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Black 7 BR


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so we lost some members after the resource swap due to the individuals alliance policy and so on. We are looking for 3 people to reform our trade circle, those that would apply should understand that this is long term (not placeholder temp circle).

It's a TC of Coal, Gold, Lead, Oil, Lumber, Iron, Marble, Aluminum, Rubber, Wheat, Uranium, Fish.

With the BRs of, Rad Cleanup, Asphalt, Construction, Automobiles, Microchip, Steel, Scholars.

A very balanced trade circle.

In times of war, disregarding sides, the one with rubber will have the responsibility to switch to Pigs, making the set highly war capable with one small switch.

We need 3 people to cover these resources:

Thank you for your time, and I hope you'd join in!!


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I can be Iron+Uraniumm, am already on aqua team. BUT CANT CHANGE SINCE I RECENTLY CHANGED.


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