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A note from The Shadow Accord


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[size="7"]Declaration of Well-being[/size]


Ello all, there are quite a bit of things goin on right now in CN, and I for one welcome to upbeat in activity I have been seeing.

We at TSA have been quiet as of late, the last you heard of us were were hosting BADASS (or maybe a quick treaty announcement). Which turned out to be a lot less BADASS than originally hyped up to be, but none the less was a nice opportunity to get to know each other a bit more, and has certainly extended our foreign affairs and friendships quite a bit, and we are grateful for that.

TSA has been up and down lately a lot like The_Wu's mom, but unlike her, we wont just lay on our back and take it. We suffered a bit from a drop in activity, we shot up in numbers and strength, and then dropped just as fast, and I realize that this was a bit discouraging. However despite all the dips, we are actually doing pretty damn good Id say.

After doing a quick look around here, I have noticed two things, Daikos makes a lot of dick jokes... and we have never really posted a milestone report!

So we figured we would stop by, say hi, maybe have a quickie and then run off with your wallet never to be seen again, kinda like xR1's last girlfriend.

Just kidding, we'll probably be back sooner or later. SO! Here are the numbers!

Like I stated before, weve been faltering up and down and all around, but we have finally settled in somewhere above a 6.0 alliance score, and over 1.5 million NS with 300+ nukes.

I would also love to point out that we had a tech race a while back to see who could reach 10k tech first. Emperor Grievs and Stoopid Ace had at it, (DoorNail showed up late to the party, and blew them out of the water) but between the original two Ace beat out EG by a very very close race (one shipment of 50 tech). All 3 of them are now over 11k, and I think DN is not too far from 12k, too lazy to check.

In case you care, we have had some very small changes to our constitution, some changes in Gov, some treaty changes, minor changes on what were calling our gov members, and other miscellaneous stuff you probably wont read anyway. You can always check in with our wiki, I try to keep it current... ish. You can also stop by www.shadowaccord.co.cc (Im told our forums are nice) or on IRC at #TSA on coldfront and tell us why we should care about you.

And as a final note, our top 5 nations are within the top 5% of CN, and for an alliance with under 40 members, Id like to think that's pretty damn impressive. So that's that ya'll. Til next time and all that jazz. Below is a list of current gov. See ya.

[b]The Emperor[/b]

[b]The Consul Vizier[/b]

[b]Consul Commander[/b]

[b]The Grand Moff of Foreign Affairs[/b]
Gamefreak 666
The Grand Moff of Internal Affairs[/b]

[b]The Grand Moff of Finance Affair[/b]s

[b]The Grand Moff of Galactic Colonization[/b]

Lord Garka (to CC)
Thomas F (to Fi)
Dora The Explorer (to IA)
WorldPeace (to FA)

Stoopid Ace
Shadow Lurker


[b]Mayoress of the Bazaar[/b]

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[quote name='Conred' timestamp='1317327245' post='2812049']
So we figured we would stop by, say hi, maybe have a quickie and then run off with your wallet never to be seen again, kinda like xR1's last girlfriend.

Gotta admit, I laughed a little bit.

Anyways, nice to see you folks still around.

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[quote name='DarkEra97' timestamp='1317329579' post='2812095']
You and anybody else that thinks DoW jokes are funny need to disappear.

You'll get over it eventually, promise.

[quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1317329769' post='2812101']
no idea who the hell either of you are

I dont know you either, so were even

[quote name='Kzoppistan' timestamp='1317330435' post='2812110']
I like that flag.


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