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Rep Repayment Plan

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[size="6"][color="#008000"]Official Legacy Announcement[/color][/size][/center]


I'm going to tell you a little story. Decades ago there was a little war that looked like this: CSN/Legacy v DT/LoSS. We all know what happened in this war...so I'll sum it up with this:


Those !@#$%^&* in DT forced Legacy to take part of the reps CSN demanded, clearly DT was trying to be more like prick-like...IT WORKED(like having TiTan isnt enough right?)

Fast forward to the end of julyish when Legacy gave the big NOU to CSN and GOD and signed with longtime friends DT and NoR. I know what you're thinking. Why were we still friends with DT after they were jerkfaces! Why are you friends with NoR and their love of Twilight fanfic? I dont have an answer for you :(

So after the big NOU, GOD came by a few days later to ask why, during which we were asked if we really did take the reps, we did, CSN had us agree not to waive the reps at the time, so we took em, but to be asking about it now...it was clearly important to these peeps. It was looking through these logs when we hatched an idea. We'll pay back the reps, we didnt want them in the first place and it would help out our allies.

So we went to DT who went to Valhalla and NV(who paid their reps for them decades ago after the war) and they all agreed to go through with the plan.

So the deed has been done. We'd like to thank DT, Valhalla, and NV for their help knocking this out and their willingness to free up slots for us. We'd like to thank ourselves because we can. And a special thank you to GOD, for without you, we would of never thought of this repayment. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to your childish angry rants.


Edit: To avoid confusion, we paid back the reps DT gave us

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[quote name='R3nowned' timestamp='1317559760' post='2813812']
Say what?

I don't really understand this announcement. Is it an "up yours" to GOD and co.? Or what? :S

^that. Did you send the reps back to DT or what? I don't understand what happened.

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To be a fly on the wall when you guys hatched the idea to do the 180...

On the other hand, at least you picked a side. Some alliances have treaties only so they can choose which side to honor when war breaks out and give the big crappy "with heavy hearts" they won't be activating/honoring other treaties.

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[quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1317567035' post='2813846']
[color="#0000FF"]As decent as this move may be, and I will applaud it, am I to truly believe that you were [i]forced[/i] to accept reparations that you did not feel were justified? Give me a break.[/color]

I'll give you points, forced might not of been the best choice of words, but we were told that us accepting the reps was the only way peace would be achieved.

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Good stuff Sarm. The last war was, indeed, stupid, though don't think that you are going to bait us that easily. ;) Jokes aside, I wasn't surprised to hear about this move a while ago; even during the war you (Sarm) expressed your feelings about your friendship with DT, so taking reparations to begin with was probably extremely difficult for you guys to do.

However, all I will say (as a quasi-retort) is that in no way did we force you to do anything. Did we push you into the decision? Yes, I will own up to that on behalf of CSN. I suppose that you should take the last war as a lesson and be ready-and-willing to put your foot down instead of bending so easily despite your convictions. But more importantly, we shouldn't have pressed you (and The Brain) to suddenly change your hands and sing to a new tune; it was more so irresponsible of us for abusing our long-standing friendship. You know we share a pretty awesome and sexy bro-love Sarm, so there aren't any real hard feelings about all of this, including the breakdown of our treaty (though at the time it was, in all fairness, very bitter).

So again, good showing Sarm, good showing Legacy, and I'm glad to see things [officially] "patched up" between DT and Legacy (I put quotes on patched up because it doesn't really seem like there was any major problems to be patched up in the first place).

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I approve of this message and the facts it represents.

I dont think I have ever heard of an alliance doing this before. I did the same thing myself, as a personal repayment for what I personally had received unjustly, but yeah... an entire alliance doing this, formally, and announcing it, is a precedent I am very happy, and a bit shocked, to see. Good show Legacy!

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