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Kingdom of the Liatháin

Padraig Rua

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[font="Georgia"][center][color="#000000"][size="6"][u]Kingdom of the Liatháin[/u][/size][/color][/center][/font]

[center][color="#000000"][size="4"][u]General Information[/u][/size][/color][/center]

[b]Capital:[/b] Truro
[b]Government Type:[/b] Tanistry
[b]High King:[/b] Eochu Liatháin
[b]Tánaiste:[/b] Crimthann Mac Fidaig
[b]Legislative Body:[/b] The High Kings Assembly (An Ard-Ríthe Tionól)
[b]Population:[/b] 8,400,000
[b]Official Language:[/b] English, Cornish
[b]Minority Languages:[/b] Irish, Germanic
[b]Religions: [/b]Protestantism, Celtic polytheism
[b]Currency:[/b]The Scilling(Scill)

[u][font="Georgia"]Later Articles:[/font][/u]

[b]I.[/b] [u]Politics[/u]
[b]II.[/b] [u]Economy[/u]
[b]III.[/b] [u]Military[/u]
[b]IV.[/b] [u]Culture[/u]

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[b]High King: Eochu Liatháin[/b][/center]

[center][i]High King of the Kingdom of the Liatháin, Eochu has established himself and his family
as the dominate power over the other Gaelic-Cornish families in south western England.
He now rules a Kingdom stretching from Plymouth to Liverpool. He plans to bring his new nation
peace and prosperity through hardwork and diplomacy. [/i] [/center]

[b]Tánaiste: Crimthann Mac Fidaig[/b][/center]

[center][i]Tánaiste or Second-in-Command to the High King, Crimthann has gained the loyalty and trust of Eochu.
His job is to help run day-to-day business in the Kingdom. This includes presiding over the High Kings Assembly
(An Ard-Ríthe Tionól) and Foreign relations. On the death of his King, Crimthann will inherit the throne of the Kingdom.[/i][/center]

[center][img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/__6VEUXvw7FY/TBqG3oRmYfI/AAAAAAAAA1Y/uZLCb3sBG34/s320/Owen_Roe_O%27Neill.jpg[/img][/center][center][b]Fiacha Cennfinnán:[/b] [i]Prominent Gaelic Chieftain[/i][/center]

[b]Political Offices:[/b]

[i][b]Ard Rí(High King):[/b][/i] The Ard Rí is the supreme ruler of the Kingdom. He receives the throne by being placed as Tánaiste. The Ard Rí rules with the aid of a Tánaiste, chosen by him or elected by other Sub-Kings and Chieftains in the High Kings Assembly. The Ard Rí presides over day-to-day matters in the Kingdom, including Foreign policy.

[i][b]Tánaiste:[/b][/i] The Tánaiste holds office for life and is required to be of full age, in possession of all his faculties and without any remarkable blemish of mind or body. Tánaiste or next heir to the throne, who if the king died or became disqualified, at once became king.

[i][b]Sub-King or Chieftain:[/b][/i] A Sub-King or Chieftains responsibility is to represent the people of his Clan or Tuath. They do so by attending the High Kings Assembly. Sub-Kings or Chieftains come to their title by being chosen by the High King or placed in the position by the previous title holder through Tanistry.

[b]Legislative Body:[/b]

An Ard-Ríthe Tionól or the High Kings Assembly consists of Sub-Kings and Chieftains, chosen by their own version of the Tanistry system. These Sub-Kings and Chieftains represent the people of their Clan or Tuath. Generally the Assembly is preside over by the High King or Tánaiste. Discussion on matters in the Assembly range from tax levels to feuds among Sub-Kings or Chieftains. The Assembly also has a hand in Foreign policy. The Assembly follows modern Brehon Law.

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