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Announcement from NG and UPN


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Non Grata is pleased to announce that after [i]"long"[/i] discussions with our counterparts in UPN we have decided to cessate hostilities, both of us accept that the war has dealt significantly more damage to UPN than was undertaken to Venomous Larvae in the same period of the raids.

UPN agrees to pay our friends in Venomous Larvae a sum of $6m in reparations.

Signed for Non Grata
Derwood1, Triumvir
KingXander, Triumvir
Stewie, Triumvir
Kriekfreak, Advisor
MiketheFirst, Advisor
GoFastleft, Advisor
ZoomZoomZoom, Advisor

Signed for UPN
Altheus, Triumvir
TECUMSEH, Triumvir
Robster, Triumvir

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[quote name='Jaiar' timestamp='1317583418' post='2813979']
UPN pays what it originally offered. UPN wins the war. I'm surprised; Congrats to UPN.

you forgot the whole 800k ns destroyed and the majority of UPN in nuclear anarchy.

but yeah put this one down as a strategic victory upn!

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