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Braiya's history book

Roty Aarons

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Over some time in a struggling region a group of citizens of a broken country gathered in secret planning the freedom of themselves and all who would assist in the goal, the only people stopping them were the people who took their claim over the land as the old government had fallen and people claimed what they could control. Under the command of Roty Aarons, Drake Baker, and James Sanchez, the 'Metero' forces as they were addressed at the time, later renamed the Braiyans, took their charge with all able bodied men and cleared enemies camps surrounding the area of wanted land. They made a make shift border after making sure the old occupants knew they would not be able to over throw them.

Creating the name Braiya, they made their new nation as a monarchy with Roty Aarons as the king with his two friends serving below him as the generals of the now smaller army. The land was wanted due to the water that it has and the amount of Cattle that can be raised there and amount of lumber that the land holds. Even though they have the land that they wanted, they continued to push on and expand land along with growing an army in the event of challenging another rising nation, or being attacked.

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