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Announcement from the New Sakura Order

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Due to recent events our [b]MDoAP[/b]-level ally Tetris has found itself under assault by the alliance known as 'The Legion'. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding this conflict, we hold our treaties with a high level of obligation and honor. We refuse to stand by and watch a significantly larger alliance take on one of our closest allies. Due to this, we as an alliance view it as neccessary to step up and defend our ally in it's moment of need, as they have offered to do for us many times prior. As such, we hereby recognize a state of hostility with the Legion and officially declare war on them as a collective whole. Winter's coming early, folks. I look forward to Legion giving us a plentiful supply of blood. The Empress requires it, as does her Patron Goddess.


[i](with endorsement from the Ministry of Pelvic Instruments, the Shrine of Jens, and the local 'House Cat')[/i]

Legion, we're going to make you feel [i][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBhpR7HUsXk]so good.[/url][/i]



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