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Finland Rolls Out Massive Education Plan

comrade nikonov

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The nation of Finland has embarked on a new path today as the national government has rolled out a $100 billion dollar plan to overhaul the nation's education system.
"Too much money has been wasted on weapons of war in a time when conflict has become swift and resolute," said education minister Riiko Dzind today.
The $100 billion dollar national endowment will be used to supplement mostly disadvantaged universities and colleges throughout the nation, while higher end universities such as the University of Helsinki and the Republican University of Finland will receive modest 20% increases in endowment.
This massive influx of money into Finland's education system is seen by many as an investment in the future of the nation of the Republic of Finland, during a time where superpowers are waging massive conflicts abroad, sidelining smaller nations such as Finland.

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[i]United Federation of the East[/i] not following through with their ultimatum and starting an all-out war Finland is an indication of peace in our time.

Procinctia views Finland’s realignment towards educational concerns as a positive development.

In this era of relative peace education is a better allocation of resources than military pursuits.

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