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Announcement from the Legion concerning Tetris

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On September 24th, Hereno MoFM (former) of Tetris acquired and disseminated information purposefully spied from the private forums on the Legion. When Pollard: Speaker for the Heavens (former) of Tetris was contacted concerning the matter and asked if the government of Tetris supported his actions:

[quote][13:16] <Pollard> Tetris fully supports Hereno[/quote]

On September 28th, Pollard created his own thread from the originally acquired spied information furthering the above attacks on the sovereignty of the Legion and her private forums. On September 29th Lowgain contacted the Imperator of the Legion; Totem, in order to supposedly offer an "olive branch". Unfortunately these offering were never realized and can only be viewed as petty deception in hopes of stalling what must come.
In recognition of the attacks on the sovereignty of the Legion and her people, we do hereby declare a state of war on the Alliance of Tetris.[/COLOR]

As this was an aggressive action willfully perpetrated with the support of the government of Tetris, All alliances that enter in defense of their action will be treated as aggressors and dealt with as such. The Legion does not enter into this lightly and has explored all avenues of diplomatic resolution. The public dissemination of received information from the act of subterfuge and espionage can not be tolerated, nor can the act of government sponsored protection of person(s) involved in said act.

By the Legion:

/s/ Totem - Imperator
/s/ Roddney McCay - Minister of Economics
/s/ Regent Pancras - Minister of Foreign Affairs
/s/ Killer04 - Minister of Defence
/s/ Dendarii Federation - Minister of Internal Affairs

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