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[size="7"]SUDDENLY! Cats everywhere![/size]

Today marks a great day in the life of 3 alliances. Cats, cake and lulz shall be had by all to celebrate not only the birth of this bloc but the birthday of one of its members, The Peoples Community. Feel free to drop by our IRC channel, #kdf on the coldfront server to partake in the festival of cats. We come as one to declare our love for all things cats because, cats.

Without further ado, The Resistance, The Peoples Community and The Apparatus present to you:


[size="7"][center][b]THE KITTEN DEFENSE FORCE[/b][/center][/size]


We, the undersigned agree with the following and come together as one in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood.

Articles 2 and 3 only apply to Kitty Knights
Article 4 only applies to Kitty Traders

[b]Article 1 - Friendship: [/b]

In the spirit of friendship, we the signatories agree to remain amicable to each other. We shall solidify our friendship with this bond and continue to grow stronger each passing moment.

[b]Article 2 - Calling all kitties:[/b]

All alliances of the bloc recognize that should one signatory alliance be attacked by a foreign power, the other signatory shall be obligated to come to their defense through all possible channels. However, if the assaulted signatory alliance is involved in a conflict via other treaties or through the actions of another bloc, this defense becomes optional.

[b]Article 3 - We need some buddies to lend a hand:[/b]

In the event that one signatory wishes to engage in an aggressive war, they may contact the rest of the bloc to assist them, each signatory may then decide if they are willing to assist in an aggressive attack. This is optional and does not require the entire bloc to join if some signatories wish to stay out.

[b]Article 4 - Kitty market uprising:[/b]

In the event that one signatory is attacked by an outside alliance, the other signatories are not honor bound to defend them but are encouraged in the spirit of brotherhood and honor. Each signatory can decide by themselves if they are in a position to defend the alliance under attack.

[b]Article 5 - Meow Mix:[/b]

All signatories agree to finance tech deals and trade deals between each other to keep a vibrant bloc economy. These deals shall help keep the bloc strong and growing in the bonds of friendship and solidarity.

[b]Article 6 - Representation:[/b]

The bloc leadership shall consist of one representative from each signatory chosen by that signatory to represent them in the Upper Council. Each representative shall carry the weight of 1 vote for their alliance in the matters regarding the alliance.

[b]Article 7 - Voting:[/b]

The Upper Council shall do the voting for the bloc and for all voting matters, a simple majority +1 vote will be required for it to pass unless specified otherwise in the charter. Any member of the Upper Council may bring up an issue to vote on. After a vote as begun, the Representatives of the Upper Council has 72 hours to submit their vote.

[b]Article 8 - Amendments:[/b]

Ideas change with time and in recognition of that, this document shall be a fluid one. If a change of any sort whether it be an addition, deletion or a change to the treaty, it must be done through a unanimous vote of all signatories.

[b]Article 9 - Joining the gang:[/b]

An alliance may be added to the bloc with a unanimous vote.

[b]Article 10 - You've had too much catnip:[/b]

In the extreme case that a signatory acts unfitting of the bloc, a vote requiring 72% of the remaining alliances to vote in favor of expulsion is needed to expel said alliance from the bloc.

[b]Article 11 - It's been fun but now I must leave:[/b]

If a signatory feels that they are going in another direction than the bloc a 72 hour notice must be given regarding leaving the bloc to all other signatories.

[size="5"][b]Kitty Knights:[/b][/size]

Signed for

[b]The Resistance - The Nyan Cat[/b]


King Death II, Prime Minister
Sorel, Councilman
Drakis, Councilman
Nucks8, Councilman
Porkpotpie, Councilman
Zigbigadorlou, Councilman
Jack Whiterstein, Councilman

[b]The Peoples Community - The Commie Cat:[/b]


The Assembly

[size="5"][b]Kitty Traders:[/b][/size]

Signed for

[b]The Apparatus - Steampunk Cat:[/b]



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Congrats to The Apparatus and our new allies! To you I salute.

Now, lets add more steam to this......


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[quote name='Randalla' timestamp='1317964091' post='2819415']
Speak for yourself. :ehm:

[quote name='LittleRena' timestamp='1317964186' post='2819417']
Well, Tim doesn't bite anyway :awesome:
are these threats or promises?

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