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The Royal Gala

Shan Revan

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[quote][b]Dispatch from the Throne of His Royal Majesty, King of le Royaume de la Lumiere[/b]

In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the founding of our nation after the exodus, and the completion of the Royal Palace and its surrounding Theed City, His Royal Majesty has declared a Royal Festival lasting a week. The festival will be heralded with a Royal Party, with dignities and celebrities from all nations invited to attend.

The festival itself will include a week long public holiday, with community entertainment such as concerts and stage perfomances throughout the nation. A grand feast will be held daily in the court yard of the palace welcome to all of the public.


In addition, a private message would be delivered to the governments of each nation with further details for attendance.
Those wishing to attend should RSVP as no more than two from each nation may attend. Guests will be provided accommodation within the Royal Palace and should arrive the day preceding the event and may stay for an additional day following. Security will be providing by the palace guards. No weapons are to be brought into the nation. A single unarmed body guard for each guest may accompany them but will not be in attendance at the ball. A single assistant may attend. All secondary personel must be willing to submit to security and background checks.[/quote]

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