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Founding the California Republic


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[b]Drogheda, California -[/b] In front of Drogheda City Hall, a group of young men hoisted a new flag flew above the older Tahoe Republic flag. Thousands of people have gathered in the nearby plaza to looking at the activities surrounding City Hall. Mayor Edward Coleain, along with a group of other suited men and women numbering about 36 took their seats on the hastily assembled array of speakers and TV monitors around a simple podium. Amongst them stood a sharply dressed young man and took to the podium and silenced the crowd.

[i]"Greetings! This is a momentous day for this great region of California, Nevada, and Arizona. People, this day... is a glorious day of independence. Through the assembly gathered here today, we have heard your cries of deciding our fate, and we have voted to break away from Noveria. This was made in painstaking months of work, we have gone for the side of peace; however, we are not afraid of defending ourselves. We deserve to not be treated as dollar signs from corporations!"[/i]

*loud cheers from the crowd*

[i]"Hear me! I am Colin Farren, I have been appointed to lead this new country into a glorious and fruitful path as your President. We have taken formal steps of setting up our government and will be setting formal elections in the coming few months. Hopefully in cooperation with Noverian officals, we can have a smooth transition to governing ourselves. We have much to do and I leave you with this, let us continue to grasp onto our liberty and decide our fate! Hail the California Republic! Hail Tahoe![/i]

"Hail the Republic! Hail Tahoe!" the crowd chanted.

Colin Farren stepped down and talked to a few of the representatives as they walked back inside City Hall. "Any more concerns with the eastern regions about joining us?" Farren inquiried.

Aaron Zalwisk, a delegate from Arizona, remorsefully replied, "We might have a few dissenters out east, while the Noverians have improved the region, many don't like the corporate attitude coming from them. We can't control some of the more radical elements in Arizona particularly."

"When are we meeting the Noverian authorities?" stated Mayor Coleain.

"They should be here within the next two hours to arrange formal agreements for recognition of the Republic," Farren said.

"If they recognize us..." Coleain muttered.

President Farren

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"The Corporate Republic officially recognizes the California Republic, and extends a hand of welcome to this fledging nation. It also will announce to the world that the California Republic is considered to be under Noverian protection until stated otherwise. Also, in the event of its collapse, the California Republic shall automatically revert to Noverian protectorate status, and this shall be enforced with the full might of the Noverian Corporate State."
- Directorate of Foreign Affairs



Two leading officials of the Directorate of Foreign Affairs would be dispatched to Drogheda.

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[b]Drogheda International Airport - Private[/b]

Work was still underway at Drogheda International Airport with the recent name change from the Spanish name of San Francisco that came under early American influence before the Tahoe Republic. Workers were busy with a major renovation of the airport with help from a few Noverian companies existing in the republic. The Noverian development towards the region boosted traffic in the region with commerce and tourism, hence the renovation.

Inside the Drogheda Air Traffic Control Tower, dozens of people controlled the traffic of the skies above, and in particular, an diplomatic aircraft from Noveria.

"This is Drogheda Tower, aircraft November Romeo 2345 at to approach runway 3. Winds coming from the southwest at 15mph, descend to 4,000 feet to enter racetrack."

"Roger, Drogheda Tower. Thanks for the help." the Noverian pilot replied.

Several minutes later, the executive jet touched down at the airport to an awaiting convoy. The Noverian officials were greeted by Vice President Coleain and aide of Colin Farren.

"Welcome to the Californian Republic gentlemen. Quickly, we'll take the convoy to the city hall to iron out some issues on protection, non-aggression, and commerce to the region. We are grateful of your economic developments here. Follow us."

"Any questions while you're here on our way to City Hall?" asked Coleain.


The convoy took to the 101 Bayside Freeway towards Downtown Drogheda. Unfortunately for many people that day, Bay Area traffic was snarled during morning rush hour. The morning news had this to say.

[b]Drogheda Morning News - Channel 7 DBCN - Public[/b]
Good morning Drogheda! This is Angela Kallsor for channel 7 DBCN and this is our top stories for this morning. High level talks between the newly declared independent California Republic is holding high-level discussions with Noverian Foreign Officials between the two nations this morning at Drogheda City Hall later today. The Regional Council with the appointed interim government with President Farren will be discussing economic and defensive issues with the Noverians at the meeting a spokesman from President Farren told DBCN this morning. Locally, city officials have told commuters in the Bay Area to avoid the 101 and downtown surface streets for the next 48 hrs as police blockage routes for the motorcade coming from the airport.

Meanwhile, Arizona is facing some unrest in border towns near New Spain with the integration process into the California Republic is not going as smooth as first thought, we'll be talking to Arizona representatives at the Noon news hour.

Internationally, the Cajan Federation has suffered a collapse in their government today as troops from Texas, Dixie Confederacy and...

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