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Announcement from the New Sakura Order

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No need to beat around the bush here. We're pretty close to the Blue Turtle Alliance, and some of our respective members function like honorary ones in both alliances at times. So, we found it fit to upgrade the treaty with BTA.

[quote]The Blue Turtles with Pink Blazers Accords (now trained as Nightmare Fuel Station Attendants)

Article I – Peace

The signatory alliances of the New Sakura Order (NsO) and the Blue Turtle Alliance agree to remain respectful and polite to each other in all channels of communication, public of private. They also seek to resolve any/all possible conflicts they have through diplomatic means. Both alliances should look out for each other's well-being. As a consequence of their mutual friendship, both parties agree not to attack one another, and in the event of a treaty conflict that would draw the two into war with each other, this article will take precedence.

Article II – Intelligence

In the event that either the NsO or BTA stumbles upon any intelligence that may be beneficial to the other alliance, it is recommended to share said intelligence through the proper channels.

Article III – Aid

If either the NsO or BTA finds that they need military or financial aid, they shouldn't feel any guilt of asking the other signatory. The other signatory is encouraged to help out the other alliance.

Article IV: Military Aid

If the BTA comes under attack by a third party, the NsO is obliged to defend the other, and vice versa. The obligation shall be considered annulled in the event that a signatory was brought into a war due to another treaty obligation. Despite this, both signatories still maintain the right to defend one another in this given situation.

If either the BTA or NsO decide to go to war aggressively, the other party has the option to go to war alongside each other.

Article V – Cancellation

In the unlikely event if either signatory see that it’s best to part ways and cancel this agreement, they are to give 48 hours’ notice to the other signatory with reasons through private channels. This treaty will remain in effect throughout that time period.

Signed for the New Sakura Order,

Elrich von Richt, Emperor of the New Sakura Order
Saniiro Matsudaira, Petal Council
Diablofan, Petal Council

Signed for the Blue Turtle Alliance,

Rudolph, Oracle and Lord Blazer's Knight
Master-Debater, Consul and Professional Debater
theSpoon, Consul and The Blue Raja[/quote]

Obligatory mindless hail. o/

OOC: [b]This treaty has been endorsed by the Shrine of Jensofthedesert[/b].

Edited by Elrich von Richt
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[quote name='Buzz Lightyear' timestamp='1317746760' post='2816176']
i thought BTA disbanded?
[quote] The First Blue Turtle Alliance, an aqua team alliance which later became the Aquatic Brotherhood.
The Second Blue Turtle Alliance, a Blue team alliance which re-formed on June 28, 2009. [/quote]

From the CN Wiki, so seems they've been back for over 2 years now. Good luck to NsO and BTA with the upgraded treaty.

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[quote name='Jens of the desert' timestamp='1317744677' post='2816148']

Etc etc

Holy #$^@, Jens - I'm starting to like you lots again

on topic - I can dig it

o/BTA and go us ^_^

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