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Luxury circle needs one person


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Need one more to fill our Jewlery Affluent Population Fastfood circle with Wheat.

Long term reliable nation needed. Most of us are 1k+ old nations.

We temp in Uranium Iron Lumber for bills, and Construction if we need to buy infra.

The way this circle works is that we drop each other to temp in bills/nukes/infra etc. We dont drop people who are right near 20 days inactive, and we ALWAYS resend the trade after doing our temping. We are all required to be at least semi active, logging on at least once every 2 days to reaccept trades that may have been dropped.

By joining this circle you are getting the "best of both worlds".

PM me in game, or reply below, and please be able to change your resources.

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Gems: StevieG
Wine: StevieG
Fish: bcndwilson
Gold: bcndwilson
Coal: AnimusBCC
Silver: AnimusBCC
Furs: aBLuDe
Wheat: aBLuDe
Spices: Lord Megatron17(currently has Iron/Lumber)
Sugar: Lord Megatron17

Best possible collection right here folks. Paying bills consists of getting a temp Iron/Lumber trade(easy to find now) and a Uranium trade if you have nukes.

Need to buy infra? Easy. The new rule changes mean that you can easily temp in Construction(Alum/Marble/Iron/Lumber) with 2 trades.

We never cancel on someone 18+ days inactive. We always resend trade offers after dropping(before logging out) so noone is left hanging.

Is your warchest a little low? Or are you trying to get mega rich? If so, this is the circle for you! :D

We are also on Orange.

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