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The Empire of Kemet


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You have stumbled upon one of the most unique alliances in Cyber Nations! It is my hope that you will take the time to learn about our community, and then one day join us in our glorious Empire here in Kemet (or Egypt, in the ancient tongue). One of the major reasons for founding this project, is so that those looking for a unique and different approach to a gaming community or alliance, would find a home. We like to have fun and be different, but at the same time win the game. We are dedicated to becoming the absolute best alliance, starting from the ground up. Some of the opportunities and benefits we offer are:

[*]Economic Trades and Aid
[*]Protection from raids, and unwanted aggression
[*]A fun loving, and relaxed atmospher; NO DRAMA!
[*]A unique and refreshing game experience

If you are sincerely interested in joining us at this time, then I encourage you to read over our founding charter, the [b]Scroll of Horus[/b].

[quote][size="5"][font="Century Gothic"][b]The Scroll of Horus[/b][/font][/size]
[size="4"][i]Being the divine word of Ra, given to Kemet by Toth his voice, or Will of Ra[/i][/size]

[i]Be it known, that on the thirtieth day , of the ninth month, of the two thousandth and eleventh year of the Gods that the divine will of Horus, most highest God, has set his gaze upon man and created for his pleasure the Empire of Kemet, so that others may know His glory.[/i]

[i]I. Toth, the voice and will of Ra, being in communion with both Ra and Horus, has set forth this document as will and divine voice of Ra, and of Horus.
[i]II. Ra, being the God of the Sun. Horus, being the God of the Sky, and one who appears as a Falcon. Both being Gods of Kemet, command all members to worship in temples adorned with Black dye. Toth, the voice and will of Ra, being in communion with both Ra and Horus, commands from above that Black shall be the color of the Gods.[/i]

[i]III. Set, the chaotic one, the God of Chaos and Confusion, doeth hereby command through Toth, the voice of Ra, who is God of Gods and chief among the eternal ones, that no Shemsu, or faithful one, shall commit and act of aggression save through blessing of Set, the chaotic one, by means of his priests.[/i]

[i]IV. Isis, mother of the Gods, beloved of Horus, lends divine favor and protection upon the faithful. Shemsu may approach the divine one through the priests of Isis, the mother of the Gods, the beloved of Horus. If by the judge of Osiris, the God of Death and the Underworld judges them to be worthy, they shall receive divine favor, and blessing.[/i]

[i]V. Sobek, the Devouring one, shall be directed by Osiris, by the will of Toth, who speaks and is the voice of Ra, and of Horus, to devour the unworthy souls. The hearts of man shall be weighed against the feather of Ma'at, and if their hearts are deemed unworthy, they shall be cast unto Sobek, and forever lost to Kemet.[/i]

[i]VI. Ra, and also Horus, the Gods of Sun and Sky, rest their gaze upon the Nisut, or holy one of Kemet. The chosen leader and father of their earthly children, and divine representative on Digiterra. It is he whom shall have communion with the Gods, and it is whom shall have the pleasure of directing the Empire as he sees fit.[/i]

[i]VII. Toth, being the voice of Ra, and the will of Ra, and also of Horus, the God of the Sky, sets forth that this scroll is sacred, and like the will of the Gods, is unchanging.[/i][/quote]

Our forums are currently located, [url="http://s11.zetaboards.com/KemetEmpire/index/"]here[/url].[/center]

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