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Prelude to Armageddon


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[quote][b]To:[/b] Office of the August Imperator
[b]From:[/b] Office of the Executor

[b]Subject:[/b] Our Nuclear Arsenal



It is with grave concern that I write to you. Unidentified objects have penetrated our air space, along with many nations around the world. Using some sort of directed energy weapon they have compromised our nuclear deterrent completely. Additionally they have simultaneously hit our strategic stockpile of fissile material. This has had the effect of destroying our capability to deploy nuclear weapons.

However, our spies report that many nations have entered into a similar scenario. At the moment it is our belief that no nation possesses nuclear weapons. This means that we have the opportunity to turn this threat to our advantage. It is now clear that we and our allies possess and overwhelming conventional force advantage in Asia and Europe. It is our belief that now is the time to prepare to launch a war of liberation and bring Socialism to the Reactionary Imperialist Strongholds!

We recommend the immediate remilitarization of China. We believe we can mobilize our forces and launch several strategic offenses before those who would oppose us can react. Within two months we will be ready to go to war. Merely give us the command.


Ding, Executor of the People's Liberation Army[/quote]

[quote][b]To:[/b] Office of the Executor
[b]From:[/b] Office of the August Imperator

[b]Subject:[/b] Regarding your previous letter



It is indeed time to act boldly. Whatever this threat is, the world needs the greatest amount of strength to face it. Indeed we should account for the possibility that such a foe should be other worldly. If such is the case, only a world unified under the strongest leadership can muster the resources to defeat it.

Therefore, I hereby authorize the construction of a new Army, Air Force, and Navy with numbers to block out the sun. I believe it is time we prepare ourselves to strike boldly on all fronts. Our enemies believe we have become satiated and weak. Let us prove them wrong. I wish to have daily reports of the progress of mobilization. We shall strike fast and hard with our plans to bring about a New Order.


Yuan Jia[/quote]

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For months the Hellenic Forces had been on alert however what had just happened was unexpected. Some undetectable technology had managed to completely disabled Genesis, the main system that controlled Athenian nuclear weapons. Not much later attacks were reported that disabled the systems integrated in the missiles and indeed the very plants that produced material for nuclear weapons were destroyed. Expecting the worst the Athenian Federation was brought to Alert Condition Alpha while government officials were evacuated. After all the Hellenic Forces were fully expecting this to be a prelude to a nuclear strike against Athenian cities. A few days later after no attack followed and intelligence reports confirmed this was something that hit many nations the situation changed.

[b]Imperial Palace
Private meeting[/b]

"Empress, while we double checked it to be sure the CSS and FIA are now sure. A highly advanced power is responsible for a massive destruction of nuclear systems on a global level. Our early reports indicate the same happened to them as to us. An undetectable force penetrated their territory and specifically hit nuclear systems. All other systems have been spared. Much like here where only the offensive systems of Genesis were wiped and only those missiles and plants involved in the use and production of nuclear weapons. We also believe that this was a force with hostile intentions against the Federation they would have been more specific. At the same time none of our enemies hold the ability to do something like this."

Ariadne looked through a window, the rain hitting it. "You say this attack has also hit powers globally?" She asked with a disturbing grin.

"Yes, your highness. As far as we can tell there are barely any and most likely no nuclear weapons left."

"Very good... Very good indeed. This is our chance dear Colonel. So far the main deterrent for exercising our power has been a lack of need and the risk of a nuclear strike. Now however, now we have a foe to which we must unite against and now nuclear weapons are no longer a threat. I think the world has been reactionary for too long and the threats of this time need a new approach. A red one. Colonel you are dismissed. Thank you very much." Ariadne walked back to the desk and picked up the phone after a quick call to Rome another call would go out to Imperial Command.

"General due to recent developments you are authorized to continue wartime economic operations and even increase the output. I want preparations for consription made and the reserves called into action. I also want maximum possible production of all systems currently used by the Hellenic Forces"

After putting down the phone again she fell back into the chair looking outside visibly amused.

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