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Dispatch to the Cajuns, New Spain, and Pravus Ingruo


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Dear Esteemed North American Allies:

Recent events have given us cause to reevaluate our arms and export policies. We would like to propose the building of advanced armament factories in your countries with UFE supervisors and operators to provide the latest and most advanced counter imperialist capabilities to the free nations of the western hemisphere.

Grand Vizier Wei Hai

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"We find the proposal to be an agreeable one..I've ordered government lands to be cleared in order to make the necessary space for these armament facilities. I have designated the following locations in Durango, Chihuahua, & Pachuca de Soto as ready for immediate building. Construction workers can begin building once factory blue-prints, materials, and staff arrive. "

[i]His Majesty the King of New Spain[/i]
[i]Enrique Bourbon[/i]

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This proposal is acceptable to us. We would request knowing what types of weapons these facilities would be making. We would then be able to marry your new facilities next to existing facilities of Ingruian companies that already build those types of weapons as to make supply lines and production easier. While we understand the predication for UFE supervisors and operators, we would hope that the UFE would allow these new facilities to be built by native labor, and hold the possibility for permanent Ingruian jobs at these facilities down the road.

William Easley
Secretary of Commerce

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"The Cajun Federation finds this deal to be amenable to its regional interests, and will be happy to provide several plots of open land that the government purchased throughout eminent domain and unused land legal proceedings. We would be happy to supply domestic labor in order to build these manufacturing facilities, and can supplement these workers with military engineers from one of our Heavy Engineering Brigades of the Cajun Federation National Guard.

We also ask that some of these facilities be allowed to hire Cajun workers to help with manufacturing jobs at these plants, although we do understand the reasons for UFE operators and supervisors to be present for production runs."

[i]Lady Protector of the Cajun Federation[/i]

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The United Federation of the East is deployed two air and theatre missile defense battalions to the sights in New Spain as well as two guided missile vessels with theatre defense capabilities to protect the construction of these sites.

The UFE shall also accommodate the Cajun request and station similar forces in those sites to protect them from regional terrorist threats.

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