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I've just been told that I've been accused of spying in the thread I announced my move to Legion. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=105824&view=findpost&p=2818765

I hadn't, as was stated "spread the logs". But you can't let a good accusation like that go by.

I'm personally not sure what the significance of the logs are, the #jewsdid911 channel was boring and didn't answer the question I was asking when I was invited. I certainly wasn't aware it was a coalition gov channel. It was indeed such a channel that I could be invited when not involved and not actively seeking to be illustrates the incompetence of those involved. Maybe it will answer your questions, it means almost nothing to me.

I've done a search and replace on profanity. If I've missed any I appologise. Read with that in mind.

Session Start: Mon Oct 03 23:23:02 2011
Session Ident: #jewsdid911
03[23:23] * Now talking in #jewsdid911
03[23:23] * Topic is '#IHateMondays'
03[23:23] * Set by James_Wilson on Mon Oct 03 23:20:03
[23:23] <dane0[tetris]> brb. dinner dears
[23:23] <~USMC123> GATO should be coming in too, but Manis has to get the DoW approved
[23:23] <dane0[tetris]> LOL. GATO?
[23:23] <&Haruhi> USMC
[23:23] <dane0[tetris]> I haven't fought with those guys in forever!
[23:23] <&Haruhi> We're pretty well connected, yeah :v
[23:23] <&Haruhi> Blame me~
[23:24] <~USMC123> :P
[23:24] <~USMC123> i blame your protector for being in CnG
[23:24] <Rudolph> Yeah, blame Haruhi
[23:24] <~USMC123> lol
[23:24] <~USMC123> ;)
[23:24] <~USMC123> <3
[23:25] <~USMC123> i wonder how SF is going to get in on this war
[23:25] <~USMC123> :V
[23:25] <&Haruhi> USMC
[23:25] <&Haruhi> Considering the connections of the people here?
[23:25] <~Hereno> not at all
[23:25] <&Haruhi> It's likely to see C&G, PB, and Mjolnir.
[23:25] <Rudolph> They're probably going to stay very far away from this if they can
[23:25] <&Haruhi> All on the same side.
[23:25] <&Haruhi> It's also possible MK might be on the same side as Pacifica.
[23:25] <&Haruhi> Not even kidding.
[23:25] <~USMC123> lol. im making a joke, cuz the next global war was supposed to e MJ vs SF
[23:26] <&James_Wilson> GATO will let me know when their !@#$ is in order
[23:26] <&Haruhi> Appreciate it, James.
[23:26] <&Haruhi> Love you $%*&ers as always.
[23:26] <~USMC123> Pacifica would probably be on our side if it got that far
[23:26] <~USMC123> but i doubt it
[23:26] <&James_Wilson> No, they would
[23:26] <&James_Wilson> via tLR
[23:26] <~USMC123> but i doubt it'll get that far*
[23:27] <&James_Wilson> just saying
[23:27] <&Haruhi> You never know.
[23:27] <&Haruhi> Alot of people want to smack down Polaris and Legion.
[23:27] <&Haruhi> It never gets old, it really dosen't.
[23:28] <~USMC123> but for alliances that far out to come in, they have to chain quite a bit too
[23:28] <Rudolph> Do you really think Polaris would be that suicidal to save Legion's ass?
[23:28] <~USMC123> Legion/Invicta/Polaris*
[23:28] <&James_Wilson> NPO isnt that far out...
[23:28] <&James_Wilson> at all
[23:29] <&James_Wilson> Their MDP'd to tLR who is MDoAPd to iAA
[23:29] <&Varianz> their MDAP'd to TPF who're MDP'd to us
[23:29] <~USMC123> they have a treaty, and they'd be approaching Legion status if they bail on two allies in a row Rudolph
[23:29] <&Varianz> they're*
[23:29] <~USMC123> hmm
[23:29] <~USMC123> fair enough
[23:29] <&Varianz> but we haven't heard anything so
06[23:29] * &Varianz shrugs
[23:29] <&Haruhi> Varianz.
[23:29] <&Haruhi> Two ties to TPF.
[23:29] <&Haruhi> Through Tetris and us.
[23:29] <&Haruhi> AODB -> TPF -> NPO
[23:30] <&James_Wilson> i can assure you, if tLR has anything to say about it, NPO is either neutral or on our side
[23:30] <~USMC123> lol
[23:31] <&Haruhi> Oh my god.
[23:31] <&Haruhi> James, this is kind of funny, yet unrelated.
[23:31] <&Haruhi> You know how we're prepping, obv, and buying !@#$?
[23:31] <&James_Wilson> oh lemme guess
[23:31] <&James_Wilson> lemme guess
[23:31] <&Haruhi> BloodFury from Zeon thinks we're attacking them.
[23:31] <&Haruhi> Yeah.
[23:31] <&Haruhi> LMAO
[23:31] <&James_Wilson> i knew it
[23:32] <&Belldandy-sama> wow... he's insane...
[23:32] <&Belldandy-sama> Oh well
[23:32] <&James_Wilson> he tried to talk to Grundig earlier today, he ignored him
[23:32] <&Haruhi> Wow, that's funny.
[23:32] <&Belldandy-sama> lol
[23:33] <~USMC123> lmao
[23:33] <~USMC123> hahahahahahhaha
[23:33] <Rudolph> !@#$%* mad
[23:34] <&Belldandy-sama> he be really mad
[23:34] <~USMC123> lmao
[23:35] <&James_Wilson> !@#$%*
[23:36] <~USMC123> oh BloodFury
[23:36] <~USMC123> he is funny
[23:36] <~USMC123> really
[23:36] <~USMC123> he's been pestering us for a treaty all of a sudden
[23:36] <&James_Wilson> hes a piece of !@#$
[23:36] <&James_Wilson> because hes trying to gain a new ally to hide from NsO and IAA lol
[23:36] <~USMC123> i'm sure it has nothing to do with us backing NsO
[23:37] <Rudolph> He's delusional
[23:37] <Rudolph> is what he is
[23:37] <~USMC123> so we'll have to be neutral
[23:39] <dane0[tetris]> what? why can't we tell him hell no :P
[23:40] <~USMC123> who it Trololo Man? stop giving it away :(
[23:41] <&James_Wilson> Speaking of trololo, we should use that in our coalition DoW lol
[23:42] <&James_Wilson> The Trololo Man song is amazing when played in a crowded mall and flying down an escelator in a shopping cart
[23:43] <~USMC123> so many people reading the topic
[23:43] <~USMC123> on cntel
[23:43] <&James_Wilson> thats not an admittance of actually doing that btw...
[23:43] <&James_Wilson> i'd never ride a shopping cart down an escelator in a crowded mall.....
[23:43] <&Varianz> wonder if it'll prompt Legion to declare pre-update
[23:43] <dane0[tetris]> I would.
[23:43] <~USMC123> uh huh
[23:44] <&Varianz> it's not like update matters that much tbh
[23:44] <~USMC123> if they did
[23:44] <~USMC123> i would L
[23:44] <~USMC123> O
[23:44] <~USMC123> L
[23:44] <~USMC123> and i would love to see you guys blitz them
[23:44] <~USMC123> they'd still be able to quad most of the AA
[23:45] <~USMC123> i mean, inactives are a pain in the ass
[23:45] <&James_Wilson> amen to that
[23:45] <dane0[tetris]> any word on them bringing anyone in?
[23:45] <~USMC123> and will still get blown the $%*& up
[23:46] <~USMC123> Legion would not go in unless they are promised support by both NpO and Invicta imo
[23:46] <&Varianz> ^
[23:46] <dane0[tetris]> when we win this war. I really hope someone leaks these. and by that I mean, I will
[23:47] <~Hereno> :|
[23:47] <~USMC123> they know they would get their !@#$ pushed in, and they'd have to assume VE would back us
[23:47] <dane0[tetris]> soooooooooo. winter is coming.
[23:47] <&James_Wilson> winter is here
[23:47] <dane0[tetris]> lol. was waiting for that.
[23:48] <&James_Wilson> literally and figuatively lol
[23:48] <~Hereno> was just thinking that today on my walk home
[23:48] <~Hereno> $%*&in 45 degrees out
[23:48] <dane0[tetris]> oh, NSO. when you declare. make the topic title Winter is Here Comrades.
[23:49] <dane0[tetris]> also. homecoming game night, it was snowing.
[23:49] <dane0[tetris]> fml
[23:51] <&Varianz> Invicta is hitting PM lol
[23:53] <~USMC123> lol
[23:53] <&James_Wilson> hereno, do you live up north
[23:53] <&James_Wilson> ?
[23:53] <~Hereno> ******
[23:53] <&James_Wilson> ah not as far north
[23:53] <&James_Wilson> lol
02[23:54] * ~USMC123 () Quit (Quit: [)
[23:55] <dane0[tetris]> lol really?
[23:56] <dane0[tetris]> go invicta
03[23:57] * USMC123
03[23:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +oq USMC123 USMC123
[23:57] <~USMC123> stupdi irc
[23:57] <~USMC123> stupid*
[23:57] <~USMC123> $%*&ing thing
[23:58] <dane0[tetris]> u mad bro?
[23:58] <~USMC123> yus
[23:58] <~USMC123> very
[23:58] <dane0[tetris]> also. sops. give them to me.
[23:58] <dane0[tetris]> love you.
[23:58] <Rudolph> (long time)
[23:58] <dane0[tetris]> lololol
03[23:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +a dane0[tetris]
05[23:59] -ChanServ:#jewsdid911- PROTECT command used for dane0[tetris] by USMC123
03[23:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +a Rudolph
05[23:59] -ChanServ:#jewsdid911- PROTECT command used for Rudolph by USMC123
03[23:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +a Sabcat
05[23:59] -ChanServ:#jewsdid911- PROTECT command used for Sabcat by USMC123
[23:59] <&Rudolph> :awesome:
Session Time: Tue Oct 04 00:00:00 2011
[00:00] <&dane0[tetris]> heh. equal footing for all!
[00:01] <&Varianz> I demand Hereno be de-specialized
[00:01] <&Rudolph> Here we go, !@#$%*es
[00:01] <&Rudolph> http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=105742&pid=2814839&st=0&#entry2814839
[00:01] <&Varianz> WOOOH
[00:01] <&Rudolph> OH YEAH
[00:02] <~Hereno> what its 6 pm server time
[00:02] <~Hereno> roflmao
02[00:02] * ~USMC123 () Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[00:02] <~Hereno> what on earth
[00:02] <&Rudolph> It be raep time, son
[00:03] <&Belldandy-sama> AW !@#$
[00:03] <&Belldandy-sama> It's on now
[00:03] <&James_Wilson> lol...6 PM cn time?
[00:03] <&James_Wilson> bahahahahahaha
[00:03] <&Belldandy-sama> But still
[00:03] <&Belldandy-sama> >6pm
[00:03] <&Belldandy-sama> What the...
[00:03] <&Belldandy-sama> >legion
[00:03] <&Belldandy-sama> Expected/10
[00:04] <&dane0[tetris]> NSO. how much you love us?
[00:08] <~Hereno> so far we have less than 2 pages of wars they've declared
[00:08] <~Hereno> and i havent been hit yet
[00:08] <~Hereno> this better $%*&ing pick up
[00:08] <&Rudolph> They don't care for you, Hereno :<
[00:09] <&titanrain[lsf]> WHERE BROOKLYN AT
[00:10] <&James_Wilson> We need to decided on a coalition name btw folks.
[00:11] <&James_Wilson> I'm personally in favor of the cake is a lie
[00:11] <&James_Wilson> "The Cake is a Lie:
[00:11] <&James_Wilson> "
[00:12] <&Rudolph> I'm all for this one: "I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home."
03[00:12] * James_Wilson changes topic to '#IHateMondays The Cake is a Lie'
[00:14] <&Rayvon[NSO]> [19:05] <&dane0[tetris]> NSO. how much you love us? << I'm not ignoring you, I'm trying to give a stronger answer ;)
[00:14] <&Rayvon[NSO]> brb
[00:14] <&dane0[tetris]> do it.
05[00:16] -storm.coldfront.net:@#jewsdid911- ChanServ invited USMC123 into the channel.
05[00:16] -frozen.coldfront.net:@#jewsdid911- Hereno invited Lowgain into the channel.
03[00:16] * USMC123 has joined #jewsdid911
03[00:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa USMC123 USMC123
03[00:17] * Lowgain () has joined #jewsdid911
03[00:17] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa Lowgain Lowgain
[00:17] <&USMC123> they did it!
[00:17] <&USMC123> :D
[00:17] <&Lowgain> I see
[00:17] <&James_Wilson> your about 10 minutes late with that decleration lol
[00:17] <&chairman_comrade_anarquista> lol
[00:18] <&James_Wilson> i just misspelled Declaration...
[00:18] <&USMC123> lol
[00:18] <&dane0[tetris]> lololol.
[00:18] <&USMC123> my internet took a !@#$ on me
[00:18] <&James_Wilson> like it has been all day?
[00:18] <&Lowgain> Looks like I need to write something up
[00:18] <&Varianz> alright
[00:18] <&Varianz> so
[00:19] <&Varianz> rolling tonight
[00:19] <&Varianz> half of Polar are in PM and won't be able to retaliate for a while, so the earlier we go in the more disorganized their response
[00:19] <&USMC123> my internet hates me
[00:19] <&USMC123> gah whyyy
[00:19] <&USMC123> Hereno: check to see if i've been hit
[00:19] <&dane0[tetris]> only 20 wars so far.
[00:19] <~Hereno> ken was just hit
[00:20] <~Hereno> usmc you were hit once
[00:21] <&James_Wilson> USMC, can i get hops in #tetris so i can ban that fagbag bloodfury?
[00:22] <&USMC123> $%*& you internets!
[00:23] <&Belldandy-sama> James_Wilson, I wanna do it
[00:24] <&James_Wilson> aw, but i've been waiting
[00:24] <&Belldandy-sama> Alright
[00:24] <&Belldandy-sama> I hopped ya in #Tetris
05[00:24] -frozen.coldfront.net:@#jewsdid911- [Knock] by USMC|AWAY!(no reason specified)
02[00:24] * &USMC123 Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:25] <&Rayvon[NSO]> I'll be back in a few mins ... I just need to move the laptop somewhere else ...
[00:25] <&James_Wilson> holy jesus, hes spamming #nsa
[00:25] <&James_Wilson> ol
02[00:25] * &Rayvon[NSO] ( Quit (Quit: )
[00:25] <&Belldandy-sama> Who is?
[00:25] <&Belldandy-sama> BF?
[00:25] <&James_Wilson> bloodfury
[00:26] <&Belldandy-sama> lol, why?
[00:26] <&James_Wilson> lol
[00:26] <&James_Wilson> ive no idea
[00:26] <&Rudolph> That !@#$%* is mad
[00:26] <&Rudolph> Seriously
[00:26] <&Belldandy-sama> I agree
[00:26] <&Belldandy-sama> He REALLY is mad
[00:26] <&James_Wilson> but my computer just started blipping madly and i checked my channels and it was #nas and his name
05[00:27] -frozen.coldfront.net:@#jewsdid911- Belldandy-sama invited USMC123 into the channel.
[00:29] <&Belldandy-sama> God damn...
[00:29] <&Belldandy-sama> Bloodfury is mad
[00:33] <&James_Wilson> Lowgain
[00:33] <&James_Wilson> why are you giving those fools ops
[00:33] <&Lowgain> Who ops?
[00:34] <&James_Wilson> those Zeon fools
[00:34] <&Lowgain> I didn't give anyone anything, I'm on colloquy and also a technotard
[00:34] <&Lowgain> Oh I don't know, $%*& those fgts
[00:35] <&James_Wilson> they tried to tell me that NsO people were making random skype accounts so they could skype them and masterbate to "harass" them
[00:36] <&Lowgain> I didn't hear anything about masturbation but apparently a couple people from NsO were mean to someone from Zeon on skype
[00:36] <&James_Wilson> yea, that was before the masturbation park...
[00:37] <&Haruhi> Yeah, they've been trying to piss us off and IAA as well.
06[00:37] * &Haruhi sighs.
[00:37] <&Lowgain> Oh, yeah I didn't hear about that.
[00:37] <&Lowgain> But having dealt with Bloodfury and his made up drama before I generally don't listen to him because he has a way with bending the truth.
03[00:38] * Retrieving #jewsdid911 modes...
[00:39] <&James_Wilson> So, whos countering tonight?
[00:40] <&ali5541> ^
[00:40] <&ali5541> was using the arrow for Lowgain's post
[00:40] <&ali5541> not James
[00:40] <&James_Wilson> lol
03[00:40] * ChanServ sets mode: -a Sabcat
05[00:40] -ChanServ:#jewsdid911- DEPROTECT command used for Sabcat by Hereno
03[00:41] * You were kicked by Hereno (Hereno)
Session Close: Tue Oct 04 00:41:16 2011


Edited to remove personal info

Edited by Sabcat
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Top Posters In This Topic

[quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1318253028' post='2822153']
His ingame AA is Legion, leave mah LSF out of this.

He was not in Legion at the time these logs was made.

[quote]Alliance Seniority: 10/6/2011 3:35:16 AM (4 Days) [/quote]
[quote]Session Start: Mon Oct 03 23:23:02 2011[/quote]
[quote]Session Time: Tue Oct 04 00:00:00 2011[/quote]

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[quote name='Freebird99' timestamp='1318253898' post='2822160']
He was not in Legion at the time these logs was made.
Point remains, he is in Legion now, so any action they wish to take out would be directed towards him, and not his former alliance.

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[quote name='USMC123' timestamp='1318253898' post='2822161']
Irony being of course said logs were dumped within hours of us banning you from the channel.

Nice try though.

The logs previously dumped start before I entered the channel and continue after I left. As you say, nice try though :smug:

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[quote name='Sabcat' timestamp='1318254235' post='2822164']
The logs previously dumped start before I entered the channel and continue after I left. As you say, nice try though :smug:
Oh, it just gets better and better. Hahahahaha!!

This makes 2/2 coalition channels that NSO has been involved in in the past year to be leaked.

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[quote name='Sabcat' timestamp='1318254235' post='2822164']
The logs previously dumped start before I entered the channel and continue after I left. As you say, nice try though :smug:

False. How do you think we knew it was you?

@Schatt: No, he wasn't accused of spying until logs starting when he showed up and ending when he was kicked showed up on !@#$%*.

EDIT #2: The website the logs were posted to is apparently filtered now, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, it's not CNtel.

Edited by USMC123
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[quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1318254693' post='2822171']
So, a bunch of idiots (assessment based on level of discourse in logs) invite you into their war coalition channel, give you SOP, then accuse you of spying?


I remember when the sinister setup plans were really sinister and planned.
Come on now, these kids are doing the best they can, you'll have to be more patient with them.

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