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Announcement from Non Grata

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[size="6"]Announcement from Non Grata[/size][/center]


Recently, attacks have been launched on an AA protected indefinitely by Non Grata. In the interest of expediency, Non Grata decided to immediately state the lowest amount it would accept. The other party
refused these terms and instead counter offered with a sum of 20% of the original offer. As this was obviously unacceptable, talks broke down.

EDIT: Some logs, because apparently people don't know what these things look like:
[QUOTE]20:52 <Stewie> We were looking into Reps for damages done
20:55 <Altheus|UPN|> that's cool, just let me know how much
20:55 <Stewie> We were thinking 15m per target.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]21:08 <Altheus|UPN|> I haven't worked out how much damage has been done, but looking at the NS drops it's about 2m worth of infra? That seems small for your
time though so 6 mill would be fine
21:08 <Stewie> We calculate that approx. 6m damage was done, anarchied nation therefore collection is messed up
21:08 <Stewie> 6m may be a bit generous we'll give you that
21:09 <Stewie> but it's mainly due to the anarchy
21:09 <Stewie> plus that it is your MoD
21:11 <Altheus|UPN|> well 6 mill might seem a bit generous to both of us, but for the anarchy and the fact he's MoD if you like I'll happily bump it up to the
6 mill as a good will gesture
21:13 <Stewie> 6m is a bit low
21:14 <Stewie> as at 30k NS you're looking at significantly higher than that for a back collect.
21:14 <Stewie> wait, looking at the wrong nation
21:14 <Stewie> 30k didn't take much damage
21:15 <Stewie> at 20k NS
21:15 <Stewie> it's still quite high[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][14:47] <Robster[UPN]> "[21:24] <Stewie> Right now 30m is our offer"
[14:47] <Robster[UPN]> You can't be serious.
01[14:49] <KingXander> we don't tend to joke about reps
[14:49] <Robster[UPN]> 30mill would not be reparations, it would be extortion.
01[14:51] <KingXander> well, if that's your opinion, that's fine, but 30 mil if our offer
[14:52] <Robster[UPN]> Right.
01[14:53] <KingXander> *is, sorry
[14:53] <Robster[UPN]> There is no need to apologise.
[14:54] <Robster[UPN]> However we will not be paying the quoted price. That is for sure.
[14:54] <Robster[UPN]> So consider your offer rejected.
01[14:55] <KingXander> i'll communicate that to my government.[/QUOTE]

Last month, FEAR and friends threatened this alliance in what became a quite a show of stupidity:

[quote]Very rarely in these dark days of Planet Bob do you see people speak true of their desires and aspirations. The back rooms buzz with talk of war, the private channels pulse with rumors and gossip, and the cloak and dagger diplomacy of the times runs its course each night.

Imagine our surprise tonight when that rare display of honest intent walked in.

[Wed-08-2011 16:54:29] <Robster[UPN]> Right.
[Wed-08-2011 16:54:36] <Robster[UPN]> But he represents the views of your alliance...
[Wed-08-2011 16:54:42] <Robster[UPN]> And losely the bloc.
[Wed-08-2011 16:54:52] <Turetel[FEAR]_Away> So, you want to go to war to defend your honour? >:D
[Wed-08-2011 16:54:59] <Robster[UPN]> :v Yus.[/QUOTE]

So it appears that a Triumvir of the United Purple Nations desires warfare with FEAR. Why? Because some of us have stated we're not their biggest fans. Are you sure that's where your heart is, Robster? If so, stop crying and do it. Alternatively, cry harder. Either way is acceptably entertaining. Oh proud Triumvir of UPN, we see you list many a war that has left your nation scarred (including some that we weren't even aware ever happened. I mean seriously. When the hell did GW V and GW VI happen? Hell, I knew I was a bit out of the loop on the lingo these days, but really? Somebody get me a freaking newspaper so I can catch up). If your desire is to add another war to that list, by all means, be our guest. We'll be waiting.

The ball is in your court now, UPN. Choose wisely.

The Chancellors of FEAR [/quote]

Unfortunately for UPN, I have no intention of waving my dick around without using it. Non Grata formally declares war on the United Purple Nations. Make sure dinner's ready and the kids are in bed.


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