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Birth of an island nation.

Kevin Kingswell

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It was such a beautiful morning, the crisp sea air flowing across the land with the sun's first rays of light gently spreading across the waking city. The streets of Marybourne, capital of Islz Cruz, were quite full as those on the night shift headed home whilst those early risers headed for work or for a cup of coffee and breakfast. One of the few cars out on the roads was a slightly worn limousine headed for the temporary building which would hopefully be moved to a more permanent building ready for the elections to be held in a few months. Of course the occupents all had mixed feelings as to what the future held for them and the nation.

The limousine belonged to the Islz Cruz government though right now it had been sent out to pick up Mr George Rolf and his wife and eldest daughter. All three of them were in the back area of the limo. Rolf and his wife Samantha were busy talking together about the first steps the government should take, whilst Samantha wasn't actually part of the government she was still and unofficial advisor to her husband who did value her contribution quite heavily. Thier daughter however, was busy studying her nails and trying not to sigh in boredom.

By now she would have been up and on her computer emailing her friends around the world but her parents thought it would help her to better understand the world she lived in if she came and spent the day with her father. It was probally unorthadox in most other countries, probally but as Islz Cruz were just coming onto the world picture it was allowed for now.

Virginia let a gentle sigh escape her lips bot of course her mother heard her and looked her way shaking her head. "Virginia this moment is very important to your father so could you at least try and look interested?" said Samantha. Rolf kept quiet of course though he felt slightly sorry for his daughter after all he had been her age once and had found his parents so very boring.

"Sorry mum" replied Virginia straighting herself and fussing with her waistcoat. Seeing as how they were going to Rolf's workplace and it being parliament at that she was wearing her formal clothes for once. With a nice white short sleeve shirt and black waistcoat with matching black trousers and boots she looked quite "proper" as her mother put it. Of course her mother didn't understand why her daughter chose to wear trousers over skirts as she herself wore but she accepted as one her daughter's phases. George himself was clothed in a nice blue roller business suit and black tie, his stack of files nestled neatly in his lap.

"Mr Rolf we are approaching the parliament building now" informed the driver before taking a corner and driving into a half empty carpark situated behind a sixty year old office building. The building itself had recntly undergone some renovations, most of the offices on the ground floor had been knocked through and their occupents moved out to other places. It seemed strange how on the first floor the government made their discussions and plans whilst above them the ordinary people just got on with their daily lives.

Still it was only to be that way for a short time as a new parliament building was already under construction and would only take a couple of weeks to be finished and ready for use. For now this would have to do and as Rolf and his family got out of the limousine they checked their appearance was acceptable one last time before making their way over to the building ready to start getting the country on the path to becoming known on the world stage.

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Roughly two hours after Rolf and his family had arrived at parliament the entire current committee was seated and ready to begin. Rolf started the meeting by standing and welcoming everyone to the first official meeting of parliament, before then opening discussions. First off was the report from the infrastructure minister Frank Higgins. Higgins briefly outlined that whilst the infrastructure was limited throughout the island it was in top condition and thankfully wouldn't need much budget to keep it in shape.

There were a few other points brought up by the other ministers but nothing that was deemed too important and so the meeting quickly progressed onwards. When it came to the new science minister however; he brought forward a doctor who he introduced as a Mrs Mina Hargrove. Stepping forwards she cleared her throat before speaking.

[i]"Ladies and gentlemen I am here before to bring up an important point we in the scientific community feel needs to be urgently addressed, I doubt many if any of you know this but since we declared the idea to go independant myself and my team have been looking over the world's technology and we are horribly horribly out matched. Normally this wouldn't be too bad a factor but there are rumours of tensions rising between Asia and Europe and as you can all guess this may affect us."[/i]

[i]"Of special concern is that it seems that the United Federation of the East may be involved, in fact it is almost a certainty. They are quite simply put the dominant party in all of Asia and their technology at least what little we know of it is impressive. Of course the reason I bring this up before you all is that without sufficent funding we will never achieve the ability to be noticed on the world stage."[/i]

[i]"Without any significant technological breakthroughs we will be nothing more than a speck on the world, I hope this has given you all something to think about and discuss. Thank you for your time."[/i]

With that the doctor left leaving the ministers to talk amongst themselves and though no decisions were being made straight away it was clear some impact had been made on the ministers and prime minister on what future plans were to be made for Islz Cruz.

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Research and Development Centre, located ten kilometres from capital city of Marybourne

[i]"Bring the power levels upto five percent and then hold them there for now"[/i] ordered Dr Mina Hargrove as she turned her attention away from her assistants and focused it on her PDA. The test they were running was such a minor one even by low technology standards after all they were only testing the capacitators in the laboratory equipment. Still Mina was very cautious when it came down to science, must believed she cared about the welfare and safety of her assistants when in actual fact Mina knew that any accidents would slow down their research.

[i]"Power levels are at five percent and holding"[/i] replied one of her many assistants and she nodded in confirmation. [i]"Please bring in the sample"[/i] she ordered next and a middle aged man walked in pushing a trolley on which rested a thick lead mettalic cyclinder. A radioactive symbol was painted onto the cyclinder and after taking the trolley to where it needed to be the man quickly stepped back giving the object a lot of distance.

Smiling Mina approached the cyclinder before running a slender finger down it. "Remarkable isn't it?" she said to no one in particular and carried on not expecting an answer.[i] "Uranium. To imagine within this container is the key to making one of the world's first mass destruction weapon"[/i] she stopped and stared at the container before letting out a heavy sigh. [i]"Still that isn't why we have it here. Gather we a group and ensure they have at least some knowledge of the material and get them working on the best ways to use it as a power source" [/i]
"Have the results brought straight to my office I will be in there all day and if for some reason I am not I want to be immediatly paged"[/i] Mina ordered lastly before turning and walking out of the lab, PDA in one hand her attention now focused on some other project she was running.

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