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LOL, The Legion :D


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War on the legion. Who would of guessed. I'm just creating this to rub it in and also to show my Deepest Support.!!

Feel free to discus i want be checking as often as i'd hope but yerh add your support or say if your against.

And yes my nation is on peaceful to rebuild. When i am out of peaceful i hope to bite em back :D

[font="Arial Black"][size="4"]Basically I made this so we can chat about the war a little [/size][/font]

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[quote name='Rontastic' timestamp='1317969146' post='2819511']
FINALLY! I was waiting for a Legion/war thread. I'm glad that this dude has come along and shed light on this.

I didn't want to be the one to do it.
LOL no problem.

And to start off the conversation hmmm, O i know 5V1 This is a little sad but who is dumb enough to help the Legion at this time. Come on 5V1 who wants to get in that mess :lol1:

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Sonic, do yourself a favor. Join an alliance that can teach you a bit about how things work. [b]And follow their rules this time.[/b] If you don't want to do that, then watch the OWF a whole lot more before you post, otherwise people will make fun of you.

We know you're new at this but there are some pretty mean people out here so I'm saying this for your benefit.

Good luck. Again.

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