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Blue Team Trivia Question.

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Trivia Question.

"Where would you find the 'Ocean of Storms' ?"

I'm informed by Zero0.
'Ocean of Storms' Is on western edge of the near side of the Earth's Moon.

I find myself unable to only post the first person to answer.
Here are in order the first 5 who sent me correct answer.
1) Scytale / Pork Shrimp
2) CowboyTx / Ordo Paradoxia
3) Zero0 / RagnaroK
4) airmed / RagnaroK
5) darkhjustice / Global Democratic Alliance

I'd also like to mention Dylan Joesph / Pork Shrimp. Who was incorrect. "It was a good try Dylan."

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Two Trivia. QuestionsThis Time.

1. What is the pirate's flag with the skull and cross-bones called ?
2. Where in the body is the labyrinth?

If you don't know the answer. Have a guess the funnier the better.

Please post your replies and any comments. :)

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