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Day at the sea


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(Closed RP with me and Triyun)

Due to insufficient trade due to that their only trade partner is UFE. And the fact that Lu was having extreme loss in Yuan, the Prime Minister Jia and the Lu council came with the idea of establishing a coastal area. But in order to do that they would need the permission of the Emperor, and the Imperial Steward Yuan Li. So Prime Minister Jia Huiji talked it over with Lu Zhou, after a few hours thinking over the plan the Emperor agreed to the idea. The next step was to get Yuan Li's permission to ask for coastal land from the UFE. The Emperor himself would talk to the Imperial Steward.

After a two days, Lu Zhou calls Yuan Li, to his office.

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[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1317143057' post='2809685']
You seem to have a stunningly superficial knowledge of the terms of the deal which we offered you. I grow tired of this. No. We will not give you command of our citizens or our land. I grow tired of this idiocy on your part.

-Yuan Jia

And again another conversation is closed. Thank you for your time.

-Prime Minister Jia Huiji

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