]

A direct attack on a signatory of this treaty by a non signatory alliance or individual shall be seen as an attack on both signatories and will be treated as such. All proper retaliatory maneuvers will be taken. This article is subject to a non- chaining clause stated below.

Non-chaining clause: If either signatory is attacked due to honouring a military treaty that they share with a foreign alliance, mutual defence is no longer mandatory, but an option. Both alliances advocate enacting the option, but understand that there is the possibility that the other may choose not to enact the option, for whatever reason, and that decision will be supported by the other signatory, regardless.

[b]Article 5: Optional Aggression[/b]

Should a signatory of this treaty wish to coordinate an aggressive war against a non-signatory alliance, they shall inform the other party of their intentions 24 hours before doing so. Both signatories have the option of requesting assistance from the other signatory when taking part in an aggressive war, although highly encouraged to do so, neither signatory has the obligation to fulfill this request and this decision shall be respected and supported by the other signatory, regardless.

[b]Article 6: Cancellation[/b]

This treaty may be canceled at any time, by either signatory. The canceling party must give the other signatory a private, 168 hour notice of their intent to cancel. This treaty shall remain in effect until this time period elapses, at which point, it shall be declared officially null and void.

Should Articles 1 or 2 be violated, with no chance of a diplomatic solution that allows for the continuation of these accords, this treaty may be canceled immediately by the affected party, thereby releasing both signatories from all the obligations set out in this treaty at the moment cancellation notice is given.

[i][b]Signed on behalf of The Last Remnants,[/b][/i]

[b]Rush Sykes[/b], Triumvir
[b]Mandellav[/b], Triumvir
[b]Voodoo Nova[/b], Triumvir

[b]Jgoods45[/b], Minister of Foreign Affairs
[b]stealthypenguin93[/b], Minister of Defense
[b]DonPedro[/b], Minister of Internal Affairs
[b]Avery[/b], Minister of Economics

[b]Cameronious[/b], Senate Leader
[b]Stefano Palmieri[/b], Senator
[b]Devilyn Caster[/b], Senator
[b]Floul1[/b], Senator
[b]MU[/b], Senator

[i][b]Signed on behalf of the Deck of International Card Experts,[/b][/i]

[b]pennifer[/b] - Ace of Spades; Ace of Clubs; Grand Die of Laziness
[b]Noctis[/b] - Ace of Diamonds
[b]James[/b] - Ace of Hearts

It gives us great pleasure to announce that DICE and TLR have decided to reaffirm our commitment and loyalty to one another and have therefor signed our MDoAP once again with an updated treaty text and an increased cancellation clause.

TLR would also like to take the time to welcome DICE to the Maroon Sphere! Welcome, my good friends!

DiCE would like to invite you all to join them at their forums and in IRC now that you know we exist again and we hope to build many new ties!
Please send us your diplomats!

Credit for the updated maroon TLR flag goes to Dark Temptations (D_T) who now resides in The Imperial Order!


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[quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1318411869' post='2823395']
Did Jgoods write this? from the wording it looks like it should be TLR announcing this.
How did you know....


o/ TLR
o/ DiCE

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[quote name='the rebel' timestamp='1318448686' post='2823578']
Hmmm last time i heard from DiCE was around the time of NoCB war it was a micro alliance then and its an even tinier group of nations now :blink: congrats on the groundbreaking treaty :huh:

This is the only micro alliance we would gladly burn for. They have always been an excellent ally for =LOST= and Athens for nearly 3 years. The thought of even dropping this treaty is quickly shot down from those who had the pleasure of working with them in the past.

They are trying to revitalize themselves and TLR will be there to support them every step of the way.

Don't raid them guys. :(

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