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Ministry of Internal Affairs

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The reuniting of the British Isles with their renegade Islander brothers brings one crisis to a close and opens the door to another one. Well potentially opens the door to another. The lack of any real activity in terms of rebuilding and reconciliation in the German occupied territory is an item of concern for the British Government. Without much in the way of international support it is felt the only recourse is to wait it out. Even with the decision to wait it out the British Government, currently settled into Glasgow takes a specific course of action regarding the eventual reunification of England with Wales and Scotland.

Along the borders with the German occupied territories small outposts are set up as listening posts. Gossip, news, and other intelligence is freely traded back and forth with British citizens who avail themselves on these border outposts which act as British government stations. With this several large reserve depots are tapped and prepared for use. The older model tanks are converted into construction equipment that will be used in the coming rebuilding effort or Germanic Eradication Protocol that calls for the removal of traces of German occupation from the British soil no matter what the state of England after reunification.

All of this is kept word of mouth amongst high level government members for the time being. No point in ruffling any feathers at this point in time as it is suspected that such an action will only delay the departure of the Germans. Other efforts include the Rebuilding Great Britain Project, the British Home Army 2020 Project, and the Royal Air Force Future Fighter Project. Funding is a bit scant at this time for all of them so the majority of avaliable monies is put directly into procuring resources for rebuilding Wales and Scotland, which requires little in the way of such rebuilding as the fighting was mostly in the South.

Also, 13 USI Loyalists who sold out their countrymen in the recent dispute were found murdered and dumped in a mass grave on the Scottish coast.

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[b]Fort Charles Stuart[/b]

The British Home Army is quickly coming fully online wit reorganizing from it's recent debilitating defeat at the hands of the Germans and their allies. New tanks, technologies, and men have filled out the battered formations. The British Home Army is divided into three territorial groups, two actual groups and one notional.

The Scottish Battle Group consists of 180,000 men, 800 tanks, 1000 IFVs, and another 5,500 other vehicles of various types and purposes. This does not include the transport fleet of civilian vehicles that have been entered into the Military Reserve Transportation scheme that are prepared to support the SBG should it be needed. The Wales Battle Group is the second very real force with a mission all of its own.

The Wales Battle Group consists of 120,000 men, 600 tanks, 800 IFVs, and 3500 other vehicles of other designs and purposes. The WBG has responsibility of the Irish Watch Force, which is a purely defensive force tasked with keeping their electronic and physical eyes well peeled along the Irish Sea for signs of danger. The IWF is well supported with dedicated Fighter Bomber wings capable of mounting ASM weapons and mobile ASM ground based launchers. The WBG also has responsibility for the skeleton staff that consists of the Lowlands Battle Group.

The MBG is responsible for the creation of a dedicated fighting force for protecting England upon reunification. The force will be made of a specific draft of 60,000 men from the reserves, 60,000 from the SBG, and 20,000 from the WBG for a total strength of 140,000 men and an undetermined number of vehicles. The total current strength of the EBG in their Welsh camps is a slim 12,500 men that make up the officer and NCO corps of the force. The remaining factories of Wales and Scotland are straining at their fullest capacity to have a full allotment of tanks, IFVs, attack helicopters, personal weapons, uniforms, and munitions ready and waiting for the MBG once they are ordered to move into England proper at the time of the handover.

Reports are beginning to flow up the chain of command at the very minuscule effort the Germans are putting into repair the damage they inflicted for a war they started over a situation they created. With this in mind messages are beginning to circulate between the Ministers of the government of Great Britain to determine an appropriate nonviolent course of action to rectify the situation. It is decided by Cromwell to simply bypass the German authorities and begin a quiet campaign of rebuilding England through quietly issued private contracts.

None are issued at this time as the idea in the planning stage and it will be quite some time before it is fully online.

**Classified Military Movements**

The British Army Rocket Corp begins to deploy several dozen new mobile cruise missile launchers to various positions in Wales and Scotland.

The Royal Air Force begins to finally redeploy their full measure of strength after being so viciously winnowed.

The Royal Navy is still in bad shape with a mere handful of small vessels.

The Royal Signals Corp begins to deploy a variety of conventional and unconventional jamming units designed to flood potential targets with a massive selection of various emissions. Obsolete radar transmitters and fire control radars are being repurposed to specialized vehicles for this purpose. Further, mobile radar stations are being deployed as well to block the holes in coverage that were created by battle damage from the recent fighting.

Special Air Service units have finished creating a series of caches for the supporting of an insurgency force should the need arise. Training is being provided for a variety of small classified groups whose information is being kept in a special archive wired with several thermite grenades.

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Extensive organization of the British Mainland Insurgency Defense Scheme, under the cover name of the British Sporting Association is underway. SAS teams are busy creating stay behind resistance cells, supply dumps, and training manuals for the worst possible chain of events.

A dedicated 16,500 logistical support slots are set aside on the British Home Army Table of Organization for the 54th Territorial Division, which is a paper organization. The funds dedicated for this Division are back-channeled to the growing British Sporting Association.

Records are regularly shredded, burnt, and then disposed of through the trash. The total SAS guarded records in Glasgow give the full account of the BSA, but as before are heavily guarded and wired with thermite grenades.

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