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Rhodesian Defense News and Movements


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[center][size="6"][b]Official Statement from the Interim Ruling Council of Rhodesia[/b][/size]


"In the interest of the defense of Greater Rhodesia, the Interim Ruling Council hereby appropriates government funding be allocated to the creation of the Rhodesian Defense Force, which will comprise three branches of military forces dedicated to the defense of the sovereignty of Greater Rhodesia. These branches will include the [b]RHODESIAN GROUND DEFENSE FORCE (RGDF)[/b], [b]RHODESIAN AIR DEFENSE FORCE (RADF)[/b], and the [b]RHODESIAN NAVAL DEFENSE FORCE (RNDF)[/b]. All three branches will be allocated equipment from existing stocks, and will be granted a full budget upon the creation of our government.

The creation of forces dedicated to our defense is paramount in the coming months and years, and a basic training program will be instituted as soon as humanly possibly, along with technical training facilities and officer training programs. The Interim Ruling Council calls upon all men and women, of all races, to sign up for the Rhodesian Defense Force at their local recruiting offices which are being created or allocated in municipal districts at this time. The creation of our military will take much time, but hard work will yield results, and it is hard work that we ask of you now, as our country begins to mature and grow as a nation."

[i]Rhodesian Interim Ruling Council[/i]

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After some debate, the Rhodesian Defense Forces' High Command has standardized the size of units in all three branches of the RDF. This organization will allow for better cohesion and organization on the field of battle, as well as simplify unit numbers to a standardized plane. Across the three branches, the standard organization shall be as follows, at peak efficiency;

[size="4"][b]Rhodesian Ground Defense Forces[/b][/size]

The standard unit of the Rhodesian Ground Defense Force in a major campaign is the [b]DIVISION[/b], although divisions can exist as part of a [b]CORPS[/b], the corps-sized commanded is generally not used unless a major ground campaign is conducted involving more then three divisions in a local operating area. Divisions usually comprise three or more brigades of infantry or armor, plus their own intrinsic command and control units, medical evacuation teams, supply and procurement units, and their own artillery brigade. The Rhodesian Ground Defense Force makes it a habit of using what it self-classifies as [b]"HEAVY DIVISIONS"[/b], comprising as many as thirty-six thousand combat soldiers. Each brigade in the division, alone, can comprise as many as twelve-thousand men, a force unto itself on today's battlefield.

Brigades, as aforementioned, can comprise as many as twelve-thousand men, separated into three regiments, which can comprise as many as four thousand men. The standard "infantry" regiment, is the "light infantry", which are infantry provided with an allotment of motorized vehicle for quick battlefield transport. Light infantry regiments comprise four battalions of one thousand men each, split into five companies of two hundred men each. The battalion has its own intrinsic command and control capabilities, as well as heavy mortars for combat support. Each company has its own company headquarters unit, along with a heavy weapons platoon and a reinforced squad of combat engineers. Mechanized infantry regiments fall along the same basis, but are borne into battle using armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, some wheeled, some tracked, and are generally used to exploit and give support to armored forces.

Armored regiments, comprising main battle tanks, typically are different from the infantry forces, and are separated into three battalions of main battle tanks, each with thirty tanks, along with a battalion of mechanized infantry, to form a four-battalion regiment. Anti-aircraft support is provided to each regiment, usually in the form of short-range surface-to-air missile vehicles, as well as self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery pieces. For units operating on foot, additional anti-air support is provided by portable surface-to-air missile launchers, and even heavy anti-aircraft machineguns, useful in both attacking ground and rotary-wing aircraft.

Air Cavalry Regiments, currently being formed, will comprise three battalions of heliborne soldiers, and one battalion or "squadron" of attack helicopters. The standard allotment for transport and utility helicopters allows for a standard air cavalry regiment to be able to move an entire battalion into position at once. The squadron of attack helicopters comprises thirty attack helicopters split into three troops of ten helicopters each. Airborne/paratrooper regiments are comprised of four battalions of one thousand men each, which are generally armed with lighter weaponry, but are equipped with motor transport when serving as infantry on the ground, without a significant airborne jump.

Special forces generally have their own different organizational structure in terms of platoons and companies, but are generally organized by regiment or battalion, and follow a standard allotment of soldiers, unless otherwise noted.

Artillery brigades, independent or divisional-attached typically comprise sixty-four pieces of artillery, towed or self-propelled, split into four regiments of sixteen artillery pieces each. These regiments can be detached for individual missions, and are tactically flexible. Independent anti-aircraft brigades fall under the same sense, but are typically used for defending strategic locations or large amounts of forces when deployed in the field.

The typical Rhodesian Marine Brigade, although attached to command of the Rhodesian Naval Defense Force, is typically built along the same lines of a typical light infantry brigade, but has its own intrinsic amphibious assault vehicle support. Also attached to the typical Rhodesian Marine Brigade is a full battalion of main battle tanks, as well as a regiment of artillery support. The Rhodesian Marine Brigades, since they are not typically attached to divisions, are also given extensive command and control facilities, supply and procurement units, as well as increased medical capabilities versus typical ground forces brigades. This is to reflect the expeditionary nature that is expected of the Marine Brigades.

[size="4"][b]Rhodesian Air Defense Forces[/b][/size]

Rhodesian Air Defense Forces are organized on a "wing" basis, a "wing" comprises five squadrons of twelve aircraft, for a total of sixty aircraft per wing. Unless deployments are cited as otherwise, most aircraft in a wing are deployed together, along with their own administrative, maintenance, and security personnel.

Unlike the combat air arm of the RADF, the Rhodesian Air Defense Auxiliary Forces' aircraft and their crews are deployed on a case-by-case basis, and are intended as support to the main combat force. This includes providing services such as air defense suppression through electronic warfare, psychological warfare, air-to-air refueling, airborne radar and control, transportation services, airlift services, as well as other critical missions. The Auxiliary Forces' aircraft are generally assigned to larger airports and air bases, and are deployed where they are needed, wherever they may be needed.

[size="4"][b]Rhodesian Naval Defense Forces[/b][/size]

The standard unit of the Naval Defense Forces of Rhodesia is the task force, which can comprise as many vessels as feasible. Typically this task force, once the navy is constructed and formed, will be built around surface action groups backed up by carrier aircraft. With the protection of maritime sovereignty a principle issue for the RNDF, the fleet will be generally built to operate on a much more regional basis, rather then global projection. While the capabilities will exist for such endeavors, the ability to do so on a large scale will be complicated and unrealistic.

Typically, surface action groups, comprising large amounts of surface combatants, will be backed up by significant submarine screening support, providing silent reconnaissance for surface ships, and remaining undetected unless ordered to engage. It will be the job of the RNDF to work closely with the RADF in ensuring that maritime sovereignty is ensured, with the use of both carrier-based and land-based aircraft to do this job. The RNDF is also expected to play a critical role in ground support of forces that may be deployed abroad, and must be able to provide this support while maintaining a presence in potentially hostile waters.

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As per request by the Interim Defense Committee, the Rhodesian Defense Forces' High Command has reorganized the Rhodesian Ground Defense Force into divisional units, with sub-brigades. We are confident that this new 'heavy division' concept will provide us with unit organization that is needed for the modern battlefield, giving our units the flexibility to operate against multiple enemy ground units with success.

[b]1st Division - "Bushmasters"[/b]

[*] Rhodesian Lancers Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Bucanaland Hussars Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Rhodesian (Grey's) Scouts Brigade (Armored)
[*] 1st "Salisbury" Artillery Brigade
[*] 101st Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]2nd Division - "The Highlanders"[/b]

[*] Rhodesian Rifles Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] Kalahari Light Infantry Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] Rhodesian Light Infantry Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] 6th Airborne "Savannah Eagles" Brigade (Attached Brigade - Airborne Infantry)
[*] 2nd "Highlands Forever" Artillery Brigade
[*] 102nd Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]3rd Division - "Namibia's Brave"[/b]

[*] Rhodesian Mounted Rifles Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Kalahari Mounted Infantry Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Golden Coast Dragoons (Armored)
[*] 1st Namibian Light Infantry Regiment (Attached Regiment - Light Infantry)
[*] 3rd "Dunebusters" Artillery Brigade
[*] 103rd Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]4th Division - "Fire Force"[/b]

[*] Rhodesia Light Cavalry Brigade (Air Cavalry)
[*] 1st Airborne "All In" Brigade (Airborne Infantry)
[*] 2nd Airborne "Hawks" Brigade (Airborne Infantry)
[*] Namibian Hussars (Air Cavalry)
[*] 2nd Namibian Light Infantry Regiment (Attached Regiment - Airborne Infantry)
[*] 4th "Sky Thunder" Artillery Brigade
[*] 104th Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]5th Division - "Winged Blade"[/b]

[*] The Rhodesian Rangers Brigade (Tier 2 SOF - Light/Airborne Infantry)
[*] Botswana Light Cavalry Brigade (Air Cavalry)
[*] Bucanaland Rangers (Light/Airborne Infantry Brigade)
[*] 3rd Namibian Light Infantry Regiment (Attached Regiment - Light/Airborne Infantry)
[*] 5th "Dagger" Artillery Brigade
[*] 105th Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]6th Division - "Thundering Herd"[/b]

[*] Botswana Dragoons Brigade (Armored)
[*] Rhodesian Light Horse Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Gold Coast Yeomanry Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] 4th Namibian Light Infantry Regiment (Attached Regiment - Air Cavalry)
[*] 6th "Spearhead" Artillery Brigade
[*] 106th Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]7th Division - "Desert Foxes"[/b]

[*] Kalahari Dragoons Brigade (Armored)
[*] Namibian Light Cavalry Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] South Namibian Borderers Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] 3rd Airborne "Flying Dutchmen" Brigade (Attached - Airborne Infantry)
[*] 7th "Desert Thunder" Artillery Brigade
[*] 107th Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]8th Division - "Theodor Leutwein"[/b]

[*] [i]Schutztruppe Afrika[/i] (Light Infantry Brigade)
[*] Windhoek Jager Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] Luderitz [i](Licht Infanterie)[/i] Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] 5th Namibian Light Infantry Regiment (Attached - Air Cavalry)
[*] 8th Artillery Brigade
[*] 108th Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]9th Division - "Upper Veldt"[/b]

[*] Northern Botswana Borderers Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] Caprivi Light Infantry "The Black Lions" Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] North Rhodesian Highland Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] South Rhodesian Light Infantry "Vanguard" Brigade (Attached - Mechanized Infantry)
[*] 4th Airborne "Eagle Claw" Brigade (Attached - Airborne Infantry)
[*] 9th "Mountain Thunder" Artillery Brigade
[*] 109th Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]10th Division - "Wolfhounds"[/b]

[*] Southern Namibian Rifles Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Central Rhodesia Yeomanry Brigade (Armored)
[*] Southern Botswana Rangers Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Botswana Greys (Attached - Armored Brigade)
[*] 10th "Tomahawks" Artillery Brigade
[*] 110th Maneuver Enhancement Regiment

[b]Rhodesian Special Forces Command[/b]

[*] 5th Airborne "The Rock of Caprivi" Brigade (Tier 2 SOF - Light/Airborne Infantry)
[*] 202nd Airborne "Double Deuces" Brigade (Tier 2 SOF - Light/Airborne Infantry)
[*] RADF 1134th Pararescue Battalion (Tier 1 SOF - Rhodesian Air Defense Force Pilot Rescue/Extraction Force)
[*] Naval Commando Brigade (Tier 1 SOF - Light/Amphibious Infantry)
[*] Rhodesian Special Air Service Regiment (Tier 1 SOF)
[*] Selous Scouts Brigade (Tier 2 SOF - Light/Airborne Infantry)
[*] 21st Battalion (Tier 1 SOF - Counter-terrorism Response)
[*] The Gold Coast Brigade (Tier 2 SOF - Riverine/Amphibious Infantry)

[b]Rhodesian Naval Landing Force[/b]

[*] 1st Marine "Southern Cross" Brigade
[*] 2nd Marine "Follow Me" Brigade
[*] 3rd Marine "The Rifles" Brigade
[*] 4th Marine Brigade
[*] 5th Marine "Gravediggers" Brigade
[*] 6th Marine "Orange Light Infantry" Brigade
[*] 7th Marine "Salisbury" Brigade
[*] 8th Marine "Savannah" Brigade
[*] 9th Marine "Orange Riverines" Brigade
[*] 10th Marine "Swamp Rats" Brigade (Riverine/Amphibious Infantry)

[b]Rhodesian Central Reserve Command[/b]

[*] Rhodesian Corps of Engineers (Eighteen Battalions)
[*] Rhodesian Special Response Corps (Ten Battalions - Counterterrorism/Aid to Civil Authority)
[*] Rhodesian Defense Force Medical Corps (Five Field Hospital Detachments)
[*] Rhodesian Armored Car Brigade (Armored)
[*] South Botswana Dragoons Brigade (Armored)
[*] Central Namibian Hussars Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Eastern Botswana Rifles Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
[*] Western Botswana Light Horse Brigade (Air Cavalry)
[*] Northern Kalahari Dragoons (Air Cavalry)
[*] Salisbury Light Infantry Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] Rhodesian Highland Infantry Brigade (Light Infantry)
[*] 11th-17th Artillery Brigades
[*] 111th-112th Maneuver Enhancement Regiments

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"In the interest of developing the Rhodesian Naval Defense Force, the RNDF awards contracts to [b]Nautic Africa[/b], [b]Damen[/b], and [b]South African Shipyards[/b] for the procurement of the Rhodesian Navy's future vessels. We ask these companies submit designs immediately and begin construction on these vessels with the utmost speed."

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"In response to the Rhodesian Defense Forces' request, Nautic Africa, Damen, and South African Shipyards hereby submit the following designs, which will begin construction immediately. To fulfill the role of fleet aircraft carrier, South African Shipyards has begun construction on a series of [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_R._Ford_class_aircraft_carrier]RNS [i]Victorious[/i]-class Fleet Aircraft Carrier[/url]. In order to fulfill the role of an amphibious assault ship, Damen has begun the construction of seven [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasp_class_amphibious_assault_ship]RNS [i]Attacker[/i]-class Amphibious Assault Ships[/url]. On top of this order, Damen has also begun construction on two [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Antonio_class_amphibious_transport_dock]RNS [i]Gazelle[/i]-class Amphibious Transport Docks[/url].

For other surface ships, Nautic Africa has begun construction on seven [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atago_class_destroyer]RNS [i]Dauntless[/i]-class destroyers[/url], seven [url=http://www.shipbucket.com/images.php?dir=Never%20Built%20Designs/Great%20Britain/GB%20FFG%20UCL%202004_%20Future%20Surface%20Warship%201.gif]City-class Frigates[/url], and six [url=http://www.shipbucket.com/images.php?dir=Alternate%20Universe/The%20Last%20War%20by%20Jan%20Niemczyk/GB%20CG%20Global%20Cruiser_%20Type%2046%20TLW.gif]RNS [i]Lion[/i]-class cruisers[/url]. In addition, Damen has also agreed to produce nine [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgem_class_corvette]RNS [i]Interceptor[/i]-class corvettes[/url], while South African Shipyards have agreed to produce three [url=http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa325/VictorDeltaRomeo/ArsenalShipUpgraded.png]RNS [i]Broadsword[/i]-class arsenal ships[/url].

For submersible craft, Nautic Africa Submarine Systems Limited have begun laying down and constructing a series of fourteen [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seawolf_class_submarine]RNS [i]Silent[/i]-class attack submarines[/url], along with an option to build two [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Jimmy_Carter_%28SSN-23%29]RNS [i]Orca[/i]-class joint special operations attack submarines[/url] (upgraded [i]Trident[/i]-class). For guided missile submarines, Nautic Africa Submarine Systems Limited has begun construction of four [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_class_submarine]RNS [i]Typhoon[/i]-class Guided Missile Submarines[/url], and five [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_class_submarine]RNS [i]Tigershark[/i]-class ballistic misssile submarines[/url].

On top of these orders, the Rhodesian Naval Defense Force hereby contracts Walvis Bay Iron Works (WBIW) and Damen's Luderitz Yards for the construction of auxiliary fleet vessels, including replenishment, sealift, afloat forward staging base, roll-on/roll-off cargo, general container, underway oilers, reconnaissance platform, coast guard, repair, and hospital vessels.

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"Denel Aviation has partnered with Vickers Rhodesia to begin the production of the RF-22 family of aircraft, an advanced version of the F-22 "Raptor" Air Superiority Fighter Aircraft. The RF-22 has begun general production on all associated production lines, including a navalized variant that can operate on carriers with CATOBAR systems, the RFN-22. The RF-22 has been given completely reworked avionics systems that differentiate from the late American version of the aircraft.

The RF-22 uses OrangeWARE's AWAREXL avionics package, giving an unparalleled access to situational awareness, and ties all information garnered from sensors together and presents them to the pilot in an efficient and intuitively organized manner. Utilizing a helmet-mounted display system, the AWAREXL provides the pilot with unparalleled data access to the combat situation as it develops around him. Utilizing the new AN/APG-81 AESA radar, designed by Rhodesian Electronics, allows for the RF-22 to engage in electronic warfare missions, as well as giving improved capabilities in ground target tracking, forward-looking mapping of terrain, as well as ultra-high bandwidth communications.

Rhodesian Electronics also has provided the RF-22 with its electro-optical targeting systems, giving the RF-22 advanced ground attack capabilities without sacrificing the aircraft's stealthy profile. Also included are new synthetic heat-absorbing tiles around the engine vectoring nozzles, designed to reduce the infrared signature of the RF-22 overall. Additional upgrades to the airframe of the aircraft include additional sensors mounted in the airframe itself. Also included in this new production run is the first production examples of the RXF-44 MANTA Aircraft, also known as the [i]Raptor II[/i], an experimental fighter that is based on the RF-22."

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