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Announcing the newest CNRP GM


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Thank you meatbags for doing your civic duty and pretending to have a say in the evil dictator so you don't bother me as much, even if half of you needed a last minute reminder. Of the individuals nominated, I saw 3 very strong choices and had a strong community backing. Unfortunately, perhaps the best choice is only active on weekends, (although he still manages to achieve more in that time than many other players). The second candidate received significantly less support than the other two but was a strong candidate on their own merits.

Ultimately however I just used a random number generator to decide between the two, with the [s]winner[/s] loser being none other than Triyun, who also received many nominations, tied for first place in fact and seems to have wide community support, is knowledgeable on technology and I believe should be capable of undertaking the role with the impartiality and decorum that is required of the role. So please give your condolences and sympathy to [b]Triyun[/b] who has foolishly agreed to listen to your collective inane whining.

As usual, if you have any complaints about the conduct or decision making of the GMs you can PM me so that I may [s]ignore you complaints[/s] look into it.

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_______________ Triyun! May you rule with fairness and impartiality for the rest of your days, slowly losing a little bit of your sanity, with each ruling you make.

[b]Fill in the Blank Options[/b]

[*] Congratulations
[*] Condolences

Who said you couldn't give multiple choice answers for celebratory words?

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