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Right meets Left


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[center][b][size="7"]Right meets Left[/size][/b]
[size="5"]and finds common ground[/size][/center]


After noticing a similarity in beliefs regarding dignity and ethics, the members of the Terran Empire and the Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism (NEAT) have determined to work together toward a mutually beneficial future. Both alliances agree to the terms below and recognise that they are sovereign alliances and that neither will take action against the other to compromise that sovereignty.


Neither signatory will declare war on the other, aid enemies of the other, commit espionage against the other, or any other action that can be considered aggression to the other signatory. If reparations become an issue, both signatories agree to work out proper reps.


Both alliances have the right, but not the responsibility, to offer assistance to the other in dealing with rogue attacks. Such optional assistance may include military action if requested, aid, or intel regarding an attack. All cooperation is completely voluntary and optional by all parties.


Both alliances agree to consider all monetary and other aid requests from the other signatory.


Both alliances agree that if they are made aware of information that directly affects the security of the other signatory, they shall share said information in order to promote their common security.


This Friendship Pact shall remain in effect until further notice. Either party may cancel this agreement, for any reason. Notice of cancellation shall be delivered in person, Upon cancellation, its provisions relating to Peace, Intelligence and Aid shall remain in effect for a period of seventy-two (72) hours.

Signed for [b]NEAT[/b]:

[b]The NEAT General Assembly[/b]

Signed for [b]Terran Empire[/b]:

[b]Yuurei[/b] - Chancellor of Foreign Affairs
[b]Michaelboy88[/b] - Chancellor of Administration
[b]Tim Burke[/b] - Chancellor of Defense
[b]estaked[/b] - Chancellor of Internal Affairs
[b]Scribbles the Great[/b] - Chancellor of Finance

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