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A few words from the International (INT)

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Craig enters the darkened office, flips on the light, and slowly surveys the room.

[i]It's been a long time.[/i]

He strolls to the desk in the center of the room and picks up a framed photograph. He recognizes one of the smiling faces as his predecessor.

[i]You have a lovely family, Comrade Q.[/i]

He tosses the photograph aside and it lands in the wastebin with a dull thud.

Turning to face the mirror mounted on the wall behind the desk, Craig studies himself, adjusts his beret, and tucks away a few stray hairs. He begins to turn, but something in the reflection grabs his attention. Using the edge of a nearby curtain, he wipes off a few specks of blood from one of the many medals that decorate his chest. "Elections are such messy affairs," he mutters to himself, and turns away.

Returning to the desk, he drops into the familiar leather chair and leans back as far as chair can bend, then drops both feet onto the desk. His black boots are caked with dried mud that breaks off and scatters on impact. From his pocket he produces a cigar, bites off the cap and casually spits it aside. He takes a few gentle puffs as he lights it, exhales with a sigh, and grins.

[i]It's good to be home.[/i]


On behalf of our glorious workers' [s]congress[/s] Althing, it is once again my distinct honor and duty to introduce the newly elected 18th Central Committee of the International:

Comrade Craig


Fraulein Lexie

Comrade Trotsky

[b]Reichsminister: Liaison[/b]
Baron Terror

[b]Reichsminister: Membership[/b]
Diego Rivera[/center]


Edited by Comrade Craig
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[quote name='Vladimir Nikanor' timestamp='1317364456' post='2812528']
So THIS is why you asked me how to spell [s]Alþingi[/s] Althing

The revolution is spreading, [i]comrade[/i] Nikanor. As they say in the village where I was born: hide yo wife. Hide yo kids. The proletariat is heading north.


Edited by Comrade Craig
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From atop his penthouse suite at the 3 Dragons Hotel, Casino, Brothel, and Capitol, Mandellav Targaryen gazes out over the wastes surrounding the burgeoning city of New Vegas. He sees what is not there yet. He sees a future of conquest wrought by taming the heat of the desert as only a Dragon can. A steely eyed adviser with a permanent scowl whispers some delightful news in the Young Dragon's ear. His friend Craig's successful coup of The International means continued peace, friendship, and allegiance with the communists on the other side of the ocean of sand. The Unbroken Pact can remain whole so long as men of such honor and cunning can retain their power through such unyielding loyalty.[/quote]

You can't spell porcupine without coup.

I don't even know what that means.

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Congratulations to BaronTerror for being the most inactive member consistently elected to government. With this victory, he has finally passed Seixas and claimed this illustrious title.

And congratulations to the rest of you too, I guess.

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