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An Official Nordreich Announcement


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The news of the disbandment of our Aztecian brothers caused great sadness in the Northern Lands. Nueva Vida and Nordland have had a history together since NV was created, as Norden Verein offered them protection through membership in the Hanseatic League. After Nordreich reformed in 2009, even though NV knew it was a risky move, they returned the favour. And now, our oldest treaty on Planet Bob has come to an end. As one last act of friendship, Nordreich will be protecting the Nueva Vida alliance affiliation [u]indefinitely[/u].

Civis Nueva Vida, cura ut valeas.

Reichskaiser von Nordreich

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A number of other alliances have also chimed in on indefinite support of Nueva Vida.

In essence, through disbanding, Nueva Vida has created the largest ever superbloc on Planeta Roberto. If you would like your entire alliance rolled to the ground and crushed to powder, attack a nation with the "Nueva Vida" AA.

This could, conceivably, trigger a war many years from now if there is but one lingering Vidian and a brash fool dares to raid him. None here that pledge their support to Nueva Vida will see anything wrong with that and none here that respect what Nueva Vida was - and always will be - will stand in their way. So be it.

This will likely be known as the "Don't Even THINK of Raiding Nueva Vida Doctrine".

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o/ NoR

There is no test of loyalty greater than seeing something through to the very end. For keeping the Vidian name sacred, I thank you. For the years of brotherhood and friendship leading up to this decision, words cannot express my gratitude.

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