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Declaration of War

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[color="#4169E1"][size="6"]Official Announcement from Ordo Paradoxia[/size][/color]

Ordo Paradoxia officially declares war on The Legion. Don't complain about our lack of a blitz, to be fair it's as powerful as IAA's.

Vladimir Stukov, Scourge of Johan[/center]

EDIT: War flag. o/

Edited by Vladimir Stukov II
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[quote name='Vladimir Stukov II' timestamp='1317877986' post='2818020']
Change your AA to Ordo Paradoxia POW, I will let you off lightly so you can get out before you are fighting on the same side as NpO.

A kind offer, old war comrade, but I must respectfully decline. I care not a whit either good or ill for NpO. My only allies are the ravens that pick upon the carrion littering my battlefield! Oh, glorious God of Death, I raise thee up upon my altar!

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