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Announcement from Monaco-Valencia

Sir Keshav IV

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The Sovereign Prince of Monaco made his first public broadcast in nearly three years with the speech on the 12th Founding Day from the Public Verandah in the Grimaldi Palace. [i]
[/i][quote]Good Evening my people,

Today marks the 12[sup]th[/sup] anniversary since Monaco was founded. The last year the 11[sup]th[/sup]year of our founding started with much fanfare and promises from our Government. I am proud to announce that the majority of these goals have been achieved.

Last year the Government announced a massive technological research investment wanting to increase the stagnating rate of technology advancement in Monaco-Valencia. The Government is proud to say at the end ofthe first year of this mid-term scheme Monaco-Valencia is still far ahead inthe technology race then the majority of the world.

Another successful major scheme from the 11[sup]th[/sup]Anniversary Budget was the Social Security Scheme instituting an Independent body to set up a Social Security Scheme within twelve months. Today on this day, the 17[sup]th[/sup] day of September, 12[sup]th[/sup] Founding Day of the Principality of Monaco, I am proud to announce the launch of the Social Security Scheme of Monaco-Valencia which will help unemployed/retired citizens to avail Social Security Benefits. Fifteen Million Social Security Numbers will be released today and by the end of this year four hundred and fifty million numbers will be released.

The Government also set a goal of a 3% growth rate, which was achieved.

This year the Government shall continue the Technological Research Investment scheme where companies shall further be exempted from taxes on Research and Development projects.

The Government further announces Foreign Companies investingi n Monégasque companies will find it easier with all restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment have been removed except in select industries.

The Government also announces the National Employment Scheme to generate employment. In this scheme major Infrastructure projects including the Valencia – Córdoba Expressway shall be built guaranteeing a hundred days of employment for all those who take part in the scheme and wages as per the 3[sup]rd[/sup]Wage Commission of 2017.

The Central Bank of Monaco shall be merged into the Central Bank of France with shall become the controlling body of the new currency Franc which shall be used across the Greater French Region. Member nations of theGreater French Region shall have free access to employment opportunities in Monaco-Valencia as long as their citizenship of any nation is proven.Furthermore the citizens of the Greater French Region can use the National Employment Scheme with a special provision where fifty days of employment inpublic undertakings.

Other policies shall be announced during the budget session.Today though I've come to discuss one thing – The seemingly large disconnect between the Government and the People. Lately the Government of Monaco-Valenciahaven't made many public announcements or statements on a number of issues from the recent wars in Europe too the fall of nations in the north and what not.Not only that the failure of some of the policies must be recognized. As the head of state and government of Monaco-Valencia, I apologize for the issues that have arisen and will work towards solving any issue that the nation faces to the best of my ability and our government's ability.

Further our heartfelt thanks for our allies Athens withoutwhom Monaco-Valencia cannot exist today where it is today. We thank Athens forwatching over us during our lowest points in the last few years and help improve our seemingly stagnant economy and help us show massive growth the past few years. Further I promise to follow all of our commitments to Athens without backing down from any of them to ensure peace in the Mediterranean.

With this I wish my people a good year ahead.


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