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A Final Announcement from the Hummingbird Throne


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[center][img] http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100118210737/cybernations/images/6/63/NuevaVidaFlag1.gif[/img][/center]

Four years, five months and eleven days ago a small group came together to form a new alliance. Formed from several displaced individuals Nueva Vida saw its birth, a different alliance, a great alliance. Since then we have seen both war and peace, we were part of BLEU where we fought more than one war, we got hit in noCB, we took revenge in Karma and we fought by our allies in the Bipolar War and the most recent great war. We made many friends and significantly fewer enemies.

Today this family must come to an end, we have reached a point where we can no longer fulfill our obligations to our allies with the level as we used to and we all had a great run. As such I hereby declare the disbandment of Nueva Vida official.

Several of our allies have given notice of their intent to protect the Nueva Vida AA and I expect announcements will follow in the very near future.

Now a few shout-outs, we will undoubtedly forget people but I hope to cover as many as possible.

To AZTEC, after the VE treaty the longest pact Nueva Vida has signed and our only MDAP since noCB. We’ve had numerous ups and downs, we were far from always united but regardless of differences we always managed to fight as one. It was an honor serving with you.

To all our other allies, current and former, throughout her history we have almost always been able to count on our treaty partners to be there when we needed them, I can not even begin to list the things our allies have done in the past. For the period the treaties were signed it was always an honor and a pleasure to fight with you. If only we could do it longer.

To all Nueva Vida members, current, former and beyond this realm, you will always remain Vidian and I hope you all remember the way of life, I know I will. It was great sharing the AA with each one of you and I regret we can not do this any longer.

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This is a sad day indeed, NV is like my second home in CN, I spent a long time in that community and made a lot of good friends that I still talk to till this day :(

You guys were there for Nordreich in the beginning at that is something we will never forget. I do hope you all find good homes to go to and no doubt Nordreich will welcome and Vidians.

Rest in Peace NV o/

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