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For those interested, I want to clarify the parameters of the on-going conflict with NG. UPN has received unconditional offers of support from its allies, and for that we are truly appreciative. However, this is UPN's problem stemming from a raid gone wrong. As such, UPN will deal with it on its own, and will not call on its allies to defend a bad raid. Period. We are in the process of attempting to resolve the issue with NG, and I have every expectation that a satisfactory outcome will be reached.

On a personal note, this conflict is one that truly hurts. I have spent a great deal of time getting to know NG and have a genuine like for them [both IC and OoC]. There are, e.g., few players I respect more than Mike and Arexes. So, I'm extremely disappointed that this dispute wasn't properly resolved. I'm also a bit disappointed NG didn't allow a little more leeway on our part to resolve this issue short of conflict. I understand they were under no obligation to do so, but I would have hoped that our relationship might have earned us a bit more. This doesn't really change my opinion of NG, whom I still like, but it does, as I've said, sting.

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[quote]The UPN Fund has at this time raised 114,000,000 dongs in your support. Hopefully the monetary support of your friends helps you with getting out of this war in a timely manner. [/quote]

Thank you for your telethon efforts, Seerow, but I reckon we'll be able to resolve the problem on our own. Your charity and benevolence, however, in our deepest time of need, won't soon be forgotten.

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If you were trying to hurt Tecumseh's feelings, you have succeeded! And unfortunately, his feelings regenerate at only 10% the speed of an average man's!

[quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1317319748' post='2811909']
Yet another alliance burns to "protect its friends". Boo.

It's really making a mockery of having treaties at all.

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