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NEW and Death Before Dishonor Friendship Declaration


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With this announcement, [b]Nusantara Elite Warriors[/b] and [b]Death Before Dishonor[/b], we declare the friendship between two nations, Indonesia and U.S.A, where Infra is only a pixel on our screen, we honour our friendship, our brothers and sisters, our similar goals and interests.

As we signed this Mutual Defence and optional Aggression Pact on e-paper, we will honour this accord till disband bring us apart.


[size="6"][b][i]The [color="#FF0000"]Komodo Eagle[/color] Accords[/i][/b][/size]


Realizing that they have similar interests and an increasingly growing bond, the alliances of Nusantara Elite Warriors(NEW) and Death Before Dishonor(DB4D) have made the following treaty agreement.

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]

Both alliances will continue to acknowledge and respect the sovereignty of the other. Out of respect for mutual interest, both alliances are encouraged to consider the position and well-being of the other while making political decisions that could affect them.

[b]Article II: Intelligence[/b]

Both alliances must share any information that may damage, harm, or otherwise negatively effect the other alliance in any way.

[b]Article III: Non-Aggression[/b]

Neither alliance will be involved in acts of aggression toward the other, be it military or espionage.

[b]Article IV: Mutual Defence[/b]

An attack on one is an attack on both. Both alliances agree to defend the other if attacked. If honoring this Article leads to conflicting treaties, then the alliance with the conflicted treaty may choose to stay neutral and will assist their fellow signatory in post-war rebuilding.

[b]Article V: Optional Aggression[/b]

Both alliances reserve the option to assist the other in aggressive actions.

[b]Article IV: Cancellation[/b]

If one or both alliances decide that this treaty is no longer in their best interest, it may be canceled after a 72 hour notice via private channels, and will be considered null and void after the 72 hour period has expired.

With Honours,

[b]For Nusantara Elite Warriors[/b]

[b]Maha Prabu:[/b]

[b]Maha Patih:[/b]

[b]Sang Panca Ring Nusantara: [/b]
Kelvinlovedewa - Mahamentri Hino(MoIA)
Kutumoncrot - Mahamentri Halu(MoF)
D Vibianto - Mahamentri Sirikan(MoE)
Marginali - Patih Amancanegara(MoFA)
Coekrix - Tumenggung(MoD)

[b]For Death Before Dishonor[/b]

Aryan83- Supreme Commander
Erixxxx- Supreme Regent
Mankiller- cMoFA
Azteka- cMoWD
Steinfeld- cMoWD
bwc153- MoIA[/center]

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Great to see this posted. It is my esteemed pleasure to stand side by side with our good friends in NEW!
o/ NEW
o/ DB4D

[quote name='Judge X' timestamp='1318306320' post='2822698']
A sadness has fallen over me.

I'm sorry. Here ya go.


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