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Operation Restoration

King Timmy

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"It has come to our attention that the government of the Lootan Emirate has been absent for an extended period of time.

There has been no contact from anyone within their nation and we as their neighbours across the water of the Mediterranean Sea have taken it upon ourselves to restore what was once a prospering nation to it's former glory.

We have therefore dispatched aid workers to provide for the needs of the population and soldiers to maintain their security.

At this point in time we consider the former Lootan Emirate to be under the protection of the Ibizan Republic and any incursion onto the territory by any armed forces will be considered tantamount to be an invasion of the Ibizan Republic itself. A blockade has been formed allowing only aid vessels to pass unhindered, all other ships will be turned away.

However, we would invite anyone that is able to send whatever aid they can to the people on the African shores. It can be brought directly to Africa, making sure you request authorisation en route, or to Ibiza from where it will be forwarded on.

We expect a referendum to be held in the following weeks to allow the population to decide their own future.

We thank you all for your co-operation at this time of dire need for the people of the former African nation.

Long live the Republic."

[i]Juan Carlos, Supreme Chancellor of The Ibizan Republic[/i]

*** Classified ***

The 60,000 troops that had been en-route landed on the shores and spread quickly across the nation, bringing security once more to the former Lootan Emirate. Aid workers began to set up aid distribution centres along with the Ibizan Engineering Corps.

F-37Bs had begun patrolling the skies ensuring the security during the opening days of the protection. As time went on they would be used less and less once the Ibizans had secured the land.

Any member of the former Lootan Police force would be contacted to ensure they would still be active and keep the peace amongst the population.

A message was sent to members of the Delian League telling them their armed forces were welcomed to assist with the protection of the former nation.

The Ibizan Navy had blockaded the coast to all warships but would allow any aid ship that requested authorisation to pass unharmed but again all allied ships of any nature would be allowed to pass unhindered.

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